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Milf Lessons: Milf Reich

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Today I have been a bit busy with some stuff and I haven’t been able to get over here and bring you guys stuff that differs from everything else I have brought you in recent months. None of this Latin Boys and it will probably be more similar in stature to something like a more recent addition to the site network that I browse almost every hour of every day in order for you me and just about everyone who is on board in this project. Don’t get caught up in trying to get yourself one of those in-demand Milf Porn Pass tickets that would enable you to stay up in there without having to worry about your download limits expiring or your time of your membership running out and therefore you being locked out of your own site which you quite rightly deserve access to because after all if it wasn’t for you buying these memberships to these sites then they wouldn’t even be able to run and the makers of Milf Lessons realise that.

Milf Lessons

Today’s update from those quality pornographers involves a blonde german hottie who never gives up on her challenge to get the biggest cock inside of her at all times. Literally this girl will work the hardest you have ever seen in order to be ready for sex and it really pays off because when she appears on video you know you are witnessing an event worthy of the billing that it is getting from even the toughest of porno critics who have seen everything in their time and know what is good and what isn’t. I think that is definitely one of the defining factors of this site and I think it is why I am such a gangster when it comes to the clique of all of the hottest girls who slam that booty down like women in the area that we all want to be with and have sex with at any possible any time. I’ll see you tommorow, and don’t be late for class because you might miss something.

Ball Honeys: Alexis

Monday, October 30th, 2006

I think we have all had the discussion on whether there should be real guys in the game dominating all of the sites (and the girls like Mandys Diary and her more famous co-star that is quite frequently known as Martina Warren) and there is major problems in the game if you can’t keep up with the gangsters in the hood who keep on updating quality sites like the one that are going to be keeping you entertained today. There is no reason for me or you to shove this up in a way that nothing should be done like, but that is a good knowledge balance for us. Especially when you are talking about little chicks in these kind of games that we have to deal with on high quality video filmed by true pimps, the Bang Bros themselves and all of their crew who just keep on updating many things like Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Now you know that is a high quality preview that I have just brought to you guys, and I know once you hop on over the full site to see what is going on then you will really love it because to be honest there is nothing better than a hottie like this appearing in high quality movies for both me, you and everyone out there who makes it their game plan to try and fuck every porn girl out there (even if it means having to pay for that shit). You guys know I would never do that and it is why you all need to think about the problems that exist in just about every state of the world, the fact that there is not enough porn out there to go around sometimes, and we really have to combat that shit in order for every single one of us smut loving guys to be able to jump up in the game and feel real good about ourselves, so don’t stop now and we’ll be back tommorow with more of this hot stuff.

Brandi Belle: The Sybian

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Now you all know that I am a fan of the B word when it comes to solo girls, and this isn’t the first time I have brought ou a site name similar to this. I think I remember bringing you guys updates from that site known as Brandi Love and hell, you don’t even know the real name of some of these girls until you meet them off of the screen and find out how actually slutty they really are when they aren’t being filmed or told what to do. I think it’s definitely like that, and even girls like Cum On Eileen will act completely different when they are not shooting updates for their individual websites in the game. Now neither of these are what I am going to be bringing you guys today, because they seriously do not compare to anything like the game that exits over on today’s girl and her website which is known outside of the circles as the home for every single video update featuring that hot chick who goes around calling herself a different name, everytime she meets a new guy that she can have sex with. We all know her real name though, and it is Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Now there are some awesome previews for every single one of you guys to check out and there is nothing much better than just chilling out with every single one of the gansters in the game. That’s why you have to try and stay in here and find the updates that I am bringing every day especially when I find sybian material on girls such as miss belle while she is banging hard and keeping it up every day with those pert little breasts of hers that look just so touchable and feelable. I hope that is why you can understand what I mean when I say all this, and I definitely think you will enjoy it when you get hit by the free pornography overload that is about to come in here and make you roll like a true man about town. I’ll see you guys tommorow, so just keep it real and enjoy life.

