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Milf Lessons: Milf Caliente

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

I have a feeling that you guys might just work yourselves up into an Ass Frenzy over today’s latest site because once again I am focusing on those mature babes (much like that swinging babe Brandi Love) and I am keeping you guys up to date with just what is going on in the game. Today it is this latin babe that they saw walking the sides of the streets like a dirty little ho and they decided to go up on her and call her out, that’s the way it’s done and you guys should all know where the game resides if you are trying to push it like this, watch this brunette babe take it real hard like the dirty slut she is that is why I have attained this level of pornographic saturation. I am here to bring every single one of you guys updates like this every day, and who knows, maybe I will be increasing the volume after updates like today’s thanks to Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

I’ve seen the best go through here in the last 2 years and I assure that you will not be seeing any different in the next few months, because I am making it rain with all of the hoes in the area and you can sure respect me when I do that, because I do it with style and you should all be trying to imitate me. I’m joking about that last bit because it is a huge amount of work to keep the game up in the ways that I am doing right about now, but let’s not get stuck on issues like that because we really have something more interesting to spend time on and that is preparing an update for you guys for tommorow in order to keep you updated with even more of that fucking hot porn that you love so much, so until then I will be out and keeping you all on the down low.

Big Mouthfuls: Lea Does Anal

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Now I know you guys are probably used to the kind of stuff I used to bring you, girls like Alyssa Doll or that hottie little asian chick Anjali Uncovered but that is not what I choose to update with nowdays, because I am a bit more of a gangster than I was back then and I have decided that instead of that kind of stuff I must just step my game up in order to be available for selection in the squad of guys who will professionally bring this stuff to you every single day of the year for the rest of your lives. Now if you can’t see that then I am going to have to put some suggestions to you that mean you might not be able to see the kind of problems that will be faced by guys like us in the future, now if you fade to grey then you will definitely enjoy the blonde hottie who is taking it up the wrong one today and that’s about a step too far, but the bangbros don’t care and they will film it anyway for their world famous site Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

Now I know you guys really like this stuff or you wouldn’t be back here every single day of the week for an update on how it’s going, and that’s what I am basically here to do. I supply this stuff and you guys have the job of enjoying it which really isn’t very hard at all, in fact I’d say it is one of the best jobs in this entire god damn world, I want it so bad that I might just start stealing the viewing pleasure that there is to be had in these away from you guys and taking it for myself. Now step back and make sure that in the future you don’t have to have hassle like this again, or I might just come at you dog. Now’s not the time for that, but we will definitely talk about it later.

Ladyboy Crush: Tai Chi

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Now I know a lot of you guys prefer the hot chicks that I will usually be bringing to you every single day of the year, but to quote some of the biggest gangsters out there in these big cat woods, everyone has to do something different once in a while, and while I have done it before with the chicks over on Transsexualz, I don’t think this little asian hottie has reared her petite head before (and that can only be a good thing when you are talking about me). She goes by the name of Tai Chi, and that’s another lie that I am telling you guys but I know you will swallow it in good faith because you are all of a strong dissposition and you can understand that when I make a mistake I don’t like to cover it up like a lot of the other cats do, I just roll on with it and don’t worry about it too much. So if you want to represent like me, then just try yourself and keep it in the game in the future, because not much else will be going on, that’s for sure Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush

Now you have seen that preview, I am betting pretty damn hard that you will want to know what is underneath there, and get ready to be shown becauseit is coming right up just after this boring paragraph of me trying to fill your time with interesting information and all the other stuff like that which I do. Now I don’t mean to sound dreary but I have to do a heavy amount of work tommorow and I think it is going to suck pretty badly, so just wait for another fresh batch of porn to arrive to your PC’s and know exactly who it came from.

