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Tugjobs: Beach Handjob

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Don’t get yourself in a twist when I am sometimes late as it comes into the part of the world where we require more content at a higher rate of quality than a lot of it has been being filmed in the past, and that is no joke. In fact I think I am truly laying it down for every single one of you guys as I hunt every day of the year in order to find stuff that is the complete opposite of something such as Blacks on Boys, nah we aren’t interested in things like that and that is why you have to believe that all of the links you will see from now on provide high quality content for a value price that means no-one has to worry about sluts rolling up on them. Now it’s time for the link and I am judging from the glimpse you have of the picture that you already know it is probably Tugjobs


This site now updates all of their stuff in full high definition which is something that is quite spectacular when you think about the sheer amount of storage that kind of material takes up when they are updating three times every week, who would think that girls like this make every single one of the hottest sluts from every one of the hottest areas throughout miami and hell even across America. It’s all about that when I bring this to you under the guise of a new piece of video awesomeness to enjoy, that’s for sure. Either way it’s going down right about now so I hope you are all ready to see the free preview galleries that they have made available for all of us.

Big Mouthfuls: British Mouthful

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

It’s as if we have gone back in time today, to when girls were a lot more amateur and weren’t trying to be whorish and one of the first girls who comes to mind when I think of amateur chicks rather than sluts is obviously a much forgotten girl who goes by the name of Andi Pink. She certainly is a hottie and I think sometime in the future we will be seeing more girls like this coming up in the game and transpiring from appearing in more softcore shoots to the way every single one of us wants to see it in future years which is most definitely going with big dicks inside of every one of their slutty holes, I am talking about their mouths, pussies and asses – focusing on the oral side of things today will surely excite you guys and if you can’t feel that then surely you will be wanting to touch all of the hotties who are getting up in your face on today’s episode of Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

The game is soon going to belong to girls like this who really want to lay it down the only way they know how and that is exactly what you need to see in the kind of areas where hotties frequent and are looking to get laid every single day of the week. Now there should be no problems with things like this because soon we will want to be pumping girls like this full of cum and that is why you want to throw it all up enjoying the exclusive videos and just about everything else that is on the output list of sites like this, either way I am now gonna lay back and enjoy my piece of the action while waiting for every single one of you guys to get up in the game and start throwing it down incase of problems arising that might not make us feel very good, so I’ll see you guys tommorow.

Milf Lessons: Demi & Friends

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

It’s all about riding with the mature women who have style and class and the ones that don’t really think about the problems that they may encounter when they are trying to find younger guys to gangbang up in the clubs where all of the women that hang around in certain age groups such as this like to do. Today’s update is quality because it isn’t filmed in a high quality and glossy (you will know more about that soon) like some of the sites I have brought in the past for example Diary of a Milf, instead it is gritty and based in reality because you know the guys have been up in the club laying the pipe down like they should, there is no other way for it to have been played and that is why this site is becoming easily one of the most popular sites in the entire niche right now thanks to the high powered sluts that come in from every angle to try and get in their on the next episode of Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

Would you want to see more of this if you had the ability? I know for sure that the kind of things people around the world are wanting to see right now is material like this and there is a reason for that, it’s because there is no game landing this way right now other than the one which is on top – this one. If you can’t digg that then maybe you should jump out the whip while it’s still moving and then try to get all the hoes who are frequently trying to ask the questions required to get into her panties, either way enjoy this hot mommies today and don’t think about any of the other issues in the world, they aren’t important and that’s a fact.

Big Mouthfuls: Niki

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

I had to ask the other day where everyone was at if they wanted to enjoy the hot porn that was coming through in order for every single one of us to lay it down the way it should have been going, don’t get me wrong here people I am thinking the same as you when we all put up there and try to hold these girls down without worrying about other problems, instead we want to get girls who are brunette and have amazing bubble butts like the one you are seeing on your screens right now, so don’t try and front on me when you see updates that are always going indepth on sites such as Big Ass Adventure because they are the ones that are churning the highest quality content out right now, and that’s exactly the way it should be until you hold it under your belt and don’t think about all the problems that make you want to get up there and see the latest video exploits on Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

Look at her deepthroat that cock with ease, now that is a skill that it takes many years to master and I think this babe is only just becoming one of the best in the game at doing it, hell she will top the charts for many years to come if she keeps it up with the amount of spinning of cocks that is going on in every single one of the videos they keep on updating every week on sites such as this, the networks are getting so huge that you have to recognise they are becoming almost unstoppable in the quest for more hardcore porn all the time. I think it is about time for us to rebel and keep all of these girls trying to get up on us without realising the problems that exist in today’s world.

Monsters of Cock: Asian Braces

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Just walk away if you can’t compete with the sheer amount of pornography that is being uploaded to these sites nowdays, because there is nothing like selling every single one of these episodes to whores who want to see themselves working those naked bodies on videos, the chicks is what it’s all about and when you see them dancing around and waiting for these chicks to take it real hard is why it is all worthwhile at the end of time. I think a lot of people are probably checking for huge DVD archive sites, maybe like ztod nowdays but obviously there is still a market available for the more exclusive and intimately shot stuff featuring dirty whores that every single one of us love to watch and observe as they shake those asses and make us feel good for observing them do so. Either way today we are all going to be watching the new episodes uploaded to Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

This asian chick they have featured today is a prime example of why there are so many people visiting this site in the first place, hell I would be if I could check out dirty whores like this every single day of the year. She comes from a Japanese mixed with Chinese background and was brought up very strict which means that when it comes to the bedroom she is an absolute beast who craves being fucked so damn hard that she can’t even feel her own pussy anymore, that’s why I am such a fan and I hope you don’t have a problem with the kind of games I am laying down for you guys.

