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Please Bang My Wife : Lexi Lamure

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

On this Sunday afternoon dudes, I am bringing you some hot MILF action. Now we all know from American Pie and more importantly, Stiffler’s mom what is defined by a MILF, I’m talking about a mother i’d like to fuck, or if you are trying to at least be a little polite… mother i’d like to fornicate with. Now while I’m talking about this, there is only one site I can be referring to, and one damn hot girl I mean. I bring you guys Lexi Lamure at PleaseBangMyWife


So as you guys would expect, the free galleries and long videos are here for enjoyment. Just to finish off your weekend before monday arrives again, so enjoy this while I am off searching the entire world for more porn to bring to you guys, and I will be back again tommorow with another fresh load for you all.

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Horny Spanish Flies : Avy Lee Roth

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

On this fine weekend day, I bring you the hottest latina coochie getting pounded by big rock hard dicks throbbing inside their deep wet cunts. I can only be talking about one of the most famous hardcore latina sites on the entire net, yes… you know the one, and that’s why today guys. I am bringing you the porn queen Avy Lee Roth at Horny Spanish Flies


I am not just content at bringing you guys that today, I am turning the entire thing on it’s head and bringing you guys some great free galleries with pictures and videos, now how’s that for a good thing? Yeah, I know I know, I do rock… hard. I’ll be back tommorow, probably after the Grand Prix, to bring you guys a lot more hot fucking porn, oh yeah.

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Pimp My Black Teen : Pink

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Well on this rather great Friday, as we all “get off” for the weekend, if you know what I mean dudes. I am here to bring you some black bitches getting fucked hard, like they do in the ghetto by their gangsta homies. These bitches originate from Africa, but they suck cock like a famous plumber from Italy, and one of them is extremely eye-catching, so today guys I am bringing you Pink from Pimp My Black Teen

Pimp My Black Teen

To make up for the lack of them yesterday, I have brought you guys free galleries featuring high quality pictures and some fucking long videos. That’s just how much I love black honeys and their huge booties, when I see those sluts around I get the urge to bone them with my hot and hard long rod, seeya tommorow guys.

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Absolute Hentai

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

Oh yes guys and girls, today I am bringing you one of the best hentai/manga/doujinshi porno sites out there on the net at the moment. If you like anime, either fansubbed or in original Japanese, this is the kinda site you will love, great authentic original content is supplied in over 10,000 pictures and videos all available to you at Absolute Hentai


Sadly I cannot bring you guys any free galleries today, due to this site being brand spanking new. I am saying that it was only launched yesterday, but it already has thousands of gigabytes of content inside the members area because the guys behind it have been working on it for months and months already, but they have only just finished because it was so much work. I’ll be back tommorow with a big update of quality porn.

Ass Parade : Rayveness

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Hey guys, sorry for the late update today, I was working hard to find you guys a lot more great porn for the days and weeks to come, and it’s not always easy with everyone always busting your ass over porn on the internet and people who aren’t supposed to be looking at it, so if you aren’t look away now, because this momma with booty is smokin’ fucking hot, and she has a jubbly big butt to prove it. I’m talking about Rayveness at AssParade

AssParade Rayveness

Of course the day is never complete without a complete range of free galleries for you guys to enjoy, so of course I am never one for skimping and I am delivering them in high quality big resolution pictures and hi-res videos as well, because that’s just how I do. Don’t forget guys, I will be back tommorow with more hot porn for the chopping block of you guys, so watch this space.

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I Spy Camel Toe : Vanessa

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Well on this shitty Wednesday, I have arrived to bring you guys an update on the hottest girls with their thongs and panties ridden up into their pussy cracks, until there is a giant gaping casm in the whore’s vaginal region. That’s what we professionals call a camel toe, because it is shaped just like the hoof of a camel, so today I am bringing you guys Vanessa from the great site I Spy Camel Toe

ISpyCamelToe Vanessa

So you guys get to enjoy seeing this horny chick utilise her perfectly formed labia and vagina lips around a hard throbbing cock, all caught on high definition video for the enjoyment of you and me. Now that’s what I call entertainment, none of this softcore shit, I am talking straight to the hardcore sex fucking, and thats why I bring you guys some free galleries for fun, seeya tommorow guys.

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Milf Lessons : Monica

Monday, July 25th, 2005

Today guys, I have to bring you up to date on a mature site I brought to you first a couple of months back. The hot lady featured today sucks and fucks her way into a mid life crisis with the bang brothers, they really do give her a good going over with their huge cocks, were talking stuff like straight out of the pussy and then back into the ass, now that is extreme. I am bringing you guys Monica from Milf Lessons now.

MilfLessons Monica

They must have picked this whore up near south america or something, and I’m guessing they had to drop her back off to her house to pick up the kids afterwards, because she is totally the definition of the word MILF, as you will see in the free picture and video galleries I am bringing to you guys right now. I’ll be back tommorow with another fresh dosage of explicit material, so wait up.

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Monsters Of Cock : Mackenzie

Sunday, July 24th, 2005

Yet another update on an awesome monster schlong site for you guys today, this girl is smoking hot, and when I say that I mean they have filmed this just this week for you guys to enjoy seeing the whore get fucked in high quality video and pictures for you guys who don’t have high speed connections capable of high resolution porn. So today you guys, I am bringing you Mackenzie from MonstersOfCock

MonstersOfCock Mackenzie

As always the free galleries just have to be delivered, so I am dropping off some picture and video galleries that you can download and view for completely free. I’m now going to find you guys another great site to deliver from, so enjoy todays porn, which is from the makers of the infamous BangBus. Laters.

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Bare Foot Maniacs : Romina

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

Well today, I thought I would bring you guys an update on one of the best feet fetish reality sites on the entire net, you just know it is quality when I bring it to you guys multiple time. I am focusing on this hot chick Romina with awesome feet and legs and she knows how to use them, and you can find her exclusive videos only at the well known porn site Bare Foot Maniacs

BareFootManiacs Romina

So you guys can get to watch this hot superstar giving guys great pleasure with her feet, rubbing and jerking the cock with her sexual legs and toes, while I go on a hunt for the next site to bring you guys. So of course I bring you guys the free galleries of pictures and videos, and enjoy these, I will be back tommorow, Laters.

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Pump That Ass : Vanessa

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Well on this rather gloomy Friday, I am updating you guys with a beauty on a site I reviewed a while back, but while being in the all access members area the other day, I noticed that she had come back to film more porn scenes with them, I guess she either needed the money or loved the cock, or maybe both, which is incredibly erotic. Today I am bringing you guys Vanessa at Pump That Ass

PumpThatAss Vanessa

So of course I bring you guys another bunch of free galleries of pictures and movies, so while you enjoy this chick getting fucked by the biggest random strangers they could find straight into her anal cavity, I will be working to find you guys more brand new explicit materials for the days to come. So enjoy this, and I’ll be back tommorow.

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