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Ass Parade: Barn Yard Booty

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Today hasn’t been that good for the world, lot’s of things are going on which are really trying to stop us getting up in the game and enjoying the kind of money that these bitches enjoy from getting paid for making their own asses look hot and getting banged like the dirty little sluts they should (kinda like the off-screen adventures that people like Cory Heart get up to – maybe they look kinda innocent and only do softcore stuff when they are being featured on the web, but if you have ever seen the videos that appear on the market featuring these girls then you would know what it is all about, getting fisted in the ass while having their pussies pounded by hard cock). That kinda thing in general is what makes up their fanbase and accounts for so many people being such diehard fans of these bitches as they make their way up the game in terms of those who appear for production teams that generate top quality smut sites such as the one today on Ass Parade

Ass Parade

Don’t let yourself get caught up in these girl’s games, they may want to fuck you now but you know that if you didn’t let that happen then their hot little asses will eventually get you into it anyway and you will enjoy getting it worked like a true gangster. I am not even joking here guys you need to wax up your dicks and get working because the sooner you do so then the sooner you will be enjoying the rewards that come with the bitches and the hoes who make you work it like a true player in order to be filming porn with them. I will be back as soon as possible with yet another update and maybe some special naked suprises to usher us into the year 2007 in the form of hot ladies.

Alyssa Doll: Christmas Time

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Now I need to stop making you guys wait for this material, because it pretty obviously has been too long since you last saw this kind of material arrive on your computers and that is why today I am going to Bust a Nut on a Slut and deliver you guys with one of the most hard hitting girls launched in the last 18 months, and in that time she has been waxing Lamborghinis as well as that tight little pussy of hers which makes everyone interested in the kind of things that go down in her bedroom, you just know that she closes that door and hides in private to avoid the kind of people who might be peeping on her – but thanks to the awesomeness of video cameras that are available we can put this hot material on the net and enjoy it fully like only we should – it’s all going down for this day-after-boxing-day update from that little hottie Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll

I’m just thankful that she decided to show all of her booty off to us, because if she hadn’t have agreed no-one would have known what to do, shit would have been getting all crazy and no-one would have really wanted that to be honest about the game and all of the babes who enjoy appearing on the sites that make each and every single one of us fans of the adult entertainment. I’ll be back nearer to the new year with another great thing that you will probably love, it’s a new feature that will enable every single one of you guys to have great flexibility in the picture and movie content that you see on the great pornographic websites I bring to you every single day of the year for the last two years or so, so until then stay safe.

Sweet Adri

Monday, December 25th, 2006

I know you guys are going to be pleased when you see what I have for you all today, because it is some early christmas presents that you are simply sure to love, there is nothing better than waking up on christmas morning and recieving a gift like this – which is why I frequently update for youy guys to have it all saved and get in there with these kind of bitches. Today I am bringing you news of Melissa Midwest and her new adventures, instead of posing she has really been working hard on updating both her site and her new protege’s which has now officially been unveiled to delight worldwide at the fact that there is now yet another Nebraska coed who makes it all work real hard as she shakes that tight little body of hers and teases all of the guys around with it, but can you really blame her when she has all of that junk in the trunk. I don’t want to go on for too long, so I will get straight to it and update for you guys today enjoy today’s site which happens to be Sweet Adri

Sweet Adri

Now some people think that if they never get the password to these kind of sites, they are doing well because they never really have to go in there – but I am telling you guys the truth right now when I say that it simply isn’t the case to say that, you really have to think of it from all angles and one of these happens to be the fact that if you never go at it with these bitches then you will never notice that the free content on the outsides of these sites is barely ever updated when it comes to comparing it against the amount of time when the content inside the site is updated, literally. It’s always in there and can you blame these people for doing so – they wouldn’t ever be able to keep on updating with fresh porn if they had no customers to keep them all iced up and shooting brand new material for you guys to download and keep, so have a happy Christmas and I will see you for my special Xmas day message.

