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Big Tits at Work

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Now the new week has begun there is a pretty big buzz worldwide that the Gumball 3000 rally has begun and a huge amount of flash cars will be taking part this year, going through a large amount of countries that should be a lot of fun for those guys and it will certainly bring out a lot of the hottest girls in the modelling industry in order to provide some great photos for all the fans – the one problem with this is that the mainstream modelling world has a lot of plastic chicks rather than the ones you want to be seeing, who are Busty and Real and can be found on a ton of websites because they know that being popular in magazines and with the mainstream media isn’t the way they want to be going because the best place they will end up from that by making their name is the cover of FHM or another men’s magazine like that, when they want to be as big as the hugest names in the industry like Jenna and Briana who really lay it down across the world with millions of people per month searching for their material and trying to find new videos featuring with them, even though they are famous enough to not have to make any more. Today’s site is slightly different to that but I think you will still enjoy it, it’s a pretty high quality content feast and that’s why you should all be on the lookout for the new updates every week at Big Tits at Work

Big Tits at Work

Now the premise of this site is pretty simple, the videos and scenes are set up to focus on sometimes fictional and sometimes real office blocks that are pretty typical of society except there is no political correctness and the male employees can pretty much do what they want – say a chick is getting a file from a cabinet and one of the dudes from the company decides to smack that tight ass of hers as she is walking past, the most this lady will do is let out of a little giggle or a scream of pleasure because they know their place and deep down inside they are true nymphomaniacs that love the sex they get. These offices frequently have huge gangbangs featuring the boss and a ton of hot women who work there but don’t even care that he is married, instead they are just playing up for the cameras and they love to see the way it goes when they are riding that hard dick and feeling like true professionals. Either way it’s definitely a site you guys need to see, and if you can’t believe that then you need to get your head checked, tommorow with be another huge dose of it so get ready for it.

Diary of a Nanny

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Today is the day I have been promising you guys was coming for quite a while now and I think you should be able to understand it already, it’s where we see the brand new exclusive website that has been in production for over a year and has got some of the finest amateur girls as well as huge names from the porn world, well what else would you expect from the creators of sites such as Diary of a Milf. They are now world famous for doing things right and it has taken them to the top of the industry by not producing scenes which are grimey and feature girls in smeared make up or in gonzo scenes (if you don’t know what gonzo porn is, it’s where the guy and the girl don’t ignore the camera and even act up for it – usually in some hardcore sites and magazines you will see this kinda stuff), instead all of this is realistic but not shot with a commentary and instead it really feels all american and natural. Especially when you see some of the cuties that they manage to recruit when they go out to the agencies as well as the clubs and universities in search of cute and natural looking over eighteen chicks who might be interested in doing some modelling for classy websites like this. Needless to say to find content for their new site wasn’t hard, and you can see it at Diary of a Nanny

Diary of a Nanny

I think the girl in the actual preview today is one of the dirtiest chicks around and trust me that was a surprise to me as well because as soon as I saw this site I was thinking of frigid girls who would rather do softcore videos and there was no way that when I got into the members area I thought there was going to be as much hardcore as there is. Every single one of these teens is a total nymphomaniac and they have an unsatiable craving for the big dicks, which is certainly what they get served with once they show off their cute and tight asses out of their clothes (which have to be commented on as well, because some of them might not be called clothes, these dirty bitches are wearing skirts shorter than some peoples belts and they just love the goodies to be on display to every man who might be passing). There’s nothing like this in the world and it has kinda inspired me in order to go and find another exclusive site to uncovered and be the first to bring to you guys tommorow as well, so if you are feeling good about it then just holla at me and I will see you guys soon. Stay safe.