Big Tits Round Asses: Jessica Sweet

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Now I know I might have had some trouble with you guys before because I have a tendency to be a bit erratic with what I update about when I am on every single day of the year for every single year of your lives as well as mine. There is no reason for me to stop you guys from enjoying the pretty damn legendary girls who are always appearing on sites such as Porn Star Classics and their equivalent sites. You may wonder what I was thinking about when I said this, but I remember times when I have brought you girls like the ones of Ladyboy Crush who are always going to be packing a little extra suprise to shock you from one of those legendary sites we all know by their full title that I think is called worldwide Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses

Now I’m not here to shock you today, my days of doing that might just be over – but then again I cannot count myself out for doing it because you know I am one of the most unpredictable guys in the game. There is no reason for me to think about stopping or maybe keep going and that is why you must try to keep your game up while I throwing out distractions such as trannies and stuff who love to get fucked hard in the ass, if you don’t want to see that then maybe it is just time for me or you to show it all down on the line. Now don’t try to make me think about throwing it down for you guys, and I will return tommorow for it again and I am sure you will love it even if it isn’t usually your day for the game to be kept down.

The Jordan Capri Sex Video

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Everyone’s favorite teen cutie Jordan got caught having sex on tape. First it was stolen but now she’s got it back. Fans have been going crazy over her personal site jam-packed with lesbian sex, bathroom and wet panty videos since she was 18. But now, Jordan is showing her real naughty side by giving a sweet blowjob and riding and grinding her lover passionately from above. Exclusive preview pictures of the Jordan Capri sex videos have finally arrived and we are sure you guys are going to enjoy them, just like the thousands of members who have signed up to her site throughout the years and enjoyed every single update there has been on it. So if you haven’t already seen this video, it’s time to head on over to one of the only sites where it is available and download your copy before someone else does and takes your space on the queue to see it.

Jordan Capri Sex VideoJordan Capri Sex Video

Now if this isn’t enough of a shock to you guys, that one of the world famous lightspeed girls (although Jordan doesn’t have the perfect second name, she does join the lineup that includes hotties like Britney) has turned hardcore, you may want to go on over to the site and see the full video now that she has been able to steal it back from her boyfriend who originally took it, and while he shared it online trying to make the maximum out of it for himself, she has now put it in her own member’s area so that every single one of us can enjoy viewing it as well, to go alongside those who have already downloaded this quality video.

Big Ass Adventure: Barbara

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

I don’t wnat you guys to feel as if you are not in control of the situation when I bring you guys these porn updates every single day of every single week of every single year, and that is what you must realise. We are not here for some Frathouse Fuck Fest which would be completely unorganised (and would kind of remind me of one of my favourite sites but not for that reason, obviously I am talking about the guys who created that site which is just dedicated to material featuring babes taking it 15 on 1 style). Neither of these are what we are going to be focusing on today however, because I couldn’t care less about dirty whores who just want attention and don’t care about the art that they are producing thanks to the guys holding the video cameras which make them look so damn sexy, I think that is definitely the motivation behind the guys who just never stop filming episodes on Big Ass Adventure

Big Ass Adventure

Now one hit of this will not be enough for you guys, I think we all know that by now and it’s why I am always sure to include the marerial that will keep you guys happy – three whole hits of it which must be able to even tranquilise the most horny guys in the game. There should be no reason for either me or you to have to care about the free pictures and just about everything else that is available on this here internet, and that is what you have to think about when you are just sitting there browsing this kind of stuff. The entire world is heating up and global warming is happening just because every single one of us is trying hard to keep all of us up in the game, but really who gives a flying fuck about that, we all just want another fresh load of porn dumped on our doorsteps every day.

Ass Parade: Perfect Pitch

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

I know you guys by now, and I know you would much prefer me to bring you girls and sites like Mandys Diary or Alyssa Doll rather than switching up the game and trying to bring you different stuff like those guys with the big cocks who teach each other some valuable lessons in sex over on one of Dogfart’s sites which I think is called Blacks on Boys. Neither of these three is what we are going to be caring about today however, what we want to see is hot stuff where little chicks with big booty getting fucked by the guys out in miami with the biggest dicks around. They could even do this stuff with no hands if they wanted to because you know that even the girls who pretend not to care will do the job for them and that is where it is all about. If you don’t understand then you better check out this week’s episode on Ass Parade

Ass Parade

I know you guys well by now (after doing this job of being the porn ambassador for the last 2 years or so) and that is how I am continuously bringing you the high quality previews of sites like this, and then following it all up with even more videos and the like which show you almost everything that you could get inside of the member’s areas. There is nothing else to see here and I can only recommend you to go find out things about the world for yourselves, it’s the only way you are ever truly going to get in the game so go and do it asap before it all comes crashing down on you and stops. I’ll be back tommorow with more, so I hope you guys don’t stop and just keep rolling on much like myself.

