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Milf Lessons: Show and Tell

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Now I know it’s been a long time since I have been in the game, but there has been a number of problems related to hopping back in with you guys and kicking it a lot of the old school ways that it should be done, this has been something I’ve been trying to rectify for the last week or so and only now is it sorting itself out finally so I can return and hit you with chicks like Andi Pink and no-one would hit out with rage when they see the booty being slammed about and even tossed around because these chicks are most definitely freaky. Today’s not about the younger and barely legal girls though, it’s more about seeing what barriers we can break down in search of the hot mature women that enjoy having sex with younger guys, a particular favourite of mine which has been on the recipe list for a long time now. Let’s not get together in style, but instead try and put these dirty old whores in the game and make them use their looks and fantastic bodies to great effect as they finally get put into the grave and slammed like the Milf Lessons they are

Milf Lessons

The jungle moves that you have to pull in order to get with ladies like this are immense, but once you do it you can be ranked up there with the greats who have destroyed others with the tremendous cock-fucking that occurs whenever they get infront of the camera and shake their bodies to make you simply whimper with joy and your cock jump up wanting toget erect and give them a througholy good seeing too in and out of those tight little jeans and hot-pants that they somehow fit into. Anyways it is now a tough job for me to track this down and put it all over the internet just for your asses that means you won’t have to worry about the awesomeness in this content, instead focusing on how hot the girls are and what they get up to when they aren’t on the net, instead what they do all the rest of the time.

Ass Parade: Rachel of the Jungle

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Back once more in the midweek rush while everyone else is busy with work and trying to keep their games up as bosses and those kind of people crack down before the weekend starts to kick in on thursday and everyone starts enjoying themselves, instead it’s all about the naked chicks here and I shouldn’t really be telling you this because it is some classified information but you will be seeing a lot more of chicks like Terry Lightspeed in the future thanks to their ability to appear on other sites which is something that will be tested to it’s limits in the next couple of weeks as we see their ability outside of their home venues and whether they can truly keep the game up the way that many people insinuate that they can’t. Anyway that’s now what we are here to focus on today and instead we are looking for some hardcore stuff which is why we have to travel over to one of those extremely exciting sites that keeps all of the high quality videos flying across the web 24/7 when they open up quality new videos featuring the girl that has been added today to Ass Parade

Ass Parade

You can see that although it might not be really classified as the the jungle because it’s in private, this bitch would’t really care if everyone could see because the body that she possesses is epic and there’s no one who can hold their ground while getting fucked as hard as this by the bang bros crew that have built their legendary name on nailing all of the dirtiest sluts beyond what they actually could take and a lot of them are uncomfortable because of the dicks being so ultimately huge. Of course it is all captured by their video cameras and you can’t expect anything less when you log into the members area looking for the pictures, movies and screencaps of these awesome events, especially because they are so quick to download and you do not even have to care about who else might be looking for them when you roll up onto the game and attempt a quick takeover. So for now I will have to leave you guys with this, but don’t think that I will not return in the future for more because that is a definite probability now I control all of the hottest joints here. Laters, and enjoy this update.

Tugjobs: Sunshine at the Door

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

I will be the first one out there to come back to you guys after you have been left pretty eagerly waiting for what will come next from frogsporn and all of the updates that I just continually add to the back archives here, so you never really have to worry about other sites, but today it’s a bit different and now that a few issues have been dealt with we can talk once more about hot sites that you should definitely be checking out when you log onto the internet everyday to get your hustle on. I mean there is so many of these teen girls nowdays trying to cash in on the webcam phase and just gaining attention for themselves, but it takes the most beautiful to get recruited by the talent agencies and hired to appear on the proper sites that provide worldwide attention as well as DVD release benefits when they get high enough on that cock and make a name for themselves. It’s not like all of them are Ashley Fine but some of these girls really could go far in mainstream modelling or even being on the front of racing grids as the Japanese style queens are, but instead they choose to get their hot shaven pussies fucked into oblivion just for our enjoyment and I personally love to see that Tugjobs


It doesn’t stop there either and I think you will be expecting some of the best free preview pages that are stacked with actual video screenshots as well as the higher resolution images that go with them because these guys use SLR cameras as well at their shoots in order to ensure that you are inundated with quality, not even caring about those which might try and beg to differ when they see the kind of action that is going on inside of the members area. As usual they are right here waiting for you and there is a selection as well so it’s not like there will be anything lacking in the high definition video department, which I think in a few weeks you will appreciate a lot more because there certainly will be more features coming that should interest you, If you can’t feel that then don’t worry about it because you will soon know all the problems that exist in the game as well as anything else that might happen in the future. I’m out for now but you won’t have to wait too long to see me again, so check back for more tommorow.