Ball Honeys: California Double

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Now I know you guys might have been excited at the prospect of being delivered some brand new stuff today, but I am afraid that is going to have to wait for reasons beyond my control, and there’s no problems with that because if you think of what will arrive then it will definitely hark back to the old days where I would throw you guys, say ztod one day and then the next you would be inundated with stuff such as Alison Angel and that is some sequential stuff that most people would kill to have on their systems. In fact I think there isn’t much better than seeing all of that going together to make a fine equation of booty and video tapes that would make just about any man question why he is not a member of the site, or at least try and get himself a piece of it when he next pops up to view it all. Now if there is anything in your lives right now that you are fretting about, maybe coming up to some mid-term exams or even end of term now we are getting the summer or even trivial stuff like thinking about the NFL draft that is coming soon you have to drop it, because there is nothing more important than seeing what I am about to show you all, and that is a threesome that only the bangbros know how to host and they are doing it just as good as usual over at Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

I don’t think there is any man in the world who would turn down a chance to have sex with ladies this fine, and not many people at all would care if it was being caught on video, in fact they would find that better. There’s no way I couldn’t bring this to all of you today and it involved making a sacrifice that I think you can’t really blame me for doing – I mean if you had the choice of experimenting with something new (which I do with you guys so often) or sticking with the more reliable past, a lot of people would be split but I think the majority would go with the past, and when that is two of the hottest chicks on Miami Beach coming up and wanting to fuck in a tight apartment where this isn’t too much space to show off their awesome booty and their amazing dick sucking skills, then there is nothing wrong with it. Today’s episode features more than enough of that and I hope when you guys get in on your computers in video form then there will be not too much to worry about, so until then just peace out and I will see all of you guys tommorow.

Monsters of Cock: My Favourite Star

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Tonight there is another update heading your way and you should be looking forward to it already, because even though I am saving some more exclusive stuff for tommorow so that you guys don’t feel swamped with the kind of stuff that might become normal if you get to enjoy it all day – there should be no reason for that and by stopping you all from worrying about it I can continue to get awesome quality content of things like Busty Amateur Boobs for you all to download to your respective computers. Instead today it is the story of this chick who had been writing letters to the Bang Bros production office for a couple of months asking if she could see or have a signed picture of Ramos and maybe even have the chance of meeting him, but of course the guys over there had to see some pictures of her before they would consider this. It turned out that she was actually very fine and then invited her over to ‘meet’ him and when I say that I mean shoot a scene with this big dicked monster that wanted to wreck her tight pussy with that huge cock of his, and that is exactly what he did once he had the chance, you can see the full video over on Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

Now that preview should definitely give you all an idea of just how high quality the content these guys are filming in terms of video resolution as well as beauty of the girls that they put on the net. I hate to be a critic of it but sometimes I think they could variate the locations that they film in a bit more – like I know there is actually a lot of public places already featured but it causes them a lot of hassle because the police get involved and think they might be filming obscene stuff (which they obviously are but who really cares about that to be honest) so they try and move the whole filming operation on rather than letting them getting it on wherever they want to and that is the true reality. So I’m gonna leave all of you guys here to see this stuff today and come back tommorow with something brand new that should shock you literally, so stay waiting for this stuff and I’ll see you all tommorow when you want it.

Ass Parade: Chilling on the block

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

With a tight schedule today, it was going to be hard for me to fit you guys in with the awesome material you have come to expect from me each day of the week, but as usual I thought it would be way too hard to let you guys down and not really feel the way you do about porn anymore. I mean there’s people who just overdo it, like the producers of that site that I think was 15 on 1 or something – how much cash must they have fronted to each of these girls to get completely and utterly gangbanged out of their mind and it doesn’t even produce something that exciting (well for me at least) because it is actually the definition of a clusterfuck. What I like is the more polished porn productions (alliteration making up for a lack of text there) like the Bang Bros have been churning out in recent months, much better than their original reality series they have stepped the game up and started filming in real studios and out in the open with high quality cameras that have made their work top of the industry and a gameplan for other companies to follow in the future, so if you see tons of their videos around all the time then you really shouldn’t be surprised Ass Parade

Ass Parade

There’s the huge picture preview as usual and you can kinda tell that the girl featured in today’s update is not really experienced in the industry at all, in fact this is one of her first productions and she was very nervous about appearing in front of the camera in such a way, but once she saw the size of the cock that was being presented to her in order for her to suck and fuck it this slut quickly got down on her knees and went at it hard and fast. This is one of the reasons for it being selected as there are numerous other options every single day of the week but I have to pick the best one for you guys in order for you to not be worried on what you are missing out on by reading my daily updates instead of heading over to one of those crappy sites that has pop-ups and crap and you can’t really check it out. So until tommorow just enjoy this and I will go and source some more of it for you to consume.

