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Monsters of Cock: Leighlani Red

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Yet another update on the weekend, something that you might not have been expecting thanks to the lack of updates that a lot of pornsites get nowdays, I mean there is no way that girls can cling on to their fame for this long and a lot of the other cats in the game get bored with the way it is going, can you blame them if all they are looking at is girls who never put out and just want to get famous off showing an ass or two on a softcore solo site dedicated to solely them, instead we need to remember the Pornstar Classics where newly turned-18 girls weren’t allowed to get away with being little poppets because there was no web and no-one was going to buy a video of a girl just moping around an occasionally taking her top or her skirt off, those girls had to take two cocks in their ass and pussies and they didn’t complain – instead they loved every minute of it which is why they have cemented their legend amongst the rest of the game. That’s exactly what sites like the one I am showing you today are bringing back into fashion nowdays, they don’t care about the issues that might exist with these girls being seen by friends or families that might recognise them and be shocked that the fact small town country girls are heading out to the city and then getting fucked hard on camera for websites much like Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Stand up proud if you enjoy watching movies like this because over the past few years there has been a growing trend of people not really standing up for their enjoyment of porn and instead haven’t been doing anything when the media and other places attack it for being ‘degrading’ and not really empowering women. In reality these girls are gaining fame and money by appearing in the videos and men across the world cue up to get glimpse of them at expos and other shows which makes them some of the happiest girls around, there is nothing wrong with that in my eyes and a lot of the huge pornstars in the business right now would definitely agree with me – I’m talking about Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Gauge and even the recently retired Taylor Rain. They all love it and would do it even if they weren’t being paid – that is their love of making hardcore movies that the entire world can not only view in single mode but can also enjoy in movie stores thanks to DVD contracts and a number of other things that are expanding the market nowdays.

Bangbus: Spring Break Fun

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Back in the game to quote the Cole Train is how I am doing this weekend and that should be no excuse for you guys to just lay down and take it as is, because frankly there are hot bitches who are looking for a fucking and there is no time better than the present thanks to the fact that it is spring break as well as Mardi Gras if you are down near New Orleans in the next few weeks because there will be tons of hot girls there getting drunk and horny and looking for guys to have sex, I even heard a rumour that there might be an appearance from the now legendary Liz Vicious, who has only had her site up for a number of months, but people don’t even care about that. The guys from the legendary Bang Bros are already in the area and they are using their cash reserves in order to approach these dirty bitches with offers that they just flat out cannot refuse, I mean if you were a girl like this who needed the money that badly then I don’t think there are limits on what you would do in front of the camera in order to earn it and that is what I am talking about as a professional. Either way there should be some interesting developments if you watch this site over the next few weeks as they will be adding every single one of the girls that they fucked while out there onto the legendary home of the Bangbus


You don’t have to relax and wait for the next episode to filter across internet sites until you eventually find it thanks to me, I am always out there with my finger on the pulse hunting out the latest pussy that is being uploaded to the net every single day of the week and there is no problems with that across the entire net with anyone I have spoken to that has checked out the kind of websites you guys might prefer, and I’m not talking about the niche stuff such as Ladyboy Crush, I mean the hardcore material featuring some major hotties that no-one can match when it comes to doing their thing in front of the video camera, I mean these girls are skilled professionals with bodies to match and I just plain don’t think that anyone out there is going to see the market staying stagnant instead of upgrading to another great level that we have been anticipating for years. Not only will high definition usher in a new era of ultra chicks because they actually have to look great in front of the camera in order to get a job, but it will make the watching experience a lot better, so until tommorow, just chill out.

