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Taylor Bow

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

Today, A bit earlier than usual, I am bringing you guys a tale of revenge, a story of how a girl ditched her boyfriend but forgot that he still had sex tapes of her fucking and sucking with him. Well that guy was so pissed, he didn’t care that she didn’t give him permission to use the videos, and instead just made a fucking site about it, and put all the videos online. That site is named after his girlfriend, and is called Taylor Bow


Well seeing as this guys heart got broken into little tiny pieces by this slut, I thought it would only be fair to bring you guys free pictures and videos of her getting fucked by him to maybe make some reparations. You know what I mean? It’s only fair you see, she fucked him over, so he shows the whole world her fucking him literally. Sex on film is always good if you can hold it over an old flame like this whore. Anyways, here are the picture galleries and video clips for today. I will be back tommorow.

Drunken Backpackers

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

Today guys, I thought I would bring you teens from around the world travelling around getting completely fucked to pieces by anyone and everyone because they are fucked off their faces on alcohol, as all good whores always are. This is what sluts should be like, all of them, they should hand this out as a manual for them when they graduate into being cock cravers. Today’s site is Drunken Backpackers


Of course I deliver the free picture and video galleries of rough hardcore sex to you guys today, like you deserve. I hope you will love this one, it took me quite a while to find. So get cracking and check out today’s porno. I’ll be back with much more hot stuff tommorow, probably in the form of a cute little solo girl hottie, but enough of that for now. Laters guys.

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Absolutely Jenna Haze

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Well today I bring you guys a site dedicated to one of most famous pornstars on the net, if you see a picture of her, or hear her name you will know her name straight away. She has fucked and sucked the world over, and is still going strong to this very day. The site I be bringing you like a parcel deliverer today is Absolutely Jenna Haze


I am a fan of this slut, I have been ever since I first saw one of her videos. To quote Maccy D’s, I’m loving it. Right about now in fact, but I will have to love you and leave you guys, and I will return tommorow with more hot free porn to get you choking the chicken, bashing the bishop and spanking the monkey.

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Anal Expansion

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Today I had to go to the dentist, and as I was leaving I saw this hobo in the street being sucked off by a hobo bitch, I was literally stunned as this was the middle of the fucking day you know, everyone was out and about, and I bet if I had stayed any longer I would have seen that dirty tramp fucking her in the ass, which leads me onto today’s site – Anal Expansion


The free galleries are back today, like fucking Rocky was in the 3 Rocky sequals, that just how dedicated I am to bringing you guys the best porn by the bucketload. Free pictures, free videos, downloads… the works. You know me, I’m your boy X to the Z. Peace.

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24/7 Booty Call

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Well today I realised I hadn’t brought you guys enough ebony (black girl) porn recently, So i have decided to bring you some today. In the form of the maximum dosage of fucking, a great hardcore site with a huge members area for you to indulge yourselves in. Today’s site is 24/7 Booty Call


Sadly I cannot bring you guys any free galleries from this site, as like yesterday’s they keep all the content inside the members area. You can’t really blame them for that, anyways .. I’m just off to watch Team America, but I will be back tommorow with more great porn for you.

White Trash Teens

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

We all hate the trailer type people, well except if your one of them, you know the kind I mean. The ones who make tons of noise late at night, the ones who disobey the law but if anything happens to them they will be the first ones on the phone to the cops. Yeah, they fucking suck, but we ALL love the slutty girls they produce. A site has finally got these whores on tape – White Trash Teens


Sadly I can’t bring you guys any free galleries from this site, due to them keeping all the content inside the members area to prevent people stealing it and so on. Which is understandable, you can see why they would do it, but not to fear, for I shall return tommorow with even more free porn for you guys to check out, both pictures and videos. Peace out guys, Veni Vidi Vici.

Young Tight Latinas

Friday, June 24th, 2005

Well on this fine Friday I thought I would bring you guys something we all just love to see when we are browsing top notch pornography. Now due to this whole new 2257 law bullshit, all the porn sites I am a member of are trimming their members area down because of documentation or some crap, how much does that fucking suck? Well not this site, Today’s site is Young Tight Latinas


Of course I am bringing you guys the free sex video and picture galleries from this fine site featuring girls from the south of america and spain etc. Latin girls are always hot, although its a shame they don’t speak the language because I do, maybe I could pull a few of those hot bitches right there. Anyways, I will be back tommorow for more porn goodness, so chill out guys.

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Old And Girls

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Today I bring you guys something a little freaky, a little deeky (whatever the fuck that means). You know what I’m saying? the videos of lesbian sex on this site aren’t your usual ones, they are older MILF women taking on young teen babes and annihililating their pussies like true lesbos always do. Today’s site is Old And Girls


I be dropping you guys off with the best free picture and movie galleries of this motherfucker as you can expect. So you all will be enjoying this, and have a good Thursday guys. I will be back tommorow to drop off another great site for you all, so just wait for the crazyness, if you still haven’t got enough, go and check out the guide

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Casting Couch Teens

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

Well today I bring you guys some Casting Couch Teens who are just begging to suck some cock for the first time they are ever being videotaped, which is always good to know. I love it when teen girls get their first taste of the cock, it really puts things in perspective.


As always I deliver you guys with the free galleries to enjoy and lap up, so I hope you respect my duty to deliver the fresh porn sex vids to y’all. Have a good Wednesday yo, don’t get too stressed out this week about anything.

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Spring Break Spy Cam

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Well today I thought I would bring you guys something in public and crazy, because when chicks are out getting rowdy when they aren’t in college, it is always fucking great to get it captured on films by the professional porn guys. Sex is always good, espiecally when you get to watch hot chicks go at it like whores. Today’s site is Spring Break Spy Cam


Theres not much more I can say about this mind blowing site, it features girl on mardi gras and other spring breaks being completely uninhibited and sucking and fucking like crazy bitches all fucking day. No galleries today, as this site is so exclusive they don’t let their content out of the members area, which kinda sucks.