Bangbus: Squirting Flower Power

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

If you don’t care about the kind of things that are happening in the porn world at the moment then you deserve to be sentenced as such because these girls will never lay it down the way you want to see it and even if they did then you would be dealing with trouble thanks to everyone else in the area attempting to become a ho on video, maybe like that dirty little chick Brandi Belle or perhaps some of her friends, whatever it is I sure don’t care and if you are beefing with me over that then perhaps you need to get a new perspective because I am just here to get my hustle on and make sure that none of you guys affect the game negatively, as if anyone would want it like that would annoy me and I hope you guys don’t all try to jump in the net and throw things up like that because it would be a crying shame to see all the content uploaded to today’s episode on Bangbus


Don’t give me a show if you aren’t into laying it down the way all of us used to be, I’m not about that and I know you guys aren’t either, so don’t fool each other into thinking that there is no way in hell either me or you would try and get up in the game with these hoes and stomp them down, that would be foolish and I wouldn’t even try to attempt it and get you guys catching heat from the industry, instead I am just going to lay down some awesome previews of hot pornography for you guys to enjoy and then you will not have to deal with these problems, instead you can keep all the hotties up with you and freak them yourselves.

Asha Kumara

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

I know you guys probably think that I have been too deep in the game recently and not paying enough attention to things such as niches that maybe would have been better chosen, something that comes to mind straight way would be Titjobs. I think we should all see the game going up due to more ethnic sites like this becoming hugely popular with audiences across the world now that the internet isn’t solely dominated by american users, in fact it will soon be outpaced by other countries which is in some ways a bad thing to know but in other ways it is completely good to see what should be up in porn sites of the future. Either way I recommend that both the girls who browse this site looking for modelling opportunities as well as other pimps should go and get themselves a password to Asha Kumara

Asha Kumara

I am a boss when it comes to choosing what kind of material is going to show up next on this site and it is why I must keep control of the hoes who bother me every single day of the week and try to get a rise, instead I just want to keep it on the floor and grinding unlike many other people who claim that they are doing it big and instead just laying about and not throwing out the shots that they should be. Either way it’s all about that and sooner rather than later you guys will be knowing the problem with porn if sites like this don’t blow up just the way they should, until then enjoy this indian girl posing for you and treat her nicely.

Milf Lessons: Eager Beaver

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Everyone wants to see today’s update in the latest era of porn that is keeping you all up to date and for no other reason than this I think a lot of you guys who are going to be logging onto tons of different sites in order to see videos then you will be a fan of the girls who just continue having American Daydreams until they can’t take it anymore and want a piece of the real thing, hot man meat shoved inside those tight little pussies of theirs. To be honest who can blame them, I certainly can’t because these women have been up in the game for a number of years and not cared about the kind of treatment they have been getting and now finally they can get it all back to enjoy thanks to the dudes that film the videos you frequently see on sites such as the one we are talking about today, the infamous Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

It’s all about these dirty girls getting slammed and that is exactly the way I want to see this going down in the future because if you can’t let yourself down into the flow that will lay every single one of you dudes going out there. Don’t think silly like that guys, we all know to go with the flow and try and keep these girls running up into the problems that exist in every day life for me and you and the kind of people who we just do not want to deal with. Now to say that I shouldn’t have to deal with you guys would be silly, but don’t make me feel like a fool when I lay it on the line for that pussy.

2 in the Stink

Monday, February 12th, 2007

It’s all about this today, a niche I haven’t brought to you guys in a long time and one that I am sure you will enjoy once you see the range of content that is on offer thanks to the dudes over there in the game. Now don’t make me feel bad about life, I’m not all on that nor am I a Street Ranger but I do keep my hustle on and try not to get involved in other people’s business. That being said it is now the time for every single one of us to work towards getting our roll on in terms of business and I am not being stupid about that, what I am saying is don’t put your motherfucking hoes on the game if they can’t handle the insane amount of things that are going to happen to them while they are up in the house of death. It’s all about that and you all should see that in the coming days as you enjoy the videos that are available on 2 in the stink

2 in the Stink

Their asses are getting busted as you most probably can see due to their amazing asses that love to bounce around with the girls who get fucked on video, it’s all about that and the game agrees with my policies. Here’s the free picture galleries that you have been waiting for every single day of the week since I have got a bit sluggish due to new developments coming out soon that will hopefully blow just about every single person in the game up. Individually I will let you guys in on a secret, so soon you want to lay this down and get every single one of you guys throwing up the sign of porn access. See you tommorow guys, don’t throw it away.

Ball Honeys: Beach Riders

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

If you think I am joking about being one of the nightriders who comes through your city looking for hoes to fuck then you are probably damn right because I am only joking about that, I’m not fully up on the game yet and I am having to adjust with all of the game giving that is going on amongst you gangsters. Don’t feel silly when I lay it down on you because if you do then soon some thing we all know is going to go on – you might find out my daughters fucking a black dude or something just as equally shocking. Don’t get me wrong here people, I’m not all up in the game or trying to care too much I just want to show off my rocks to the world and this is the completely right out there in the game right now, so I want each and every one of you to enjoy today’s update from Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Don’t get getting all uppity and thinking things might not be going your way today because I exclusively got this content to make every single one of you guys happy about the porn that is being delivered to your doorsteps every single day of the week thanks to the frogsporn crew who work under the cover of darkness in order to get this done. That’s exactly the way it should go and finally we might be moving somewhere productive with this girl and soon we can get pumping on their pussies, it’s all rated over eighteens only right here but then why should that stop us, we are gangstas.