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Monsters of Cock: Cherry Poppens

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Now this girl is pretty average that I am bringing to you guys today, I can understand and relate that she might be a bit of a moose so I will let you guys just let it off and cook that stuff on gas until the end of time, she could even be one of those Service Whores or the Inferno Babes. It is her turn to show off the meat that has made her so famous among the niche audience that love to watch her perform as if she is a whore who you would usually find on a street corner or something. That’s all I can say to you guys and I think you all need to step up and recognise by signing up and downloading the movies that are available over at the Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

You all know that you want to jump up on this after you see not only this episode but all of the other ones that they have produced over the years and put into their members area that is simply huge now. Literally if you spent a whole month sitting on your connection and downloading every movie then you still wouldn’t have even a tenth of their full content collections because that is just how they work when you are over in south cali with all of those pimp ass motherfuckers. Anyways, you guys enjoy this awesome porn and I will call back in tommorow.

Liz Vicious: Giving Head

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

A bit of gothic action is in order for you guys today, none of this vanilla girl Ann Angel or Princess Cameron, we are talking a punk rocker who hates authority and decided the best way to defy her parents and everyone else that she ever knew as she was a teen was to set up her own website where she could be a really bad girl in front of all of her fans, literally this dirty little goth rocker is up for anything and that includes the update that has been added today where she was feeling kinda frisky and wanting to get it on, so she opened up that cute little mouth of hers and sucked a huge cock while being filmed before swallowing all of the sperm as if it was orange juice. It’s the one and only new girl on the block Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

I know for a fact that you guys have loved every second of video action that I have updated you with before when I have blogged about this site, but I am sure this one is right up there in the top 5 because it contains her showing off her amazingly toned body as she goes to work and uses her tongue to caress some balls and then she lovingly licks the head as if it was a lollipop. If you guys don’t believe me talking about it, see it for yourself in these free movie previews.

Busty Adventures: Kate

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

I thought I would bring you guys some big booby action today, because I know you are all such massive fans that you can come here every day looking for more. These aren’t girls like Brandi Belle or Naughty Julie, these are mature women who have had time to grow into the great shapes that they have been given by god, and by that I mean some of the biggest racks you will ever fucking see. Literally these tits are just gigantic and they are some of the most fun things to play with while a hot girl is riding your cock like she was on a pony or something. I thought I would delve into the archives of european porn today for a brand new episode featuring this hot babe Kate that has just been added to the members area over on at Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Now if you think this is hardcore, just wait until you see her in action with men because she truly is a demon when it comes to sucking and fucking those big dicks. I know you may not believe this but it certainly is true that the girls in the areas like the one where Kate has come from truly are more slutty than all of those you have previously met and they will fully initiate sex because they want it, rather than girls from areas like mine and yours who wait for men to make the first move on them. That’s not what I like, and you guys should check out these awesome free picture galleries for today.

Milf Lessons: Big Mama

Friday, July 28th, 2006

Today I thought I would bring you guys something completely different to the stuff you are used to like Daddys Worst Nightmare and ztod because this is unique, instead of women feeling like they have been exploited, it is the turn of the woman to do the exploitation and take advantage of young men who are just dying to fuck anything. These women can be college lecturers, your boss, landlord of your flat. Whatever they are, it doesn’t really matter because all they crave is the taste of that hard young cock once more now that their husbands aren’t giving it to them anymore. Either way, you certainly are gonna love the bombshell that I have for you guys today as she has just had her movies and pictures added to Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

If you think that you have the pace to run with a hot older chick like this then you better recognise the game because she used to be a nymphomaniac when she was younger and all of her boyfriends could never hold on to her because she just had to have sex all of the time and she didn’t care what anyone thought of her except herself. That is why she has made for such intense viewing on today’s site and it’s why I have got these free picture galleries for you to enjoy and download.

Ball Honeys: Kina Kara

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

I thought I would bring you guys something ethnic to enjoy today, because I know you are all so thugged out that you require frequent top ups of hardcore porn in order to stay happy with what I am giving you, and that is exactly what is coming up today. None of those vanilla girls like heather lightspeed or brandi love, instead we are going to find this girl who had a black father and a white/asian mother which has given her one of the most unique looks around, now you may say that is a bit wierd but what you really need to know is that she is one of the most beautiful girls on the net and she is definitely here for you guys to enjoy and watch on today’s update over at Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Now don’t even be tripping with your glock on the block, because that is what I would expect from a gangsta who is checking out these preview videos and then he notices his bitch so he goes out, jumps in his mofuggin escalade and rides on over there to find the bangbros fucking his bitch, but we are more respectable than that and I know you guys can always supply me with great information on what is going on in the world, so until tommorow enjoy this porn and await my triumphant return.