Tugjobs: Eva Angelina

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Yet another update for today and we are venturing into the latin quarter, a bit like the bacardi adverts, simply because I think that you and me both know when chicks are featured this heavily in tons of different ways that they are something special that should not be ignored by the general public, in fact I definitely think this girl is going to be a big hit in the future if she keeps up the way she is going in the rise in fame she has got going on right now, I mean there’s no problem with staying low key and not looking for some fun but if you can’t feel the way that other people are doing it then there are issues, none of which are present for a girl as hot and spicy as Eva Angelina, who just happened by pure coincidence (in all honesty) to be in the update list for today, and not to be one to ruin the fun we decided straight away that this was perfect and there would be nothing better than seeing this hottie perform in all her glory, little did we know that it wasn’t going to be a normal perfomance but any stretch of the imagination – instead of doing it indoors she will be messing around in public and not care anyone else who might catch a glimpse of what she is up to in the way of sex. Either way it’s all brand new and it has been added to the great site that we know as Tugjobs


Now i think it is pretty obvious to even you guys that when a girl strips off the street and does her thing with no regard as to who oculd be watching her that it is definitely a good thing, there is no problems with this and I think it will become more popular in the future as girls flow into the game and try to make themselves a personality within the video market, both on and off the internet – I mean there is still a huge market for videos of this type, just maybe not as much as there once was back in the day and that is pretty frankly dissapointing because it means there are less real world points of sale for us guys to go and visit when were are looking for chicks to hookup with and have a good time after finding them in an adult shop or another place where you know that they then might be interested in doing some kinky and naughty things once you have wined and dined them and got them back to your place. Either way I can guarantee that today’s update is one of the highest quality you have ever seen and if you aren’t feeling this then surely there are issues to fix.

Ball Honeys: Double Asian Love

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Today I am sick of going into the solo model sector, in fact I think it is definitely time we got out of that and start putting down the law that a lot of these dirty chicks need to start getting more hardcore, they need to put up or shut up with the hot coochie that is on the internet for everyone to see and save to their own computers. Either way I think you can probably tell I am talking about chicks like Kari Sweets and the hoes that she hangs out with when she is up in the club getting a bit crazy – now there is nothing wrong with that but I think things need a little variation once in a while and I think I was telling you guys this yesterday, so instead of just standing around and talking about it, I am going to act on what I am saying and show you guys something a little exotic today – two japanese chicks that are just looking to get fucked hard, they are hotter than the korean and chinese girls that appear on pornsites because they used to be models and I definitely think that all of you guys will appreciate the look of them once you see it – it’s todays update and it is courtesy of Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

They have been educated in the east but when they come over to america these girls still have the vital statistics that make them so appealing to all of the porn fans across the world, they really do know how to work those petite little bodies that they have been gifted and who can blame them? these girls earn tons of money as models back home in Japan and the only reason they came to the US wasn’t for the money or the experience, it was for the fame of being dirty whores on video – much like their big name counterparts such as Maisiumi Max and Asia Carrerra, girls like that have made a huge market for themselves and there are tons of asian babes trying to get up in the business with huge name studios like Playboy, Hustler and a few others. Either way I am booking the first Air Japan flight over there in order to find myself some of those hot asian coochie and fuck it hard while they are still horny and looking for someone to go up into them and pump those pussies.

Summertime Milf: Lunch and then Dessert

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Now I am heading into the mature market once again on this tuesday, and the reason for that is primarily because I have been getting pretty confused about what day of the week it is recently and I think it is because my mind is thinking I am older than I am now finding all of these teen porn chicks so hot that I have been bringing them exclusively to you rather than some variety, which is know is an important part of life. So instead we are going to be reading through the secret Diary of a Milf and bringing you some of her most dirty extracts, which just happened to be caught on video (and were not talking stupid cell phone camera resolution here in which you can barely see anything, this is full quality HD resolution and you guys will love it). She loves having sex with younger guys that she meets on the internet, and once again those dirty bang bros. came along and offered her own site in which she can organise hookups with these guys without the problems that you often get regarding people organising meetups and then not actually showing up and all kinds of stuff like that. So instead she now puts all of her adventures online and often invites new members to come out on a ‘date’ with her, which always ends up in sex and ends up the feature of the week on Summertime Milf

Summertime Milf

This woman is bonafide and she will never mess with you if you are going at it from behind (in either her pussy or that tight little ass of hers) or the front (you know what we are talking about). No one sits back and lets you take it like that except this hottie, she loves that booty of hers to be shaken about while she is getting fucked and it gets her tons of respect on the porn video networks where everyone is looking for the best talent to come out and make it all work the way you see these hoochie mamas in rap videos work it. Who really cares about that though, if you can get a girl then why should anyone really want to fuck up your game and try to take her from you, especially if she is one fine ass bitch that can give head like the one you are about to see in three seperate preview clips which are all damn hot in their own right, that’s for sure. Either way, I once again must leave you all until tommorow, when you enjoy my company once more.