Ebony Cum Dumps

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I seem to remember bringing you guys a lot of mixed race sites in recent months, but nothing that was specifically ebony or black girl focused and I think this has led to an under-representation of the niche on sites like mine, so let’s start making reparations straight away by bringing you guys one of the latest sites in the genre that has really pushed the boat out on the limits available to the producers as well as the girls who are involved in this kind of thing. I mean there was originally babes like Kari Sweets who showed their bodies and pulled in huge numbers when it came to the traffic rankings for what they were doing, but that is nothing compared to the huge number of fans there are for other niches out there that are just dying to see sites like this get up and running while they try and make it in the game, something ‘Duke’ and the other guys behind this site managed to do, by investing their revenue from previous systems they managed to set up a studio and start recruiting white chicks which grew into a huge business in the end and now they have the ability to expand it into new niches by opening awesome new sites like the great one over at Ebony Cum Dumps

Ebony Cum Dumps

Now you can’t say you haven’t ever rolled through the ghetto or any area where there is a high percentage of booty hoes and wanted to hit one of them so hard they called you daddy, these chicks have got asses and titties that look great when you film them and view them thanks to the net, but if you really wanted to get the deal you would have to see them in real life and enjoy the sheer power of seeing beautiful babes getting banged from behind while everyone in the game discusses how great it looks on video. Anyways now you guys will have caught a glimpse of that rather large teaser image (although I will freely admit it is not as big as yesterdays one) you will probably want more, which means it is time for me to get out of the way and let all of you enjoy the free picture galleries that are provided by sites like this in order for you to check out the kind of material that they have inside their members area before signing up completely.

Brandi Belle: Sex 101

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Now I think it is well past the time that you guys were expecting an update for you to feed upon, but you should know by now that however I get late with the updates I never truly forget about them and all of you people who come back here day after day are frankly inundated with posts showing you how to do your thing and enjoy all the Pix and Video available to you. Either way it’s a solo legend who is the focus of today’s site and that should be exciting for you guys when you see how amazing she is looking, today it is her job to teach new porn recruits how to do their thing on camera and work their bodies to look fantastic, this works out brilliantly when she finds some babes who haven’t really done much in the porn industry before and are really excited about being able to learn, before they know it they are sitting down with a pen and pad and noting down all of the mannerisms that this brunette stunner makes while she is fucking in all of the usual positions, including Doggystyle and Missionary, so here’s the latest update that has just gone up over on Brandi Belle and her official homepage

Brandi Belle

Now this girl has made her name known across the globe and you would be silly to assume she is stopping there, anything less than total world domination and this girl will not be happy, which is why she doesn’t need to worry about there being problems with other girls trying to steal her spot, I mean if you can’t really get yourself into the game with other solo babes that work out every single day of the year and stay completely trim in order to have a strong following on the internet then what are you really worth. This is the certainly the point of call for the girls who are learning what to do in this here episode today, they have no problems with just making it work but when it comes to being brandable on their own they haven’t quite got it down yet and it requires an amazing babe like brandi with the skills to control an army of fans to be brought in and to teach them how to fuck like a complete pornstar. So until tommorow, I’ll see you guys around – wherever the porn might be floating.

Big Mouthfuls: Sunny

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Yes we are back to normal guys and you don’t have to worry about seeing more of that freaky stuff for quite a long time now, because I for one am done with it and I would rather go back to exploring the land of these cute teen girls that turn eighteen and then straight away want their own website were they can get nude and show it off to the world, potentially making them famous in the process which is why they really do it. Hell it worked recently for people like Faith Belle and it worked tons in the past when there was a video market, infamously for people like Traci Lords but on a better standing for people who still perform today, such as Ava Devine. Now don’t focus on those, just pretend you don’t care about them even, there’s only one reason why we would want to see you guys lining up and that is purely because we are here in order to protect you and make sure there is no-one trying to scam the consumer, which is what a lot of people say when they are giving out reviews, but I have a funny feeling that after two years of being in this game, you guys would believe me over them before you do so, especially with an established site like Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

