Why everyone loves rough anal (now with GIFS!)

September 29th, 2012

When it comes to rough anal sex in porn, people are always a little bit put off because guys like Rocco Siffredi and Max Hardcore kinda demonised it by doing the blowbangs and absolutely destroying these little sluts, which I liked because the rough stuff is always good, but sometimes nowdays you have to sit back and enjoy the cuteness of the porn starlets who appear in these videos and I mean that in a way like when i see a girl such as Cody Milo getting banged, I want to see it all romantic and I want to see her tight little body all over the shop, but when guys focus on anal sex they get all up in the rear three quarters and just focus on getting that ass shot in view.

Tight Anal Sex

Like check out that GIF, even with the lube and everything that girl is going to be squeezing that fat cock up her ass and it’s definitely going to be hard for her, but who cares that’s what she loves and you know shes going to have a massive orgasm out of it, which I for one am a huge fan of and that’s why I brought you this post today, to show you all of the fun that these internet hoes be having with anal and to inform you of some of the new girls in the industry who I hope will switch over to the dark side (do you get it? come on that was an absolutely terrible joke but you have to have got it!) Anyway, that’s this for September 2012 but I’ll be back next month to bring you more news in the porno game. I’ll leave you with a perfect example of rough anal sex.

Rough Anal Sex

Mature Girls

September 15th, 2012

You know the reason why I’m going to show you a woman over 40 today, when she’s loving the fucking cock and taking it all down like a little pro? Because my men over at the internet have set up a site in honour of what I think is one of the holy motherfucking grails of mature and milf porn, that dirty blonde bitch Kayla Synz … yeah I know she can be brunette too but fuck that shit I much prefer it when she’s blonde, she looks like such a slutty soccer mom its unreal, and some of my favourite porn in the 2004-2009 era was of this damn hottie, she was almost as freaking sexy as the first few scenes from Emma Starr in that My First Sex Teacher site… it was like seeing a dirty teacher or something, and she did and fucked everyone too… these MILFs had no limits, it wasn’t like they were teens who would only do non nude, we are talking they were getting fucked up the ass and taking facials like professionals too, and I for one fucking loved every minute of it… which is why today I bring you a gif and I’m fucking pleading with you to go check out that site, it’s absolutely epic and I can guarantee you will love every minute of it… there’s not much on there yet but with a catalogue like Kayla’s it won’t be long before there is.

MILF Blowjob

Why tube sites took over the adult industry…

June 11th, 2012

I know you guys have always come to Frogsporn for the free porn we offer here, so I’m going to be straight and level with you guys about some facts in the industry and why the decline as shown on BBC2 last night has happened in a bit more detail

Paysites Small sites with content often shot on the cheap by someone with little skill.
Tubes Huge sites with lots of videos and a big selection.
Paysites Risk of getting ripped off.
Tubes No risk to getting ripped off.
Paysites You have to give up an email address and risk being spammed by porn sites.
Tubes No spam unless you want to give them your email!
Paysites Risk of your wife seeing a porn membership on your credit card.
Tubes No risk.
Paysites Customer has to cancel membership.
Tubes No membership to cancel.
Paysites 30 day membership you may only used 5-8 days a month.
Tubes Anytime anywhere, they are ready for you.
Paysites You pay join, find out there’s nothing inside of much value. You lost $30.
Tubes Don’t find what you like on one tube? There’s rapidshare and a ton of other sites to trawl through
Paysites They have HD.
Tubes HD isn’t enough of a selling point vs. free.