Big Tits Round Asses: Double the Pleasure

Monday, March 26th, 2007

You know we are back up in the game with me and today we are looking through ever more increasing quality porn sites that will make you feel like nothing else in the world, I can promise you that. It’s not even as if we are trying to put you down here guys, but I can assure you that when you feel this material ripping through you and making you feel good then you will definitely know that something is up with all of the guys who hang out in the ghetto, but then why should be commenting once we have our own copies of the Milf Porn Pass to play with, I mean there is no problem with it sure but can’t a player get his own way once in a while and be able to fuck girls who are curvy instead of the usual stick thin way that they come nowdays. Don’t get me wrong I mean I am huge fan of these skinny girls who get implants and all that but why do they have to go around shaking that ass as if they are something when all we want to see is them getting blasted with a huge cock in their dirty little faces – there is nothing better than that and it is why I decided to bring you guys a brand new update today featuring some of the finest Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses

Double the pleasure is the episode title today, and I think there are two ways that you can take that sentence. Literally, meaning there are two girls to be there getting fucked once more, or figuratively speaking which is where we might just be making a reference to these babes taking it so hard that you don’t even know what hit you. Quite literally you could be seeing some ghetto monsters who want to jump up on your dick and make their booty shake as they ride you like a buckaroo. It’s all about that hot sex with me and if you can’t feel it then you surely can’t join the clique of hot dudes who lay every single one of us out on the floor and let us get a taste of their pussies, I mean it’s where that is that counts and when you see these little chicks come up to you and ask you whats up then you need to roll up and give them a taste of the hot banging that will frequently be a part of their lives in the future. Now I am off to find more dirty sluts for you guys, so until tommorow relax some more and I will once again enjoy your company in the future.

Ass Parade: Taking a Hike

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

A bit later than the past couple of days, but at least I made it and I am now here to update you guys with more porn that ever before, if you thought that wasn’t possible then you need to get your act together because it is about to become a reality, and today were aren’t out filming on beaches or anything so glamourous, we are hiding in forests and making sure that just about every girl who comes along can feel what we are doing. There’s two chicks on today’s update as ever, and I think I know why you guys can feel that if you don’t know already – it means we have some exciting video and picture previews to come in the next couple of minutes as you read through this high quality material. It’s even out in the wilderness where I am sure I recognise a few of the surrounding features from the video shoots featuring girls like Melissa Midwest, but she isn’t on today’s menu and you will have to wait on that one a little longer. Instead today we are getting hardcore like a lot of the times in the past and there is no reason for that to be a bad thing, instead we are going to roll up on you sluts and pump them full of sperm thanks to them inviting us in with those hot little asses that were getting wiggled about in HD on Ass Parade this week

Ass Parade

If you want a piece of this action, it’s not as hard as you think to get involved, all you gotta do is have game (and by that I don’t mean Xbox 360 or any other kind of video game, you have to have the balls to walk up to a chick and try and pull her out of nowhere), once you have this and the confidence required then you will surely be up on the game requiring nothing other than girls to come near you in order to be able to pick them up and get them in the back seat of your car with you. After this it is only a small stop to getting them in bed and on video, and to be honest I think every single one of us wants to see material such as that every day of the year all the time, so you can’t blame people when they start to wild out thinking that more of it is on it’s way to their computer desktops and such. Anyway, I’ve now gotta fly as I have a hot date that you guys probably already have heard about, so until tommorow just enjoy this update and save all of the free porn I have provided you with.