Now that you guys have seen the main premise of this site I think you know what is coming up next, but first I have to question how these hot babes enjoy such freedoms, they usually just don’t care about who seems them when they are peforming in porn and hell if anyone recognises them they will even be happy about it because they are living their fifteen minutes of fame and for a lot of these girls it is actually the start of the video career they have been waiting for. Why would we care about though, our main focus as the consumer of these goods is to get up on the grind and try to make as much money as possible when we are throwing up signs across the world to get people into our game and not have to deal with the problems we have put up over a number of years from staying in the game and not having to care about what has gone on. There’s no real reason other than this for you guys to act rude to me, because if you can find girls this hot then there are opportunities to have sex with them on video all the time and there should be no problems with that, so until tommorow when I bring you guys more of this quality smut you just enjoy this bunch.

Extreme Ladyboys

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Tommorow will be an awesome day for you all to get your stuff together in order to see some hot chicks showing off their bodies and feeling good about getting fucked on video for all of their worldwide fans. I mean it will definitely be something like the high quality material you see over at Bustyz and sites run on those particular networks, but for the meantime some variation in your life after seeing yesterday’s update that was far out and caused a bit of a controversy with you guys that come here every day of the week because you were expecting to see some hot bitches getting drilled and instead you saw some fruit bisexual stuff that may have been off your radar, but today differs from that in the fact that we are all the way back to the female form which is the standard, but instead it’s something you guys have seen before and have actually enjoyed. Chicks with dicks, ladies with dongs whatever you want to call it – it’s all here and they are taking the niche to a completely new level when they do it and I think you will agree once you see the kind of movies that they have put in the members area of Extreme Ladyboys

Extreme Ladyboys

Now you know you want to see more of this kind of stuff, it’s exactly the compromise between what I brought you guys yesterday and what you are used to seeing when I update frogsporn every other day of the week apart from that, if these beautiful chicks came up to you in a club and wanted to go home with you almost 90% of guys would definitely lead them home straight away to fuck and suck all night, but they would definitely get a surprise and it would be interesting to see how many of them would be able to deal with this, and that is why I am trying to hard to train you guys in order to deal with situations like this and not be worried at all if you are up in the club getting crazy while all the bitches around you are flashing you glimpses of their hot asses and acting as if there is nothing wrong with you. Anyways all this work in documenting an providing you all with the hardcore previews and free movies that you might really enjoy seeing, so until tommorow you will soon have to roll up all the way to these sites and check out the great previews that they have for you to view and enjoy.

Evan Rivers

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Now I know from that title that you guys are already thinking about something a bit out there, maybe not in your league and something you don’t want to get involved with, but as I have been deviating from the normal path more and more these days I think it is time that you guys stepped up from stuff like the transsexualz and vanilla softcore/hardcore material like that dirty slut cum on eileen (which reminds me, I don’t think you guys have seen enough of her recently and it’s most likely time for some undercover exploration into a world that you might find yourself liking). Anyways, I’m not going to front, today’s site is pretty far out and I don’t know how many of you will cosign me doing this because it features a dude, and instead of being some secondary object that is getting lucky with a chick in the movies – he is actually the main focus and he is bisexual, so take that how you will, some of you may just say that’s not for me and want out of it straight away but even if one of you guys is interested to see what goes on in a site like this then maybe I have made my impact felt on the world and you guys can all now feel secure in the way that you handle things when you log onto sites that are as out there and exuberant as Evan Rivers

Evan Rivers

I have to say that in the pure number of years I have been supplying you guys with this stuff, there has never been any huge issues and I hope this isn’t the beginning of them because it is definitely the way it should be, yeah there will be hot girls getting fucked again tommorow and maybe even some lesbians for you, just to keep it real, but if that is the way you think it should be then you definitely back in your groove and enjoy the material that is posted here at least 5 times a week, I will freely admit that sometimes there can be delays thanks to the fact that not everyone works all week and therefore these bitches aren’t filmed as often as a lot of people would like, but hey that’s like and we have to deal with it. So until tommorow I am just going to leave you guys with that pretty huge preview image to enjoy and then head off into the night in order to track down more of this hot pornography for you guys to watch and enjoy in the privacy of your own homes, or where you like.