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Brandi Belle: Poppin Some Cherries

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Now I know I have been lacking on the solo girl update front and that is definitely a bad thing, because if you haven’t seen me recently then it might just be because of the true gangster that I am that I can’t take any more of the game and I surely shouldn’t be in it if it is something I do not enjoy anymore. It was a means to an end, what can I say? and by meaning that then surely I should repent all of my sins and not worry about the game any more as I try to sort things out and gradually come back out of the depths from where I originally was. Dont’ get me wrong here people, I’m not trying to mess with you but when you do not listen to me then there is a problem and I will have to get somewhat rowdy with everyone who starts throwing shots out there claiming to be the best like maybe Sweet Adri, but who really cares about her when we are up in the game with someone different today, someone to appreciate and enjoy the videos of – the legendary Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Check out today’s episode for instance, it’s one of the better ones that I have had the pleasure of watching in recent times, so the guys behind the site decided it would be nice of them if they bumped it up a gear and let some of the members enjoy the fruits of labour that this girl deals out all day, so anyway they find some virgins who are anxious to get into the world of sex and of course let them have their way with our little black haired slut. She loves every minute of it and who could blame her with a body like that, which is why we are so deep in this right now that it is hard to come back out and bring all of you guys the material you are lusting for – the free picture galleries, well here they are and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Tugjobs: Paulina

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Coming up once more with the Footjobs that bring every single one of you guys the material full of such hotties using different parts of the body, hell I will shower every single one of you guys with things such as this and you will not even have to worry about material that isn’t raining down upon you. So the second of the third opportunities I am going to open up you guys today is those dirty bitches appearing on titjobs. Don’t be a fool and ignore these first two warnings about the pure awesomeness of the rocking porn they are frequently launching onto the awesome network of sites that are operated by the production companies. One of which is the bangbros who are eager to show you the latest episodes that they have been working on filming and you can see them all now updated over on Tugjobs


Don’t make me bust these little whores any more than they already have been by the guys with big cocks who are employed to fuck them all day, you just know that they do their jobs and it is understandable that once things like that have been laid down then you should get up in there and not stop the game. Either way I don’t have to worry about things such as that because I am a true gangster who ignores the game and just rolls on the way that I want to rather than pushing it out or caring about things the way that other people do them. So now I have to leave you guys with yourselves, but not before delivering a hot bunch of meat straight to your doorsteps and that is the vital truth right there, you have to know that.

Ass Parade: Las VegASS

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

We aren’t gonna get really crazy today, but I think if we looked towards the weatherman for a report on the kind of things that will be going on in the future of this site then we can definitely be on the forward look out for maybe some things such as Taylor Rain as she is frequently falling onto cocks in this area and I don’t think there is anyone out there who can say that they wouldn’t like to see a fully fledged high definition video of that happening to all of the producers of material like this, either way I think every single one of you guys are gonna try and make it all the way onto the internet in which there are a number of the meanest guys trying to get themselves filmed fucking their whores. Either way they are just trying to get their groove on and I can understand that so you won’t be barking up the wrong tree or maybe all of the sluts on today’s site will have to test your appetite for Ass Parade

Ass Parade

We are heading straight over there right now so I god damn hope that every single one of you guys is ready for this to be hitting you hard in the face as if nothing else were to be going on in the game at this current moment in time, as it currently is we are trying to get there and making all of the finest babes pushed up as they bounce up and down on us. Now don’t make me feel truly silly because I think if you are in the wild wild west like a true gangster such as me then maybe one day you will know how much effort is to always bring the updates on a heavy porn update sites such as this one right now, so until next time stay safe.

