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Monsters of Cock: Leah Luv

Friday, June 30th, 2006

I know you all like seeing these little teenies getting totally banged the shit out of and that is why I brought this one up again today because it is such a quality site that I have to rank up there with my four letter favourites including jomg and ztod but that isn’t what we have to feature on. Instead we have to care about this legendary blonde chick who just loves gobbling so much cum that she got brought all the way over the country to appear on the awesome site that is Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Now I know what you will be screaming out for now that you have seen the preview pictures and know how quality the videos that this scene contains and you all have to be optimistic about what is coming in the future. It will be awesome and that is for sure, in fact I think we will definitely be one of the ones who will take it all over and win the thing that you all need to know. So until then just chill out, relax it and max it all cool while shooting some b-ball outside of your hood.

Insane Cock Brothas

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

If you can keep me sprung and keep me running back to you then you definitely know that you have powers above those shown by the bitches who hang out on websites like smut bus, but that isn’t what we are going to be featuring on today because it is all about the black men who are just so crazy that they need to drill these white chicks like there is no tommorow with their rods that measure in at just under 2 feet. These sluts must need reconstructive pussy surgery down under once they are done in bed with the Insane Cock Brothas

Insane Cock Brothas

I think we all need to see the proof of this in these awesome free picture and movie galleries that show off the awesome content that is exclusively available once you hit the members area of this site, but why bother with that when I consistantly bring you all of the best material for not one penny. The one thing I can recommend you guys do to repay me is to link to this site and send more people to find out about the free pornography that is on offer once you visit it.

15 on 1

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

A brand new site is what I thought I would bring to you guys today, this is one that comes from the masterminds of the porn business who are behind other awesome sites such as Titjob Models and Footjob Footjob among many others. These guys basically decided one day in the mid nineties that they were sick of their jobs and they wanted to just shoot videos featuring hot chicks getting slammed all day, and I guess they really have succeeded in their goal and it has been working in their favour for ages, this has resulted in this brand new site released today called 15 on 1

15 on 1

If you really enjoy seeing girls get destroyed, like completely destroyed so bad that anyone who ever has sex with them in the future will know that they are complete sluts and that in their past they have pretty obviously been enjoying huge cocks all the time. Anyways, we shouldn’t even be worrying about that right now because it is time for the free picture and movie previews that I know you all look forward to every single week that I am right here keeping it real for you guys.

Public Invasion: Garbage Pile Kinks

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

To all of my brothers out there, all of you dudes who enjoy the free and awesome porn that I bring you, I just wanted to send you a reminder that all of the hottest bitches around will be featured on this awesome site every single day of the year, fuck it, even christmas day, so you must never give up on checking it for I will always have the best of the best just for you. I think you guys would know the concept of the suck for cash, well this is taking it to an entirely new level and that is what we love to see. This horny bastard travels around trying to convice dirty sluts to sleep with him in back-alleys and the ones who agree get featured on Public Invasion

Public Invasion

So now you must hail and kill, by that I mean I will actually dare you to go out on the streets of where you live and actually try this if you think you are hardcore. I bet you will actually find some sluts who are willing if you front the cash, but I must warn that they will probably have some diseases so you would probably be best off using a condom when fucking those dirty whores. Until tommorow, have some safe slut banging and stay alive for another daily dose of frogsporn, oh yeah.

Tugjobs: Leah Wilde

Monday, June 26th, 2006

I know the updates may have been coming a bit slow in recent days, but it is mainly because I have been extremely busy on working some new shit in the ghetto which should hopefully allow me to keep it down in the dirty south much more often with you guys, which will mean that I might be busting into those A-list celebrity parties and shooting my own pictures so I can bring you shit like carmen electra nude, but that isn’t what we have to think about now, what we have to care about is the progression of this awesome quest throughout the porn world and that will begin with today’s teen hottie Leah Wilde featuring on Tugjobs


I think the only thing that I can suggest to you guys now is that at all costs you have to do ya thing and try not to get busted by all of the cops who are out to try and stop the porn operation globally at all costs. These fuckers are trying to bring down our pleasure and we just will not stand for that, because we are kings of the scene and you know we will keep it rocking till the end of time to bring you guys the immense amount of free pornography that we always have done.