Big Mouthfuls: Jessie

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Yet another weekend update, something that I had trouble doing last week because I was out recruiting more of these whores to appear in exclusive videos in the future, it really doesn’t matter who it is as long as she has a hot face and a nice round ass and she will be getting picked up by us in order to appear here looking good. It’s not good enough to see the high definition porn working in slow motion nowdays, consumers want to see the hard goods (like some of those fucking Banged Babysitters, who don’t even know what they are going to get when they are offered some cash in order to appear in an ‘adult movie’) and it’s all about the content nowdays. Back in the day it was about the different game where people could manipulate the girls to try and get dudes interested in low quality videos, but that isn’t what the Bang Bros and their people are about. Their game is on point and they give you an example of this every single day of the week when they update the huge network of their sites that you get access to when you initially sign up to a hot website such as Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

Don’t be hard headed in trying to find a bargain or a free password for some of these sites, because I can certainly agree that it wouldn’t be worth your time and instead you will want a legitimate access pass that won’t ever become inactive and mean that you have to find a different kind of method in order to view the content. Hell it’s cheap enough, we all enjoy this kind of thing and when you get in there and start seeing the pure amount of video content that there is inside the members area then you will become a fan of this kind of stuff for sure, everyone will be screwing with you and not want to even know how you hadn’t worked out that all the good smut was being uploaded to the net years ago. Anyway, time to find new girls in order to love this Frogsporn shit for many years to come.

Brandi Belle: Knight in Shining Armor

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

When you see this girl move in slow motion once more, I think you will know exactly where I am at with today’s episode, because it is definitely something that millions people across the world will be hitting us up to catch a glimpse of, quite literally. Everyone has wanted the teen starlets that I am updating you guys on today since they made their debut on the internet, but when they are appearing in exclusive volumes such as this then why should we really care about that. To be honest, all of the dirtiest sluts around want to play with us and when we roll there is no stopping us and the hot softcore sluts like Sweet Adri getting their thing on when they come from the midwest, but then that shouldn’t really matter because soon we will be focusing on someone different who is radically hotter and definitely will make all of you guys feel good about pimping in the game once more and getting your dick in a mess led by one of the sluts of the century who I don’t think will ever stop going through men as if they are nothing at the site which is the surrogate home to the bitch known as Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Dollar after dollar comes and now that this little amateur has had her way with the king of chicks, Ramon, I think we all know that a lot more fun will be coming on in the next few months as she makes us all feel real good in the way that all of her videos are now being upgraded to HD (which is high definition for all of you out there who didn’t know that, it basically means the video is ultra high quality). No one really cares about that though if we are being totally honest with you and when stunning girls come out like this and get in trouble I don’t think there is anyone in the world who would deny her some friendly treatment in order to get into those hot little panties of hers which would definitely be a good luck for any dude who is trying to get it on. There’s no other way to say it and that is why every single one of you should throw up respect to the guys who get a piece of this, because they are the players in the game, until tommorow, stay safe.

Dream Kelly: High Definition

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

After a long time away from the game that was not caused through any fault of my own, I have returned triumphantly for you guys to appreciate the brand new stuff that is coming out in the next few weeks from me. I don’t want to feel stupid but I hope you all know that it’s not going to be like the last time I went on one of these appropriately name splurges, and you guys aren’t going to be force fed material such as the Transsexualz crew would like you to be, instead we are going to go all the way and pump these bitches up while not even caring about the colours of their skin on any of the other parties involved in getting it jumping. Instead it’s a bit of the blonde softcore that every single one of you guys love and after the jump (in which you get one of the biggest previews I have brought you yes thanks to the high amount of pixels that are present in this beastly image set) of that darling who has been through a number of different sites but then should we really care about that if she is as hot as Dream Kelly

Dream Kelly

The news that I was holding back from you guys is perhaps the most interesting thing of the millenium, the news that not only is this site fully updated every single week of the year but it has now become one of the very few sites on the net to be completely shot in high-definition video, which means there will be no loss of quality if you blow up the video and pictures that you download to your huge plasma TV, your projector or anything. All of this blonde babe’s glory is here for you to see and I don’t there is anyone out there that can doubt that now, because it is one of the most professional ways of doing things that exists in today’s marketplace, but don’t listen to me – see it for yourselves when you log into high quality gaming sessions such as the one that goes down with these sluts when you are trying to pull their hot little asses.