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Monsters of Cock: Trinity

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Once I have shown you guys the door, like blacks on boys or some shit, you have decide whether you want to take it or not, because at the end of the day it is not going to be my decision on what you guys want to see. That is exactly why you need to see today’s update, with a girl named after the matrix character and she is even hotter than the other one. Her name is trinity and she is today’s exclusive movie on Monsters of Cock

Monsters of CockMonsters of CockMonsters of Cock

You can see her suck and fuck all day and she never even stops, this is one of the main reasons I love this site so much, because the girls always just get it on together and they never stop one another from pushing it too far and making it the best video ever. You gotta recognise this and it’s one of the steps I have taken to ensure you guys get a great dose of porn today, so just kick back and relax and enjoy this awesome stuff until tommorow.

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Ass Parade: Double Bubble

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

I think you guys need to check this update that I have for you today out, because it certainly is one of the more special ones that I have found in recent months and that is exactly why I decided to bring it to you. You know that this one would have been special when you first saw me come up and bring you guys this, but it is actually much better than what you would think because it contains not one but two of the hottest bitches in America right now, and they team up for a bisexual fuck fest worthy of the legendary site named Ass Parade

Ass Parade

So now you know what happens when a person who thinks they are better than sluts like this is obviously wrong because this is some high quality shit that will keep you guys viewing for many a month to come, that’s just how high quality it is which is why you can expect it from me. Anyways, I will return tommorow with more for you and then we can start this ball rolling again, so just peace out and enjoy this entertaining smut.

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Public Invasion: Sabrina

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

I think you should know that I wouldn’t be thinking with my pecker when I decided to bring you guys a site like this today, because it is of top notch quality and you are going to enjoy it, that’s for sure. The producers, who have worked with girls like kat young in the past have flown all the way over to eastern europe to see which kind of girls can give them a run for their money over there and withstand their incredible fucking while being on the search for the golden ninja warrior. Check out today’s update on Public Invasion

Public InvasionPublic InvasionPublic Invasion

This is why you should check out the free awesome links I have for you today that contain some exclusive high quality content made exactly for you and it is why you have to not travel anywhere to ensure that you can download this all at the highest speed possible which would mean I man like you can observe and enjoy the best. Now I’ll ba back tommorow, so just chill out and relax.

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Busty Adventures: Martina

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Oh yes, it mayhave been exactly what we call a long wait from me because I have been a bit busy and trying to ensure that you guys can get more of this high quality machinery without me having to worry about you guys not seeing the awesome material that is available to me and you as massive fans of the entire pornographic industry. Anyway, today we have this chubby little cute chick Martina who hails from europe and she stars exclusively on this week’s update of the awesomely famous website Busty Adventures

Busty AdventuresBusty AdventuresBusty Adventures

These be some busty amateur boobs and I think that is one of the main reasons I had to bring them to you guys today, because otherwise you may have been starved and not been able to enjoy the free high quality movie downloads on offer to you right here, right now. Other than that, just chill out, relax and I will return again tommorow with another batch of free smut for you to enjoy.

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Brandi Belle: Whorefest

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Brandi Belle and her band of merry sluts is what I think we need to be investigating today, because in her latest adventure they all get totally randy and start interviewing a bunch of studs based on their penis size and features like that, which eventually ends up with brandi giving these guys blowjobs on demand and loving every single minute of it, which is exactly what you will also do when you see the exclusive videos and pictures from this set which is just so fucking hot. Check it out as I am bringing it to you today specially.

Brandi Belle

You know you want in on some of this hot shit which is exactly why we work hard to bring you it all every single day of the week and that is why you will surely enjoy what we have to show you right here right now. It is filmed with all of the latest equipment which will make it unmissable for those of you who haven’t tried it before, so just sit back, relax and enjoy this hardcore content.