Cory Heart

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

You guys are probably now sitting there wondering what the hell I am talking about due to the name of the girl that is being added today, but you surely shouldn’t be put off the kind of girl I am bringing you because of the fact that she doesn’t have a Ladyboy Crush, she is one of those true american heroes who are put on earth in order to bring the rest of us pleasure just by watching her latest adventures which are all handily captured on video and uploaded to this awesome website, I personally think you can’t beat this kind of thing and I definitely believe that in the future you will be seeing all kinds of things from babes like this because you just cannot keep them under wraps, they want out and they will find a way – any way that they can in order to jump out of that box and enable guys like us to finally get passwords to their sites and enjoy the full view of chicks like Cory Heart

Cory Heart

Look at that tight little ass being waved up in the air as she gets stripped down by her girlfriends, if you recognise her then you may definitely be thinking about the one time that she appeared on max hardcore – you know the guy who likes to fuck chicks up the ass while fisting others and all that kind of crazy stuff, we can’t condone that but we can definitely tell you guys that this is more softcore material than that and if you aren’t looking for the full-on hardcore shit today then maybe this is just what you need, because there is nothing different than just pushing it to the limit and including yourself in all of the free picture galleries I am bringing to you guys right about now.

Naughty Allie

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

I was checking through the archives for this one, and that may make you guys wonder why – but don’t worry because all will be explained soon, and you will know why I feel pretty damn dumb for updating all of you on the launch of Naughty Julie a while back but never actually informing you of the awesomeness that is the site behind it all – really this is some serious stuff guys and I don’t think you would want to miss it for the world, which is why I have hopped onto the blonde train and brought forward the addition of today’s babe to the frogsporn roster of chicks that just about everyone would want to have sex with if they could get together and enjoy all of Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie

If you guys can’t respect what this hot housewife is doing for a living, then you most definitely will have to start looking up to the kind of people like me who never stop posting this material on the internet for every single one of you guys to check out while you are simply looking around for more of the calibre of this kind of girl. I don’t want you all to think stupid thoughts when you are downloading the preview movies of this babe, as I most certainly will be allowing more of it to pass through my gates in the future moments of this site. Now don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to see that, because you most surely will get more glimpses of it in the future and I will always be there to deliver it all.

Melissa Midwest: Christmas 2006

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Now I know you all guys have been waiting quite a while for an update on this girl, and it has been as long as I can remember (if you discount the Transsexualz) then I can probably think all the way back to around Last Christmas (no Wham reference there people, this is just real talk). All of these kind of girls that make their own solo sites usually don’t have that much popularity due to the girls being slutty and not very interesting, but instead all of this girls’ adventures even gain news coverage because the block is that hot and it allows this hottie to run her site just the way that she wants to, which is why every single one of you guys should see what she is up to this year in the run up to the holidays after the amazing adventures that were had last year when she got nude dressed up as santa and began enjoying herself under the miseltoe with her girlfriends, so don’t think that it won’t be like that again with Melissa Midwest

Melissa Midwest

So don’t think that you will be getting out of there without enjoying every single one of these passwords which will enable you to download the high quality videos and make you all happy about the kind of things which are going over there in the nebraska coeds kind of things, they all get drunk as fuck and these girls who are college hotties start showing off their huge titties and juggling them about after drinking them way too much. Don’t make all the wrong decisions in your life and don’t wind up without a video download as well as the images you can view when you want the passwords in this kind of place.

Big Tits Round Asses: Jada Fire

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Don’t make any changes to what you are doing right now, I want you guys to just stay still and feel as if you are getting one of those Footjob Footjob moments where sluts just appear from everywhere and make you feel like a gangster in the game, literally here. I want you all to feel how I do and know that we can always try and progress through the season in order to find more of these girls who will really want to know about changing the game and having sex on video frequently. I am going ebony today but then from the preview picture I would say that you guys probably already knew that, it’s been coming for a while and I would say that if you really want to know about it then you should check out the link that is going to be delivered to you guys in order to feel good about yourselves and love the kind of girls who will be put on huge porn sites such as the one I am bringing to you all today on the high quality site Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses

Now you have seen the preview picture (which I would hope that you guys have noticed is becoming bigger over the periods nowdays thanks to the increased bandwidth offered by the growth of this site among other things) and that is what it is all about for me and you guys, we are all just trying to stay on the grind and make our stuff available to others who never really get a chance to enjoy this kind of thing. That’s why I am hoping we all will be able to just push hard and not think about the issues raised by these dirty little girls nowdays. Now as you have all been waiting for a while, It is time for you to be delivered with the amazing picture galleries from these sites.