Street Ranger: Sexy Chica

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

I return within twenty-fours just like I promised and you didn’t have to make contact with things such as that, there’s no reasons for things such as that to ruin your fun and it’s the reason I am rolling all the time trying to find new homes for all of these hotties that like to fuck and are always running lose on huge download homepages such as Ztod. Today I woke up with a woman on my side and she was begging me to drop her episode on this brand new site which I believe you guys check out when it was first linked to but I haven’t dropped it again since and to honest i feel that is pretty much a crime due to the fact that the content on it is of such a high quality that I can’t even bare not showing you dudes some of the more recent updates that the bang brothers have been filming for their latest project Street Ranger

Street Ranger

I’m not sorry for delivering this kind of thing on time every week and I hope you guys don’t hold it against me because I am surely at the top of my game right now and you cannot blame me on this kind of stuff. We are all young and it’s only natural for us young people to want to find all of these sexy little ladies in the game with us hustlers and pimps who are always looking to film more videos of these sluts taking in the ass, pussy and hell even their faces just for the fun of it. You know I would go there and I think I might later in this week just to prove to every single one of you guys that it is totally possible and that anyone who isn’t doing it is obviously missing out on something awesome. Until tommorow, I’m out.

Big Wet Butts

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Another day another brand new site arriving on you guy’s computer in order to enjoy with the maximum amount of pleasure that will surely keep every single user on the edge of their seats in order to pump these bitches until they plead with you to give them a draft. Either way I think I recognise one hot chick who goes by the name of something like Samantha Gauge on her solo girl site but you never know what those naughty little teenagers get up to when they are not being watched by those who are in charge of them/have responsibility over them. I think it is definitely time for me to roll up on these bitches and start laying my mack down because otherwise I may be forced to act when brand new sites keep popping up and they are not as high quality as some of the others I have delivered to you dudes in the past. So don’t hate, just appreciate and check out the new previews from Big Wet Butts

Big Wet Butts

There is nothing better than this stuff arriving straight to your desktop rather than having to go searching for it and if you aren’t already making use of this awesome feature then you probably should go ahead and check it out by browsing on over the the tab on this shit which offers you something called an RSS (really simple syndication) feed and allows you to download it straight into a reader on your computer, your email browser or maybe even just your straight out internet explorer in order for you to be able to see the updates I have made while you have been away or maybe while your computer has been off. Until tommorow, I leave you guys in the capable hands of these lovely ladies.

Butts and Blacks

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

One more brand new site for you guys to enjoy today, after a hard week of pumping that I am sure you will love due to the huge amount of high quality content that exists inside of their members area, I don’t think I have seen anything on this level before now except maybe some of the other sites that are ran by this company who originally created these sites sites including Busty and Real and a few of the others that I am a fan of. It’s all about the sexy babes who love to get fucked by different guys from different continents and I am definitely not the only one who would want to see that kind of material. In fact if you don’t believe me on this kind of thing I am looking for on the front of good material would all be included on the kind of site we want to see over there on my favourite kind of sites like Butts and Blacks

Butts and Blacks

Now don’t make me feel silly about bringing you guys this much quality adult material in one single week, because I will keep doing it for the rest of the year and you cannot doubt that I will live up to my promise as I always do. Now don’t be silly here people, things aren’t like that and I think sooner or later we will start to see the industry getting bigger with every such as me or you getting up in there and keeping our limits down into the problem areas of the website game. Now it is time for you to enjoy these ladies getting their tight little pussies licked as well as everyone else loving the free picture galleries that are there.

Doctor Adventures

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Sexy doctors is a niche I don’t think I have ever really fully explored and this is most definitely a shame because I think there is so much more to offer them as they always have the material that keeps all of us guys happy for watching them. That’s what it is all about and I think we will be seeing more niche activites such as the ones that I brought to you about a week ago Titjobs, however this is not what I have come to show you guys today – instead we are going full into the grind with dirty bitches that have really good careers and enjoy their lives, but the problem is that their hard lives don’t allow them to get in there with that many men so they have to have sex with the male patients who come in to their office and provide them with unlimited pleasure. That makes their life perfect and of course the guys with the camera do a perfect job so we can all feel like we are right there with them in the action on Doctor Adventures

Doctor Adventures

If you want to see more of this kind of material and you are not knowing where to find it then you should just stop because I am going to have you guys hooked up with the bomb material in these free picture galleries that will surely keep you occupied for a number of hours seeing the high quality of these pornographic picture and video sets. That’s what I am all about and I don’t think any of you would argue with how good these things have turned out, that’s what I am here for and I would think that more support would grow once the galleries have been seen by just about everyone in the game and respected for their originality as well as the pure amount of sexy exclusive girls who lay their pussies down to film these top notch videos, until tommorow I am out, but enjoy this dose.