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Milf Lessons: Jenna

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Now when I saw today’s entry, I knew it was one that just had to go into the books because you guys would not let me away without bringing it to you at least once, this hot mature lady is the kind you would see the in the street doing some shopping and want to fuck right there and then, I bet she keeps the diary of a milf in her tight little jean pocket so that everyone can see who she has been fucking recently, and the best thing about it is that she is on one of the best sites for this, so you can enjoy it fully, the one and only hottie that is Jenna over at Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

Now if you are about to say that you don’t want to see those big and hot titties flapping around in your face as you are fucking her tight pussy then you most definitely are lying because this is just so damn sexy that even I, a legendary master of the pornographic industry, can’t resist opening them up and really enjoying every single minute that I watch them for, so chill and enjoy these and I’ll be back tommorow.

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Monsters of Cock: Anal Stretching

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

You know you want some of today’s hot shit material, so don’t just be leaving as if I am not going to be delivering exactly what you want to see, because this shit is rough and it really will keep you in check, that’s for sure. If you have never experienced stuff as tough as this then you are about to see something that you might not actually expect, because this is by far the most awesome stuff ever and you sure will enjoy it in it’s full quality, it’s a site I have delivered many a time, but not in as good a delivery as this one, check it out, it’s this hot blonde bitch today on Monsters of Cock

Monsters of CockMonsters of CockMonsters of Cock

These aint no real hot indian girls, they are the real deal from socal and places like that, so you know you are getting the hottest eighteen year old pieces of ass straight out of college shaking it like nothing else has come before them and getting it on exactly the way they should do, and at the end of the day that is what counts because it just ends up being so awesome that you have to bow to the power and respect them.

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Ass Parade: Rebecca & Krystal

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

You know it by now, after years of hunting down stashes of stuff such as Ass Arsenal and many other such bootylicious sites, I have finally found the best and I am now making it my duty every day of the motherfucking week to be looking out for brand new scenes from this awesome site in order to keep you guys inundated with exclusive videos of all of the hottest bitches from america and abroad getting slammed by those guys with the biggest cocks you will ever see, and all of this goes up and gets uploaded to Ass Parade

Ass Parade

You know you want a piece of this, as do I, and that is exactly why I have been working hard on bringing you guys a piece of it from today’s update with free pictures and videos that are surely going to make you love it, you really won’t know what has hit you once this is in place and you might even want to just scream because it is so awesome. You know that and I don’t know why you would think otherwise. Check this stuff out, and I’ll be back tommorow.

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Monsters of Cock: Jazmine

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

You know that on this sunday, before we all head back to work and to deal with the countless strangers that we all encounter on a weekly basis that we have to realise what is about to go on with the huge amount of dick that the girls on this site are about to ingest, and they aren’t like the sluts on jomg or anything like that, these bitches actually want the dong inside of their pussies, that shows just how game they are and it is exactly why I thought it was worthy of bringing to you guys today, check it out over at Monsters of Cock

Monsters of CockMonsters of CockMonsters of Cock

You know that by now I will have been searching for the hardcore free material to deliver to you guys in order to keep you satisfied with today’s delivery, and it is exactly what I have done because I am one of the originals who keeps it real with all of the guest gangsters out there trying to trample of my style, the way I lay this shit down is original and no one can step on my grill, so just focus and then check out this awesome porn.

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Andi Pink: New Bra

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

Well I think you will recognise this girl, mainly because I have brought her to you in the past but also because she is from the same people behind many other sites including Ariel Rebel and a lot of sluts who are just as well known as her, well anyway they have finally convinced this awesome looking canadian girl to go fully nude on their site because they know that she always will and that is exactly what she did in this week’s update because she was just feeling so hot thanks to the summer weather that she had to strip it off and get a bit frisky on her official site which is Andi Pink

Andi PinkAndi PinkAndi Pink

She also hangs out with the girl that is featured on Alyssa Doll so who knows? maybe one day we will see them together on the same site working well with each other and maybe enjoying a bit of lesbian fun which surely would blow my top and I think it would to you guys as well, because she is just that horny I thought there is no better time to bring this shit to you dudes other than right now, so enjoy it.