Milf Lessons: Puma Swede

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

There’s no place for the kind of girls like Joon Mali or one of her little bedtime friends we know by the name of Melissa Midwest in this area, because it is all about hardcore and on top of that we aren’t taking any young chicks, we want the very best girls who will always be there laying it down in ways that you enver thought were possible. This is the entire definition of being a MILF, meaning that younger guys will always want to fuck the mature women who don’t even care about their husbands any more and just want to get it on with all of the experience that the younger girls who are just entering the industry lack. They don’t have the power to dominate the screen like these older women do and I definitely find that a shame because I quite enjoy watching these domineering women take charge as they get hold of their men and fuck their brains out like true champions, especially the known pornstar Puma Swede who today is appearing on Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

Now if you really want to go for it and not care about my recommendations when it comes to the girls that you want to jump in bed with, then I won’t mind too much because I know these eighteen year old chicks can be very horny and you never really know how much of a slut some of them can be so you could end up in bed with one that could, for example, suck a golf ball through a garden hose, but that is luck. Picking up a hot mature woman is a skill, and it is one that you have to master as you get older because eventually you will know how well you can go at it and there is nothing more exciting than that to be honest, so just work your magic and get your game on, and soon enough you may just be able to start coming after me and working your way up in the leagues of porn veterans.

Real Orgasms: Taylor

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Now I don’t want to offend you guys, but instead of bringing you material that is more oriented towards sex (especially on huge video sites such as Ztod and the like) I think I will be going towards something that really isn’t regarded that way, instead it is all about the kind of games that these hotties get up to when nobody else is around and they think they are on there own. I think if you are reading this then you have by now guessed the kind of thing I am talking about and that is obviously that they will pull out some toys and keep themselves busy with one huge orgasm-fest by sticking them deep into their tight pussies. So now there isn’t that much more for me to say before I start hooking you up with the high quality previews from this week’s episode that has only just been added to one of the most quickly growing sites on the net – the aptly titled Real Orgasms

Real Orgasms

I know it’s been a while since you guys have probably seen anything like that, because I have always been focusing on the more hardcore material and surely this is understandable to you, but anyways we shouldn’t be caring about what I am up to when it comes to delivering pornography to you guys. What we should be focusing on is the extreme depths that Taylor reaches with this huge dildo she quite obviously loves in this hardcore video, once again you guys have to see how sexy she looks as it goes deep inside her and makes her feel so damn good. I think it is one of the best solo masturbation pieces I have seen in a long time, and I think you will too after you see some of the preview clips from the videos available on this top notch site.

Ball Honeys: Vagina Monologue

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Now I was a bit fucking worried today about a number of things, one of the main ones being the fact that the title of today’s update on this site really god damn freaked by out. I sat there for ages just wondering what in god’s name in meant until I realised that I was thinking too extreme (like Service Whores) and I should have actually been taking my mind out of the gutter and placing it somewhere like hollywood to see all of the sights and hear of all of the sounds that the cleaner girls have to offer (so instead of having sex and stuff like that, you can get to see Carmen Electra Nude). Both of these are eclipsed by the girl who I am bringing you today, even though she looks like she could be the sister of the one that I brought to you guys yesterday, she is certainly a worthy update to that top notch site that we all know is Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

This girl started out in the hood where she grew up, offering guys to have sex with her on videotape so that she could send it off to different big name porn companies in order to be considered for joining their ranks that include some of the dirtiest (but also hottest) girls in the entire porn game at this current time. She was riding clean at this time, but those guys the bangbros picked her up and realised what she was up to – which is why she had to get in their and get fucked for some of the biggest websites on the net. I will have to go and find a girl who is just as sexy as this for you tommorow, which will be an epic quest and I might as well get going now in order to avoid problems in the future with things like this.