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Monsters of Cock: Ruby

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Now if you guys want to know what to do when it comes down to the most fun in the game with a hot girl, then definitely pay attention to what I am going to show to you guys, because it is some of the most extreme stuff on the planet and it is mainly due to the size of the guys who fuck these bitches and their cock’s. Literally these guys can beat the Insane Cock Brothas at their own game and then they just still keep rolling and I can almost certainly rely on that every single day which is why I have brought you guys this site once again even though you have seen many of the updates that have been added to it through it’s illustrious history of rocking out hard. Either way, now it is up to you guys to just step the game up and see this hottie Ruby who is today’s girl that has been featured on the legendary site belong to the Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Now you have heard about what she has got up to, I bet you will actually want to see some of this awesome material because it is just that damn hardcore, I’m not even joking here. She takes it hard and fast and you will love watching it because there is nothing that can challenge the quality of the videos that are displayed right here on this awesome site. I have to now go off and find more of this for you guys and that is the truth, it has been happening for over a year now and I can’t wait to take you some more, so laters.

Ladyboy Crush: Nadear

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

I’ve never seen women before I had logged onto this site for the first time, and they are completely different to chicks like Melissa Midwest, they really are true authentic Transsexualz and they want to feel you up before you get down with them and start pumping the bass out as if I was a gangster in the hood and I was really feeling the vibe that is given off from girls who just love the cock, especiallys ones like this who have some extra packages to suprise you with, now that is something that you guys should definitely look into because if you haven’t done before then trannies can actually be quite interesting and you never know you might find yourself having quite the fetish for them. Either way I will leave you with some Ladyboy Crush.

Ladyboy Crush

Love that is in these women’s hearts will never be extinguised and they love what they do, I’m not even joking right here, I came here to tell you that if you really want to get in there then this is what you should be doing and you shouldn’t. Either way, once you have seen this then you will definitely feel more hardcore and you will be happier with the life choices that you have made, and I will return tommorow to bring you guys some more of this shizzle. So until then just sit back and enjoy the ride that is frogsporn.

Public Invasion: Blanka

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Now I know this name will be a source of comedy because it definitely was to me, and if you do not know what you are talking about then you are definitely missing something because it comes from one of the most popular fighting games of all times, Street Fighter, but although the two share the same name that is where the similarities end with these. One is a european babe who just loves to have sex, and that is why I respect her so much because in this video that has been added today she shows that she really does not care about who sees her as she is doing it while nude, she even smiles and waves to passers by as she is taking a massive cock deep inside of her tight little pussy, that is why I felt that I just had to bring you this stuff today on Public Invasion

Public Invasion

You just know that she is one of those Service Whores and she loves nothing better than to be Sucking the big one. Thats why I thought I would bring you guys the hardcore video and picture previews that come from this quality website, and that is definitely what it is. It doesn’t just move like that, it puts it down like that and I hope you guys will enjoy it as I go to find you some more of this awesome porn for tommorow.

Milf Lessons: Nadia

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

If you think that I might have been slacking instead of working towards bringing all of you guys some brand new porn then you would most definitely be wrong, because I have been out all day exercising my Milf Porn Pass and finding pretty much all of the newest and most hardcore materials for you guys, that’s for sure. If you think I am lying about this then you will most definitely be wrong because what is actually going to be going on is that we all love to see hot older women get it on because I think when we were all younger guys we knew that they were fertile and that they had already had offspring which made them so much more sexually attractive, and you have to admire that in a woman who has reached her sexual prime, exactly like today’s girl Nadia who is featured on Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

Now if you want girls like this, then you have to listen to what I say when I recommend that you follow the actions shown on sites like pornostatic dvd or Footjob Footjob but if you do not follow these then you can easily end up ragging yourself into the ground just trying to become the legend that people like I am. Either way, you will most definitely enjoy this stuff because it resides at the top of it’s game and that is just where you want to be when it comes to the world of this smutty pornographic imagery.

Liz Vicious: New Features

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

A new feature has just been added to that hot little chick who likes to please you, and it will definitely make you guys happy when you want to get in there, because she has added the likes of stuff such as a diary which keeps all of you informed with the latest and greatest adventures she has been getting up to. If you saw her in the street, you would most definitely know exactly who she is because she stands out like a sore thumb (not like a problem or anything, just a real hottie who wants to fuck you hard and fast and that is what it is all about when it comes down to the game that is sex). Either way, these new tools will keep you interested in what she has been up to in the recent weeks, and that is why if you just keep your game up like I do then maybe one day you will also have the chance of getting to fuck real hot bitches like Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

Now you may just be sitting there and not thinking that there is much to this, well then I can definitely assure you that you are wrong, because this stuff is totally extreme and you will be wanting to get in on it as fast as you can in case of any problems popping up from some people not really wanting to get laid in the game. Either way, it really doesn’t affect me very much because nothing will put me off from bringing every single one of you guys this fresh porn every single day of the week, and that is a fact. So until then, just relax and I will see you later.