Now you could give a shit about all that important information….. or you could just check out Vicky from ArgentinaTripleX taking two cocks in her dirty little slut face… I know which I would prefer…

Vicky ArgentinaTripleX

The ultimate Kate Upton dancing GIF

April 15th, 2012

This post is my first in a while because I have been busy off finding the best porn (as usual) for you guys and trying to make sense of which sites are the best and have the hottest girls nowadays, it’s a lot of hard work for a guy like me so I want you guys to sometimes give me a break that things can get a little hectic around here, so instead of a perfect porn girl who you will all love and be fans of, I decided that a little more mainstream couldn’t hurt today and the girl involved is simply fucking perfect, she’s something like 19 or 20 and has those tits you could play with for hours and everything else about her is just as good, yeah it’s that sports illustrated girl Kate Upton and yeah she is dancing her fucking ass off in bikinis… and yeah it’s animated GIF so you guys better fucking love it

Kate Upton Dancing GIF

Now if that isn’t a perfect update, I just don’t know what is. I’ll be back soon with more of this calibre stuff so you guys all better be ready for the fun!

Natalia Kalashnikov

March 1st, 2012

Well pinch, punch the first of the month… March 2012 is here and I guess that means I took a bit too long to come back to you guys after a pretty hectic pornstar start to the year with lots of different girls who are well known throughout the adult video industry. I decided that now we are well into spring and the weather will be heating up again, it’s time to give you guys a little taste of what you might not have seen recently… those amateur up and coming models who aren’t already famous for appearing thousands or hundreds of scenes where they get their ass pounded into oblivion… instead they are still in the stages of their career where they are posing and looking fantastic for the camera with just beautiful young bodies. Today’s target for that kind of market just happens to be the beautiful English/Russian model Natalia Kalashnikov and here’s a picture of her just to add to the mystique

Natalia Kalashnikov

You know one of the main things that I really admire about this girl that a lot of other young models don’t have? I think she has natural beauty and she is in no way ashamed of her body.. she likes the way she looks and in complete contrasts to the girls out there in LA or Porn Valley you won’t see a girl like this heading down to her local plastic surgeon to get some double F balloons put in her tits so she looks like an alien while getting fucked. Even better than that is she has a nice teen model body which I like, and she’s not trying to hide the lack of breasts that she has… if you don”t believe me that some girls do that kind of thing just have a look at this GIF

Padded Bra GIF

Yeah, that’s what happens when you get people shy of showing off their chests. Anyway I’m off to find more material for you guys to look through in the month of march, but for now enjoy Natalia… one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in a while.

A topless beauty spinning 360 degrees

February 24th, 2012

Well… if that title doesn’t completely show you guys what I am bringing today, then I’ll be damned. As soon as I get a name for this girl I will let you know as I can’t really recognise her despite the quite obvious back tattoos and that fucking smoking hot body of hers.. either way I have to say I am just enjoying this animated gif too much to even worry about any of the problems in life at the minute and I know you guys will like it so fucking much as well that I’m just going to leave it here in the middle of the post and then maybe come back and speak some more in a little while when you have gotten over it..

360 Degrees Topless

You saw that right, and every time you want to think about it from now on you know the permanent place to come back and see it. God damn this chick is fucking smoking. I’ll be back tomorrow with more, hopefully containing girls up to the standard of this because that is just damn ridiculous.

What happens when you fuck a girl TOO well

February 23rd, 2012

If you’ve ever seen the between two ferns sketch where he talks about doing something too well…. this is for you. When your getting fucked in a doggystyle position and your a dirty little slut, it’s always fucking amazing for us viewers of porn to tell that it’s 100% genuine that you are cumming your fucking brains out because your leg muscles STOP FUCKING WORKING. That’s what happens to this girl right here today, and it looks fantastic even when I put it into a gif for you guys. If you are wondering who it is by the way, this little slut is well known to all of us in the porn industry as Gen Padova

Gen Padova Leg Spasm Orgasm

I know you guys like that gif, and if you come back tomorrow I might just tell you a little story of another girl getting fucked in a number of videos for you to watch…. I like to keep things real like that. Actually just before I go I will be a kind soul and tell all of you guys who are going to be out there tonight searching for the source of this video that it comes from ‘Trash Talking Teens’ which has a lot of hot girls like this getting fucked… good luck hunting for it out there on VOD sites, tubes or DVD shops.. wherever you get your porn is good with me, as long as you listen to the great recommendation of the frogsporn.