Bangbus – Homeless girls having fun

Monday, December 18th, 2006

I don’t condone exactly what is going on today, but I will tell you something now and that is the point that I enjoy this material more than ever, it’s all about sluts like this and the industry is starting to distance itself from the more softcore girls such as that hot little babe known as Dream Kelly, you all want in there with the dirty hardcore girls like the one you are about to see when you want to pump it on with all of the dirty sluts who like getting it hard with the babes in the game. That’s why this site, since it’s launch back in the days of early internet porn (I am talking around 2001 or so) has been so popular with all of you guys who never enjoy looking at anything else other than the highest quality materials. Don’t make it out as if you reall want to get at these girls like they should be pumping it on, we all know that whores like this don’t deserve a second chance Bangbus


Now let’s roll and not forget to bring all of the sluttiest chicks along with these babes who want to push it to the limit and ride your cock as if there is no problem going with them, let’s not ignore this because if we do we may actually miss out on the awesome material that is being offered up to us, seriously guys if you can just roll on with this then you shouldn’t be trying to push it at any time at all, in fact I think we all need to just roll it on and keep girls like this up in the game at all times, not thinking about the realities of their life but instead making full on dedication to fucking them as hard as they need to be done in order to love them.

Big Ass Adventure: Me and Patricia

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Were back in the game, and now that christmas is coming it is just going to be the cole train for you guys as heaps and heaps of free porn is going to be loaded onto you as if it was the coronation of (about) the one year anniversary of one of my favourite solo girls, I’m not messing with you guys this one really is hot and I think it is fair that she is on such a site as her own official one is now, I’m talking about Kristina Wood there but we are going much more hardcore than that and into the urban jungle for today’s main update which will surely take you by suprise when you lay it down like real gangsters and push these bitches up until their pussies can no longer withstand the cock-fucking you are giving these silly hoes. Oh yes it’s all about flying back to europe to catch the slut train with some of the latest updates on one of my favourite sites launched in the past couple of months – that oh so legendary Big Ass Adventure

Big Ass Adventure

Don’t make me slap you guys down when I hear groans of how hardcore this stuff is, because believe you me I will be feeding you guys some awesome stuff over the coming few weeks and I don’t want you all to feel left out when it comes to the dirtiest girls in the game laying it down using their mouths, pussy and even those tight asses which wiggle around so much and make you feel so damn good when you stick your cock inside there and let these bitches have it. I’m not even joking here people, so you all just need to get your roll on and stop messing before people get hurt by the large amount of sex going around here.

Big Mouthfuls: Spanish hot ASS

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Sorry for the recent lack of updates, but as we come up to christmas time I have to really start fulfilling my duties and getting in all of these ladies stockings to start filling them, if you know what I mean. If you don’t I am probably having sex with chicks you know right now and it shouldn’t even matter to you because instead of going 15 on 1 on these bitches, I am actually thinking about switching up the game and maybe going at it differently from now on, perhaps going for more chicks who appear on those kinky ass sites, you know what I am talking about, the girls who appear on stuff such as Transsexualz among others, those are the ones where you want to be at and I think we will have come on to them another day because I simply do not have time tonight to run through why I love them so damn much, instead tonight is all about bitches such as the one featured on Big Mouthfuls today.

Big Mouthfuls

She is shaking that thing like you know she could and I doubt any of you guys would be able to deny that kind of thing, really here people. It’s all about laying it down in the game and when you can’t do that you shouldn’t really be trying to get at it – instead you will be wanting to push up on these bitches as if they were professional hookers and then you could be slamming that ass every single day of the week. I know it doesn’t sound much but that is just the way it should be done, there are no doubts about it and I don’t want you guys to feel stupid when thinking about the possibilities that you could have whilst slamming these whores as if they were kingdom come bitches in the house.