Big Cock Teen Addiction: Aaralyn Bara

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

I think I have been a bit scarce on this kind of stuff recently, I know you guys have been craving more of the younger girls who just cannot resist a bit of that huge cock that older men want to give them, and that is why the hottest girls are always scouted as soon as they turn 18 by these dudes who just want to fuck them until there is barely anything left of their morals, they literally just turn into little cum dumpsters and that is what I love about them, when they aren’t riding those huge cocks, especially when they are filmed by the guys who produce sites like College Teens Book Bang and that is what you guys are going to get a taste of when I bring you the latest girl to appear on that legendary site which is Big Cock Teen Addiction

Big Cock Teen Addiction

Now this chick may not have been the brighest one in her class when she used to go to college, but what does that matter to us because all we want to do is watch her strip off and ride a fucking huge pole as she moans in pleasure because she is getting fucked so hard. If you do not want to start stepping up now that the game is afoot, then you will be encountering some trouble in the future, but why should we care about that now. All we should be interested in is the fact that I am going to come back here tommorow with another fresh load of pornography for you guys, and I am sure you will love it, so until then just relax and I will see you.

Monsters of Cock: Breanna

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

I know I brought you an update from this site a few days back, but I decided it was definitely time for some more of it because that is exactly what you guys deserve after I heard the news that Carly Moore might be down for a few days as she is changing a lot of things over there at her site, but why would we be really caring about that today because instead of being in the hunt there for some bitches who just enjoy that stuff then we definitely will be caring about a dirtier girl who wants your looks and your votes when it comes to the hottest sex around. She loves some of the biggest dicks around on that entire earth-like thing we live on, and that’s how you have to role in you want to be in there with a chance of getting laid thanks to a hottie like this. She just wants to be involved with the guys who film all the videos over at Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

If you want to listen to the sound of the people then this will be one, that’s for sure, because everyone wants to see more of the hotties that can’t get enough of the one thing that we want to give every single one of them, cock – right in their pussies, faces and hell even in their tight little asses too because I am feeling like that today. I don’t weep for these bitches, and it is why I stay cashed out all through the week which is why you are enjoying this stuff today, so love all of it and I will return tommorow.

Monsters of Cock: Haylee

Monday, August 21st, 2006

I thought that seeing as you guys might be tired of pros like taylor rain appearing on those huge video sites like ztod that I would bring you another amateur college girl getting banged because I know that you love this material so much (wanna know how I realise this? it’s easy, I know it because every time I add porn like this you guys always send me emails asking me if you can get some more of it because it is just that good) and to be honest that is all that matters if you think about it reasonably. Either way, we definitely will be controlling our interests in this all the way down to the ground and I think you guys will be one of the first start enjoying that. Especially with this real hot brunette girl Haylee who is today’s update on Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

If you are two weeks under, then you better work hard to get yourselves back up to date because otherwise you will most definitely be missing this awesome material. On a scale of one to ten these ones have the ability to crank it all the way up to motherfucking eleven, and they will not even stop there because they just keep on going like duracell bunnies, pumping away like there is no game anymore and to be honest, that is what you have to watch for when you are trying to keep your game up, because otherwise you really could be in a dangerous situation. I’ll return tommorow with more.

Ass Parade: Jezebelle’s Booty

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

I know this one is a bit later than usual, but I felt I just had to bring it to you guys because you deserve updates from me and all of the crew all through the week, just so that you can store enough energy to eventually Bust a nut on a slut like some of the other guys I know, but that isn’t what is really important today. I have came here to speak to you all about a totally different issue, one that affects the entire world and I want you guys to think about it long and hard before you realise what the game is and why it is afoot here. We need to be thinking about the long term solutions for transporting this porn across the world so everyone can enjoy it, and for that we will need the help of sluts like that whore Jezebelle who has returned triumphantly today on Ass Parade

Ass Parade

Even if you you are not a big fan of the usual kind of stuff that goes down on this site, you most surely will be enjoying this one because it is totally awesome and hardcore, in fact you might just die of shock when you see this totaly beauty getting ravaged by two men who are just intent of turning her from a delightful young woman into a dripping cum-whore who has to beg for more huge cock in every single one of her holes. Either way, it doesn’t really bother me to see which way it will go down, which is why I suggest to you guys that you keep your game up and don’t get distracted.

Liz Vicious: Fishnets

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Although I was talking about this chick yesterday, and I believe I made a few comments that kind represented her not being as hot as Ashley Lightspeed and her co-conspirators (joking on that front, i’m just deciding to use some tricked out english that will blow your asses away like nothing before), but I thought because it had been quite a long damn time since I brought you any real updates from the chick in question that it was about the right time for a check up on her from us, the doctors of sex, and in this awesome episode she is really showing off in some really slutty fishnets that make her look like a complete tramp hooker (just how we like them), watch her just beg to get fucked like this in today’s update that has just gone online over at Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

Now after seeing that, I bet you will all be interested in more, because I most certainly was and that is what makes this site so popular among others. Either way, I am now going to head off into the distance for you guys to be left in my trail wondering what I have got up to, but I can assure you that it is nothing major and that you will be seeing more of me in the future, like tommorow when I bring some more great porn after I finish doing some rallying and stuff like that, only joking.