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Milf Lessons: Neesa

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

I really have to get on with moving this stuff in order to enable you guys to get up and collect what you have all been waiting to recieve, yes of course I am talking about those all invicible items that we know as the All Handjob Pass among others. It will provide with a unique insight on what goes on behind the scenes at some of you favourite websites, including ones such as the home of the Jug Fuckers and the kind of bitches that hang out there for fun and profit. That’s not what I am here for though today, instead I want to educate you all on a little thing that we all know about mature women who are professionals at fucking because they have done it for so damn long and when you are this good at it you are bound to end up on a website like Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

It’s all about going back in the game with these mature chicks and that is why I am continously bringing it to you every single day of the week (now yeah I know there are some problems with those who just want to make it roll on like gangsters in the hood, but hell you shouldn’t worry about those problems). Don’t get caught while looking at this because I don’t want to think about the kind of things that would happen if your hot wife found you checking out this material and enjoying the hot bitches who are always just mothering it up while having sex with guys young enough to want this pussy and make it hot enough for all of the hottest babes. That’s where it’s all at and you know I will always be working hard in order to bring you guys these updates every day like I already mentioned, tommorow I might try some ethnic porn or maybe even some more blonde babes who want it to throw it up like gangsters.

Ass Parade: Booty Club

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Take it to the floor with the girls like Raven Riley and Ann Angel who like to get dirty on weekends and then take their work home with them because when they are not partying up in nightclubs or having fun with the boys then they are at home or out in public taking sexy pictures of themselves (even going hardcore outside sometimes for everyone to see in the cases of these dirty bitches nowdays). Who wouldn’t love that kind of material, I know for sure I want to see more of it in the future and I will do my best to keep bringing it to you guys every single day of the week for the next million years (hell that was an exaggeration but damn, I’m just keeping it up like a man who really should and can you blame me? I don’t think you can so you now need to make it work and see what we have for you today). One of the hottest ebony babes around at Ass Parade

Ass Parade

Now I know you guys are sitting ther thinking you might need some special pass to get into this legendary club, but that isn’t the way I roll and I know for sure that you will enjoy the material that is going up today. There is nothing better than seeing this kind of stuff and feeling it hard which is why it is sure that you will not have to work in order to become one of the beneficiaries of this hardcore material. All of the girls on here are top notch quality and there is nothing that will bringing them down from that ranking anytime soon, so I would suggest that you guys get your roll on because you do not want to be missing out on the fun that is able to be had when all of these girls get dirty and start showing off their little round asses that are so wet and just begging to be fucked. If you do, I’ll just return tommorow with more for you to enjoy and relax while watching with.

Ladyboy Crush: Angie

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

I am back today as you would have expected and I think every single one of you guys knows what is on the cards for today’s update, it is some of those banging Transsexualz once again and I don’t want you guys to feel bad as if this isn’t the way that things should be going down. We all know that there is no other way than to feel it like this than to make the roll go down and pump it on like a gangster. Who cares about that, the focus today is on this hot asian chick we found in Bangkok in a titty bar looking like she really wanted to go at it all day. That’s what has just been released as one of the latest videos on a favoured site of mine that I have been updating every single one of you guys on ever since it came out (I think it was about this time last year now, when it was one of the hottest on the block that everyone wanted a membership on, and it surely still is to this day), the one and only Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush

She wants to spark it up so you have an interest in her and want to fuck her hard in that tight little ass of her, I can’t blame anyone who would want to because a lot of people want in on these little brown fuck machines and their asian heritage (just about every guy who has been around the block and on the grind knows that all asian chicks are more petite than their western counterparts and they most definitely have tight pussies, they will give you more pleasure and you won’t find anything better than this until I update once again tommorow, at which time you will be able to fully take in what is on offer and that is why you must enjoy this stuff, there’s nothing that is sexier and you will know it once you have seen the free picture sets.