Ass Parade: Booty Everywhere

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Now what I am going to be bringing you today isn’t not Ariel Rebel or Alison Angel, it’s something a lot more hardcore and mature which I think is good for you guys once in a while because you don’t have to worry about those younger like 18 year old chicks who flake on the industry and run off after a few months because they think they have found love. The 20-30 year old pornstars know what they are doing and they usually do it so much better in front of the camera anyways thanks to their years of experience in many of the martial arts (joking about that) such as cock sucking, anal sex and many other great traits that have kept them at the top of the game for such a long time. Now if you disagree with me, that’s your perogative, but who really cares when you can check out hotties like this on Ass Parade

Ass Parade

Getting down has never been an issue for a slut like this, she could do it all damn day and not even care about it, and that is why we love these kinds of babes here on Frogsporn, because they are always putting out like the dirty whores they are and that is what makes us really happy to see, to know that there is always going to be a never-ending supply of hot fresh girls coming into the porn industry because they think it is easy money. All it ever really is, is an easy way for these young hotties to turn into haggard old sluts real quick, but who cares about that while they have their 15 minutes, I’ll be bringing you more of this hot stuff tommorow to ingest.

Brandi Belle: The Replacement

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Now I was just sitting at home, minding my beeswax and having some American Daydreams when I thought about the fact that I haven’t brought you guys anything like this hottie in ages and you can only deserve to have more of the sites that rock you so hard like Bust a Nut on a Slut and it’s brethern. This girl is so well known that she was even scheduled to be filming until those mofos who decide on what is going on over there in the courthouse decided for her to be called into jury duty and that is what is so annoying, but you know those bangbros will never stop you guys from enjoying the porn that they work so hard to produce. So they went looking for a chick who was just as hot in order to make everyone who is a fan so happy about seeing it, and that’s why I am more than sure that you are going to enjoy today’s update over at Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Even if I was to get to a point where you are just bored with what is going on then you have to realise the kind of games that try to happen for all of you gangsters who enjoy the kind of pornography that you need to find inside of yourself, and that is what these girls who act as replacements for the kind of bitches who keep you happy and loving life. So now I actually have to ensure that you have something to look at tommorow, and that is why I am gone for so long, but do not fret because I will actually be back once again, so step back and fly it up you mad guys.

Big Ass Adventure: Danna

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Now this is a turn up for the books, I haven’t brought you guys something like this in a fucking age, literally I think the dinosaurs were still about when I last brought you material from the site you are about to be seeing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t any good however, because she is just as hot as Ashley Fine and that is what makes her a staple for all of those guys who love porn as much as me and my crew it, we enjoy it just as much as you and we recognise that sometimes the game just has to go down like this in order for you to feel good about yourself and the positions you put yourself in. Now step back, hold yourself and prepare to go up into the game where you will find a lot of fun stuff to do, that’s for sure. There will be many games laid down but that isn’t the point, the point is to just relax and maybe eventually you will find yourself on one of the epic Big Ass Adventure episodes that have saturated the internet so well.

Big Ass Adventure

Now the proliferation of things like game stepping and the attitudes that many people have towards sex nowday’s has grown into something unstoppable when you try to top that stuff and want to get in the game that we all know and love so much. So don’t start sticking your neck in where it’s not wanted, and instead keep it at a distance where we can all be happy with what is going on to be honest. If you really feel that way then you must just become an uncle to all the kind of people who have been stepping the game against you and that isn’t where it’s at, so put that stuff down and you will like it a lot more in the future.

Busty Adventures: Lily

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Now don’t get yourself into problems about getting onto an all handjob pass, so don’t worry about the weight of what you are going to be seeing today because there isn’t going to be that much going on today, it’s just a chilled out weekend and we all can try to step up the game so that we are in a position that enables us all to put the stress out of our lives and start enjoying the kind of games that others bring to the table every time you walk into other people’s lives. I know you are going to be loving today’s girl because she is a real legend by then why should care about that because we are only over in the game and Europe is where it is happening right about now, so hook yourself up and we will be able to put the game down in a way that makes all of the fans of sites like Busty Adventures in the game.