Carlie at X-Art

February 10th, 2012

I’m not even advertising to you guys today, I haven’t come to lecture the point or tell you guys about an amazing new site. You’ve all been on the internet far too long to listen to me on issues like that, you’ve seen what sites like FTV Girls has to offer the world and Met-Art and the like, and today I am bringing you some content from the amazing X-Art.com which is quickly catching up with the content quality of Met-Art and Hegre, I love it and you guys will love this blonde slut too. Her name is Carlie and when she is not looking absolutely amazing in her poses, she likes to give blowjobs that will rock your world

Carlie X-Art

There she is when everything is still, looking amazing, now lets have a better look at what she likes to get up to

Carlie X-Art Blowjob

now remember guys, go and check out X-art.com for the full scene of this girl taking a nice load of cum into her mouth
Carlie X-Art Blowjob

mmm, this girl is fucking perfect
Carlie X-Art Blowjob

Why girls should always do their squats

February 6th, 2012

I look at a lot of fucking asses in my day job. In fact I pretty much spend all day looking at chicks getting fucked or showing off their pussies, so I know a good body when I see one. I know tomorrow when you guys wake up you will probably sit on a train to work and there will be a fucking beautiful girl on the train with you, probably wearing a pencil skirt or some nice black suit trousers just perfectly fitted to a peachy ass… everyone looks at them, don’t be shy about it, hell that’s the reason those fucking slutty girls dress like that, you should just look at it and enjoy the view, there’s no reason to be afraid. That brings me to today’s moral of the story… if you have a girlfriend, make her do squats… or kegels… or any kind of exercise that tones her ass. You all remember that wii balance board video right? Here is the one graphic of why you should make any girl you are fucking do squats, as regularly as possible.

Why girls should do Squats

You see that? I know which one you guys would rather be waking up and getting your hands around. I feel the exact fucking same way, I can’t stand girls with saggy ass cheeks so I had to make that graphic… go and take it to your wives or girlfriends and make them feel bad, you’ll be the good guy in the end because you will have saved them from years of unattractiveness. And that’s the fucking truth because the frogsporn told you so. If you are a girl and reading this and your unsure of what you can do to get your ass in shape, I have a handy animated gif that might show you the way 😉

Girl Masturbating GIF
now that’s a nice way to end an update for today for you guys isn’t it? I’ll see you soon with more hot chicks!

Taryn Thomas Returns!

February 2nd, 2012

After many long hiatus stints out of the industry (which if you listen to what wikipedia tells you, some of which were caused by her getting fucked too hard up the ass! now that’s something to run home and tell your parents!… mom, dad I have come back from porn valley and I’m not going to be appearing in any more movies, at least for a little while…. oh hunny, why have you made that decision, have you finally found god? no mum, i got fucked too hard in the ass by shane diesel and my rectum split open!… NICE!). Taryn Thomas knows how to keep it classy and she’s obviously healed up a bit because she’s back and shooting videos once more, which is awesome news!

Taryn Thomas Anal GIF

You can probably see from that gif why I am so happy to have this little slut back in the industry, in fact I’m fairly sure it was her and a few others who managed to usurp Belladonna as being regarded as the dirtiest girls in porn. You see Bella was big back in the day with her gap tooth and her ability to suck a black mans cock pretty much all the way down into her stomach, but when the HD web videos came along and Miss Donna was too busy getting married on whining on about her boyfriend getting herpes from her, girls like Taryn were taking over the mantle and absolutely destroying boundaries with their fantastic work on websites for the Bangbros and Brazzers and people like that, so I am honouring her today with a post dedicated to her skills.

Taryn Thomas

I think she’s back on twitter if you go and have a google around for her, and I’m pretty sure if you are in the arizona area in march she’ll be at a few porn conventions out there, so take your chance and go meet her… hell if she’s in the mood you might get to fuck her! but if that fails, you know you can come back here and I’ll provide you guys the links to the good porn of her!