Hot Chicks Big Asses

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

I am here once again today, and I am with four of the most famous ebony studs in the industry, one of which goes by the name of Matt Packer and is quite often found slamming those hotties who are frequently appearing on one of my favourite other sites in a different niche – the good old collection of Transsexualz. Now if that isn’t enough, there’s a brand new site for every single one of you guys to enjoy today as I have been working hard to supply each and every single one of the guys who pump this material out onto the net every single week of the year. Now don’t get it confused if you think that there are hard materials trying to keep you out. Here’s the name of the new site and the only thing that I can recommend you guys to do is to keep every single one of these free previews up with fast download speeds that are always appreciated in the land of hardcore pornography on sites such as Hot Chicks Big Asses

Hot Chicks Big Asses

Some of this kind of porn may end up on the net on some collections of DVDs full of high quality or high definition pornography that frequently is uploaded to websites such as ztod. Now I have to leave but don’t think that I would leave you along with these cherry plump asses that are wriggling in the wind and trying to keep every single one of you guys supplied with the pussy that you need in order to get off and enjoy the material that arrives. Don’t drop the ball on this and you will soon realise the kind of problems that might exist in the full movie downloads as well many of the previews we all enjoy every single area in the world. Now I will return tommorow and update with more of that, keep up with that and you will soon see another shoot load of cum.

Monsters of Cock: Love at first Monster

Friday, January 19th, 2007

After a reign of terror from sites that maybe a lot of you guys couldn’t feel the vibe from, I bet you know what I mean if I were to mention perhaps a site by the name of Ladyboy Crush but that is all in the past now and it definitely will not be coming back for a while because you know what I am doing at the moment? evidently I am preparing a brand new update for this site which will surely keep every single one of you guys very happy at the kind of material you are seeing for another 24 hours in which (kinda like that dude Keifer Sutherland) I have the time to go out and find more pornography with which to update this site. Either way it is a win-win situation for you guys and I hope you don’t get too angsty about it as it may end up breaking down some way that you wouldn’t want it to and of course that would be a bad thing. Don’t mess around guys and I will be seeing you all tommorow thanks to Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Now what were we saying about the sheer amount of exclusive girls that this site seems to be bagging since they have upped their game, it’s truly amazing and I definitely think that the standard is only going to improve over the next few months as they continue making stuff happen and keeping it real with every single of the girls who you don’t want to see shaking that thing. Don’t leave it like that and I will see you guys tommorow with even more of a treat than that of which I have given you before, this stuff is center page news and it will not simply go away like a lot of people in the game today want it to. Either way, here is today’s update and treat it well, or you might just end up the same.

Big Mouthfuls: Rachels First Time

Friday, January 19th, 2007

Stuff on this site has been going wild recently, I have been so inundated with emails for all of you guys that I barely know what to do due to the huge amount of mail that is arriving here every single day of the week about the sensation that I think I have started when I began referring to the new breed of sites such as Bustyz and all of the related sites from that kind of thing. If you don’t think I am being truthful then maybe you need a lesson in the game because I am right up there and don’t think I am going to be coming down anytime soon as this stuff is right here to stay and will never go away no matter how much the people who don’t want us up in the game allowing this to continuously go at the things which every single one of us. That’s not what we are focusing on today however, you are going to love the new girl who they have filmed for Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

Isn’t she amazingly beautiful? you know if you were going out with that you would want to be hitting it at least 40 times a week and that would never stop. Sadly I think she is the kind of girl who would love you and leave you and although I personally wouldn’t midn that it would probably bother a lot of guys who have dedication to the chicks that they are fucking. Don’t be fronting and trying to say you wouldn’t like to see more of this kind of material because I know every single one of you would want it and you would never stop once you got it up in the game – so I will bring you another episode of this when I can, but it’s for sure that you will be kept happy by this kind of stuff in the meantime, I can make sure of that.