Ass Parade: Sexy New Booty

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Ever since the sites like Erotic Spank and Taylor Twins I know you guys have been enjoying everything I have brought to you, and it has always been some of the most hardcore material that you can actually find on the net. The one today is another one of those hot white chicks (i know a lot of you brothers out there have been campaigning for me to bring you more black chicks and i will definitely be doing that in the future in order to keep you guys pleased with the awesomeness that is ebony booty). Anyways, it’s now on to the update that will keep you guys so happy with what I have brought you as you watch this hot bitch getting her chubby butt and titties fucked by a big cock on the legendary site Ass Parade

Ass Parade

I know you will all be loving this update on this especially awesome site because you know that all of the hottest chicks in the club keep on ice when they think about the people who appear on this site and all of the girls who actually get banged by all of those monster cocks. These days are yours and mine to enjoy, so if you want to check out the awesome free galleries that there are to be viewed on this site then you will want to look at the three links that I am throwing you guys below this.

Ass Masterpiece: Mia Bangg

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

One more hot pornstar is what is on the menu for you guys today after a couple of days of niche style sites like Nautica Thorn and Selena Spice, I just sat down and thought to myself that we really do need to bring it back to what this site is about, and at the end of the day that is all about true amateurs who just love to have sex on film and that is exactly why the producers produce it, the cameramen film it and most importantly the girls that are fucking actually do it. These are true nymphos who can’t ever stop getting banged it is exactly why they have chosen this as a career path, so you are definitely going to like this well known chick Mia Bangg who features heavily on Ass Masterpiece

Ass Masterpiece

Now I am off to hunt all over this continent for yet more of the hardest porn to bring you guys that has been caught on video, I am not even joking here, this stuff that I will be bringingyou over the next month or so will be some of the best and more exclusive content that I have ever brought you before. So just enjoy these free picture galleries and the preview movies that come along with them until I bring you guys the best of the best when it comes to adult material.

ZTOD: All Star Anal

Monday, July 24th, 2006

One of the best new DVD titles out on the market right now is what I am going to be bringing you guys today because it is just so awesome that I had to get it all and put it online for you to check out. As you can guess from the name it features a lot of heavy assfucking on hot chicks such as the legendary Taylor Rain and her friends who are all just addicted to the hardcore sex life so much that when it comes time to retire they will often come back into the adult movies game more than once just to keep it up and enjoy the amazing sex that they can get both on and off of the camera. This site is no different and it is run by the crew behind Zero Tolerance pictures and it is their On-Demand site featuring all of their movies, hence why it is called Ztod


Now if you think you have seen free galleries before, you are about to be blown away by one of the top sites there is when it comes to getting that free porn, that’s for sure. This site has more of it than you can imagine, with over 1,100 full DVDs in it’s members area at the moment and growing every week (I will remember to update you next year when it has over 2,000 to signup again), but anyways, here is some scene previews from the great title that I have been talking about, so until tommorow just relax and enjoy this porn.

Brandi Belle: Contemplation On Ejaculation

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

The famous babe herself is exactly what you guys need to be checking out today, and no it isn’t Melissa Midwest, it is the one who you guys know that is the best girl next door you will ever see, mainly because she combines it with being one of the biggest sluts you will ever seen. She wants the cock so bad that she will suck anything that is presented to her, but what she loves even more than that is the legendary cumshots that she will take to her toned stomach, her cute face and even her butt before licking it all up and swallowing it so well that you would think it was water or something. That is definitely why you must check out today’s update on Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

If you want to see the full videos that have been shot on some of the most expensive equipment around to get all of the highest quality material that is surely going to keep you guys having fun for a number of months. That is some of the best shit you will see and you have to check out all of these free pictures and movies that are available for download with you guys. Until tommorow just relax and I will bring you guys another hardcore awesome site to preview and enjoy.

Big Cock Teen Addiction: Morgan March

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Well I started to write today’s story for you guys, but then some moron came in and tried to glock me so I had to bust his ass, but I was going to tell you guys anyway that today we have to delve into the normality of hot blonde babes (like Dream Kelly) getting drilled by huge cocks. This one today tried it on and she was a real skinny chick saying that she had a passion for huge dick, Ramon took this on as a challenge and you could hear her gasping for air as his cock went deeper and deeper inside of her internal organs and put pressure on her, but that was just the beginning because she loved it and even wanted more once he had sprayed a load of cum all over this dirty bitches’ face. That’s exactly why I thought I would bring you this high quality video that has just been added to Big Cock Teen Addiction

Big Cock Teen Addiction

You know you want to fuck her, and she wants to fuck you too because she is such a nymphomaniac that there isn’t any man in the streets that she doesn’t see without wondering how big their cock is and how much pleasure she would deride from jumping up and down on it while it is deep inside of her hot pussy. I hope you all can view the awesome movie previews from this site and enjoy them very much. Until then, relax and I will just keep the game up for you guys, then I will see you tommorow.