Big Ass Adventure: Jessica Fiorentino

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

When I tell you guys that you will be seeing this girl more in the future, I am definitely not lying but I have some different stuff to show you featuring her that you must know is coming sometime in the future, maybe after I bring you guys some more advice on how to Bust a nut on a slut or otherwise. But hey, let’s not get too involved in other sites right here because we all know what both you and I are here to see and it is going to be fucking hot that’s for sure, we won’t even have to care about the kind of things that are happening this week over on one of my not so favourite sites but hell, I will still cop this stuff all day because you know the european hotties that they are fucking are top notch, literally I don’t know if there is anyone on this level right now (hell maybe Silvia Saint or one of her friends, but you know) in fact I think all of the hottest euro sluts right now are featured on Big Ass Adventure

Big Ass Adventure

Now you can guess who is back and ensuring that you guys are brought a piece of all of the freshest bitches who are entering this joint and trying to keep all of those notable stars (here’s thinking about Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks and more) down on the grind and performing. Hell, now Jenna’s single again I think we all need to get back in there and keep all of the holes on that hottie filled, because she is one fine ass girl who only messes with the realest guys on the block. I think it is time for us to step up to her grade and the galleries below should show you some girls who aspire to be as famous as her, and it is up to you guys to decide whether they are hot enough to do it.

Tugjobs: Tanya Hardin

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Now I don’t want to bore you guys today about continuously talking about the hoes who are always like talking about Me and My Pussy. I can’t stand that kind of yapping when you are trying to have sex with these chicks because to be honest, all you wanna do is stick your dick in them and get their pussies pumping until they cannot feel it any more. That’s what it is all about in these kind of areas because if you could feel that then you wouldn’t have known about the game going down the way that it really shouldn’t be. I will leave you with one final thought, and that is that if you want to try and keep these sluts under control while you are banging them you must really think about how you want the game to go and how the lives of others should be led, because my heart isn’t filled with anger due to the fact that I don’t give a shit, I just relax and enjoy the new videos on sites such as Tugjobs


These girls love to do this stuff, in fact I think that some of them were even born to do it because you can see that when they handle the cock they are professionals at this sex business and there you will find the truth as to whether you have what it takes to get up in this pornography game and keep it down with all the fine women who never stop performing in new videos and allow themselves to feel like queens as they step back and ignore the problems that may exist in the game. Now I am not trying to make you feel bad here, but if you don’t want that kind of stuff to happen much in the future then I would definitely recommend getting with a bitch like this and not letting her take over the kind of things that you have to think about in there.

Mr Camel Toe: Poppin Cherrie

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

I am back once again after a short break where I was trying to put it down in the ghetto and stop you guys from having to deal with the repercussions of the porn fallot that happens every day when I deliver dirty bitches like that one you guys first saw a long time ago, oh yes she goes by the name of Alison Angel nowdays and that is what it’s all about. Have you seen her while she is dancing? I mean this stuff is ultimately hot and you cannot even front with this kind of material when you check what is going on with all of these kind of hoes. The thing is that when I see them I never really have to worry about the other kind of stuff that is being laid down in there, all I care about is whether these chicks can join the exclusive clique of Baby Got Boobs. Either way, both of these sites are not what this update is about, because there is something about pumping these dirty bitches hard and fast and that is why you all just have to pay attention to the way the game goes down in the ghetto and you will be able to download the latest video Mr Camel Toe

Mr Camel Toe

As if you really want to fuck these hoes hard then you will soon know how it goes down in the area where you all must know about what I do. Just know that these girls don’t give a fuck what is going down in your life at the current point of time, all they want is pleasure and they really don’t care about how they get it – hell, they could be slamming your ass all night with their tight little pussies until there are hardcore girls all into the areas. Now I have to go and track more of them down in various locations – I’ll be visiting stuff like strip clubs and that is why you have to really move it as if you are a true pimp and that is what you really have to do as a gangster who has his whores and doesn’t worry about hitting switches on a bitch.

Milf Lessons: Midwestern Milf

Monday, November 20th, 2006

To continue the run back into the game, I arrive once more for you guys to feel what I am up to in trying to maybe find bitches such as Melissa Midwest and alluring them into my games of life and death, it is important right here and I don’t want you guys to forget that. That’s not to be forgetting one of her major friends and influences when it comes to the industry, someone she has yet to do a photoshoot with which sucks but I can still feel it because they are both bad bitches (oh yes you probably know by now that I am talking about Ann Angel) but today we aren’t checking for that in this area, instead we are going for a more different look that will bring you a lot of fun and joy and because I am more than sure that you will enjoy this and it is all thanks to the guys and girls who put so much effort into producing sites such as Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

She is coming all the way from across county in order to make you feel hot and there is nothing better than seeing that when you are trying to get up in there with a slut like this, literally she will have always been there before and wanted more out of the situation, so you must know what it feels like in order to pump it up and not have to worry about the feelings that exist in today’s monotonous world. There really should be no reason for me or you to have to try and kill it like this but I am afraid to say that this is the way it is going to go down tonight, so don’t feel it like that and you will not have to worry about the problems in the game. So don’t stress it and I will feel you guys out tommorow, when you all want to get in there with each other in this porn game.