Joon Mali

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

I still hunt around all kinds of different areas of the globe trying to track you down some of the best pornography that is in existance, and even if that means working out methods to get all the way to thailand to track down hotties like this who just can’t be found in the kind of areas that we all hang out in. When you see girls like Samantha Gauge you know they are all american hotties and that is exactly why they are so hot, but we all know that sometimes you require something different in order to stay interested in what is going on, and that is why I have found this exotic hottie for today, her name is Joon Mali

Joon Mali

I know after seeing her just once, you guys will all be interested in checking out here awesome body some more because she really is one of the hottest asian girls I have ever actually seen, you know that she really has a bubble butt that you just cannot manage this kind of sexy lady. I will now go hunting for some more of this awesome material to bring you tommorow, so until then just chill out and download this stunning porn.

Brandi Belle: Biggest Fan

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

I have to say that even though I have been following this girl for months now and tracking her through the online adult entertainment world, I didn’t know that she had got this deep into it already. The amazing chick I am talking about has had her site grow so fast that she decided to reward her lucky users and have a raffle for one of them to come to her home town and be able to fuck her, well this oldish dude won it and he was pretty much over the moon once he heard about it. The next plane out was his and before he knew it he was actually having sex with the legendary teen solo girl that is Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

He spends at least 10 minutes eating out her hot and tight little pussy, which is simply awesome to watch because she gets so much pleasure from it that she can barely hold back and really just wants to go at it there and then. That’s the beauty of a girl like this, she is so cute and innocent but then at the same time she is a megaslut who just wants to fuck and suck you like there is no tommorow, you can see that in these awesome free picture galleries.

In Bed With Faith: Blowjob

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

This is just what you, me and many other thousands of In Bed With Faith members have been waiting for is finally here. The sexy brittish teen Faith with her 32G natural boobs has finally done an XXX hardcore scene (even though it was without her knowledge, this is a piece of footage stolen off her mobile phone and leaked onto the internet). You know you love those huge natural titties and have dreamed of titfucking them admit it! Her first video (although I am sure that there will be many more coming in the future because you just can’t keep a good slut like this down) showing off her super hot blowjob technique is available at

In Bed With Faith

You cannot say that you aren’t a fan of this site when you see the huge rack that this babe has, she has entered many a wet t-shirt competition in the past and every other girl that had previously put their name in for resigned straight away because they knew they would lose if they went head to head against jugs like this, they are larger than any other you have ever seen and we think that is the best part of this. In the mean time, check out her blowjob video at In Bed With Faith and enjoy these free pictures of her in softcore situations.

Ass Parade: Triple Tour

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

I know I have been banging on about how I was going to differentiate and maybe bring more sites like ztod to the fold, but I had to bring this one to you guys today, I just could not pass up a chance on an awesome update from one of the most well established sites that I have bringing you since about early 2005. Yes it’s that legendary one that you visit when you want to see the biggest booties and they haven’t dissapointed yet, which is amazing for a site that has been online for over 5 years now and every single week they have shot their own content which has gotten progressively more awesome as the years have gone by. This week is a triple decker of fun with Ass Parade

Ass Parade

You know you want to hit all three of these cuties at once, and to be honest who could ever blame you if you want to take just one look at them, they are simply stunning and they only joined in because they know how many fans this site has the world over and they really actually want to become famous as models so this is one of the best ways they could think of to get their names out there and get into the scene to keep working on getting to the top, little did they know that all they were going to get here was screwed, literally.

Celebs Xposed

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

After bringing you guys Carmen Electra Nude a while back, I thought I would completely mix up what I bring to you on a daily basis and celebrities getting it on is exactly what you need. You may think that the dudes who take the pictures for the morning papers are scum, but these guys live a double life of following the celebrities around when they think they are all alone and snapping pictures of them in their most private moments, that and finding the sluttiest ones who film themselves having sex (cough, cough Paris Hilton) and then put them online so that everyone can enjoy what these skanks think is only for their eyes. That’s why I had to bring you Celebs Xposed

Celebs Xposed

You may think that I won’t have any evidence to back up what I am saying, and that inside it will just be tame nipple slips and even lower from b-grade movie actresses, but you are truly about to be proven wrong if you think that because these hotties have hit the A-list on both the hollywood circuit and the filth meter that I use to see how much these dirty whores beg for sex when the doors are closed. That’s why I am getting these free galleries for you to enjoy, until then just enjoy this.