Busty Adventures

You know from that preview that you will be liking this hot material and wanting to see more, and that’s what needs to be happening in order for you guys to stay proud and happy with what was going on on these kind of pornographic material websites. Now I have to go on a massive quest in order for you guys to be supplied with even more of the material you have come to love (the raw material, that Alfred Weber would be poud of because he would know about the indsutrial location of some of the finest bitches in the club ever single night and day. Now relax and don’t get in a rage, because here come the free picture galleries you have been waiting for.

Milf Lessons: Sweet Anal

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Now I know you will be loving this update today, because pretty much as soon as I saw it I got real hard knowing how damn sexy this blonde but mature babe (in fact I would much rather be with her than some twenty year old chick who just doesn’t know how to have sex), and although you may prefer to see some of those huge movie sites such as ztod but you better just lay itt down well enough for you to think about the kind of things that you just want to pimp my black teen but that isn’t what I am here to show you today, instead you are all going to be in shock and awe at how amazing the woman of this age looks when you can check her out while she is getting banged by a much younger guy on video for one of those legendary sites which I have brought you many times in the past but you don’t want to know about that, you want to see today’s update over at Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

Don’t even think about the things you have to worry about in life, because if you do then you will not be able to relax and that is one of the most important factors when it comes down to it nowdays. So just sit back and wait for the hit of previews that I am going to be throwing out there, despite what else might be going else in your life in this time and age. So now while I go and try and find you guys some more of this stuff, you can all just sit back and wait for the rush while it goes on. Laters, I’ll see you guys all back here tommorow on time for another hot porn update.

Big Tits Round Asses: Emily’s Back

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Guess who’s back, and tell a friend, guess who’s back guess who’s back and it goes on, but what I am doing is not rapping about this stuff, I am actually here to tell you guys about how awesome this material is and that is why you surely are going to enjoy it. Either way, one of the hottest girls in recent times who has been added to a site like Baby Got Boobs or if she wants to become a little hottie like Ariel Rebel. Now just step back, relax and enjoy yourself because I have never seen a bitch this hot before and when she shakes that booty you know she is one serious hottie who is there for both fun and profit, the profit of us as the fun loving pornographic viewers that we are. We gobble this stuff up like turkeys and that’s why you will be wanting to see it more in the future I’m sure, but for the mean time you are going to have to relax and just wait until some action kicks in on Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses

I’m pretty damn sure that we will find a brighter day and never really have to worry about a lot of the problems that exist nowdays, which is something that I hope you guys can understand because you will always be available for going at it and trying to get yourself into the hopes and understandings of a major concept and all of the things relating to it. I think the days and nights will definitely be tougher now that this has been brought in, and we will have to try much harder to bring it in line with what has been going on in the ghetto areas around me and you, so step back and try to bring yourself into line with the people around you.

Brandi Belle: Muffin

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Now I know what you guys are originally thinking once you have read the title, but I think I am seriously in love with this girl and I can’t even live without seeing her for one minute of my life, surely you can understand now why I bring her to you so often for approval from the masses that is you guys, now this hottie isn’t one of those bitches on the party Girls Drink Cum, instead she is doing things her own way and that is the only way it should be done to be honest, none of this shit that is always affecting the other girls in porn making them back out of making new movies or working on their websites, instead this hottie is always up for more and in fact it is probably her idea most of the time which is what makes it so good. So now just head on over to the latest update on Brandi Belle and enjoy it.

Brandi Belle

Now if you aren’t stable, just step you game up into critical mode and then we can all get our roll on and not even have to worry about the problems that lay inherant in other people’s lives, now if that isn’t how the game goes and how the cookie crumbles then I just don’t know what is but you guys better be able to tell me what the hell was going on back there in the game because otherwise I just might not know what the hell to think when it comes to dragging it out and looking for more porn for you, which is what I am going to do right now. Laters.