Ass Parade: Bring that Booty

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Allow me to quote that bootylicious bitch Aaliyah and explain why I haven’t brought this kind of material to you guys in a long time, I shouldn’t have let you guys hang this long but I thought it was only right that you guys wait for the minimum amount of time to pass in order for me to return and bring you guys the hottest shit on the block. In fact if anything, I think the only thing we need to see in the future is more of the same from hotties such as Joon Mali and none of those bitches who never stop putting it down in the game. You really don’t want to mess with those guys because they will lyrically wax anyone who comes near them and even thinks about trying to force them into having it off with someone like those Transsexualz. Either way today’s update is something you will like, a double call on that hot website Ass Parade

Ass Parade

If you think this is a problem with me or you then you need to step back and think about the reasons behind not wanting to go back on promises made to those who were in the game at the time enjoying the kind of things that are going on. Either way I think it is pretty blatant by now that things are just not getting done and we really need to push up on everything in the game in order to allow things to start getting fished out and completed without problems occurring both now and in the future. So don’t make us mad, we will not be having it and we most definitely be wanting more in order for both me and you to not have to think about the kind of problems in this world for everyone. I’ll be back again tommorow.

Ball Honeys: Cali Rican

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Like Joon Mali I was patrolling the beaches today, now just don’t sit there thinking what the hell when I tell you that and wondering whether I am on crack or something, because in reality all I have been trying to do is get back in shape and enable you guys to come back into the game and find more pornography to cop on the download. I’m not joking right now peoples, I am trying hard and I don’t want to be exposed as someone who will never really be able to pump up all of the bitches in the ghetto. I always have to bring back sayings for some of these sites that I haven’t used in years due to the fact that they are all awesome and there is nothing to do without them being here with us, so don’t think of me as someone who will never really keep you down, instead I will be updating this site every day with new episodes from quality material places like Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Now don’t go seeing this material and think that you might just have to appear on a site such as that one about the Smut Bus in order to find any more about it, because it’s not like that and I’m not trying to confuse you guys when I say this because I know for sure that I have endorsed other sites like this in the past and some are definitely better than others when it comes to what is inside the member’s areas of the hot porn sites. If you can’t see the benefit of this kind of stuff for me and you then there might be problems that will cause us all problems if we ignore them and just let them slide at the end of the day. This is what will bring us into the new ages of pornography and don’t you be doubting me right now, because here it comes.

Tugjobs: Milf Tug

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Now here is something we do not see everyday, it’s not as if we need the All Handjob Pass in order to find material like this refreshing and hot. In fact there is nothing better seeing this stuff get in there like all of the hottest girls in the club who just never stop getting down with it it, and that is why for the rest of time there will always be material for both me and you to update our sites with. Henceforth the update today is a bit unusual, because instead of including your usual type of girls who have just gone twenty or near that age, this one includes a MILF age woman who is really enthusiastic about doing this kind of stuff when you are in the areas where nothing else is supposed to be, that is one of the only reason why both me and you report back here every single day of the week. Now don’t get mistaken in order to bothj me and you to think of this kind of stuff badly, but it is all that has to be updated on Tugjobs


This babe will whip you up into an Ass Frenzy when you are not looking and that is definitely hot, in fact I think there is little else I would rather see in the area of this kind of stuff. Now don’t think badly of me because of this, I know you guys would all do the same thing if you were in my shoes right now and that is why you must only listen to me when I tell you that in the hood there is no problems with getting these kind of requests flooding into you every single day of the week, now just keep it real like I do and you will have no problems with these kind of things, in fact you might just be able to keep it rolling and not have to worry about the issues that exist in these pornographic circumstances. I’ll be back tommorow with more, as god damn usual.