Brandi Belle: Jackass

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

It’s back to the solo girl days and I am sure you won’t have any questions as to why I have decided to employ this method of getting you guys interested, these bitches are simply fantastic and that is the truth as you see just how amazing the bodies of these amateur girls that have decided to join the porn game but not go exactly into the DVD or straight hardcore market and instead just set up their own websites in order to directly promote themselves to their audience and hope to gain more recognition than they usually would. It’s these teeny boppers that have just turned eighteen and want to dip their feet in and see how it would be after a couple of shoots which really turn me on, girls like Andi Pink who initially tried it out and looked great but then stepped it up a notch and have now become fully grown stars of their own accord universally across the net. It’s not her I have come to focus on with you guys today though, she is not in the specific group that you will enjoy most because I know now that it is all about the dirty bitches that do hardcore on the net while still coming across as innocent and needing protection from these big cocks as well as the men that want to fuck them so damn hard when they see these girls shake it like they are pretending to be Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

You can see she doesn’t even care about being recognised in the streets nowdays, the fame is right up there with the biggest pornstars of today and when you see girls like this getting fucked hard in the tight pussies that they show off to the camera every day. Don’t be caught tripping and wrong-footed as you try to find all of the material featuring this stunner across the net, there will be a lot of sites trying to copy what is going on and of course this means you will never be able to find the true high definition content that is available inside of the members-area. I brought you all these free picture galleries today and I will continue doing it in the future as you don’t have to worry about anything while the huge jpeg’s of these dirty images that everyone on the internet is scanning to see. There’s all kinds of freaky shit going down inside of the members area of sites like this, so don’t roll deep in the game and instead just enjoy the booty you will be swinging in a moments time as you beast this slut. I’ll see you tommorow for another fresh load, so prepare for that.

Big Tits Round Asses: Love Misti

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

It’s another eventful day in the sporting world, whether you live in America or Europe you will no doubt know that everything is now popping off and we will surely see some action in the next couple of weeks whether it be involving tennis, football or golf and that is taking a lot of people’s attention off what is happening in the world of pornography, which is arguably much more important, or at least I would say. Hell even some of the most beautiful women in the world would most definitely agree with me, I’m talking about those southern american chicks like Ariel Rebel who never stop shining and keep their popularity growing every single day of the week. It’s another episode filmed out in florida that will keep you guys interested today and I think you are probably guessing as to the reasons why and that is surely because it features some of the newest talent getting into the adult film industry but also because the people behind the camera are the most experienced in the world nowdays and they are building their brand day by day in order to be ontop of the game within a few years. I mean is there anyone else who can keep it rolling on this successfully over time, I think if you take it step by step then you will see that no-one really has a problem with getting laid and when it happens on camera there is only more rewards to be had by just about everyone who is involved in the game, especially when they represent sites like Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses

It’s pretty rare that we see interracial porn in this kind of setup, because I mean productions like dogfart have become world famous for having the white girls getting slammed by the well hung black dudes that have almost become stereotype of the porn industry thanks to the amount of videos that have been focusing on that niche since around 1999 or 2000, only matched by the growing popularity of the internet and the industry that goes along with it. I mean if you can’t stand the heat then surely you should get out of the kitchen, but these guys just keep joining in and setting new standards when it comes to drilling these sluts every night and day. Well it’s time to change that or at least a part of it by supplying you guys with more that you could ever wish for in the form of some hot bitches that don’t mind their bodies being exposed because they grew up in the ghetto and their only aspiration out of college was to be a stripper or something, but instead these ebony ladies have found a new way to get their paper and no-one minds it at all because they love that ass-shaking action as it goes on deep in the south and all across the biggest cities in the US while more people find they have a fetish for seeing black chicks getting fucked by white guys with the big dicks, as you can see them in these free picture galleries while I go and get some more in order to keep you all stocked up for tommorow once more.

Monsters of Cock: Guess the Size

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Back once again and I am here to rock your world today thanks to this site again, I mean thanks to the size of the cocks you guys will be seeing soon you will be like ‘woah’ and not because of that, but just due to the amount of pleasure that these dirty bitches get by riding them hard and fast and not even caring about who might be looking, they become Daddys Worst Nightmare because just about anyone who knows anything nowdays realises that the net spreads information and video nowdays so quickly that members of the family of these dirty pornstars soon realise what they are up to and get so pissed off with their career choices. That’s a problem they have go to deal with and I don’t really mind it at the end of the day because if I am able to bring you guys free updates and not have to worry about people going wild when I do then that is the perfect thing for me. It’s all thanks to my addiction of seeing brand new videos featuring established names as well as some upcomers in the game who are trying to become known so that they can book many more future appearances on sites such as Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

It’s pretty stunning to see how this chick goes round measuring up each and every one of the uys in order to select the perfect one for her specific needs, and that was getting fucked as hard as possible by the longest dong that is being carried by these studs. As you can probably see from the preview page which is linked to from here, she goes around simply everyone before this lucky black dude whips out his huge dick and stuns the rest of the crowd into silence, or maybe that is because they are admiring her amazing body which is being wiggled around while she is taking down the statistics. Anyway so as you can probably guess, this dark destroyer ends up as the most well-measured guy in the house and by winning that prize he gets the chance to fuck her tight pussy so hard that she is squealing all over the shop and not really caring about who is watching on video over the internet thanks to the Bang Bros and their awesome online production team that film and then upload all of these videos as soon as possible to their network. Here’s the free picture galleries that you were all promised a while back, so make the most of them and then report back on how well you found them.

Milf Lessons: Double Detention Penetration

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

It’s another update for you guys before we reach the middle of the week and that should bbe pretty damn exciting because instead of being sprayed with content you guys get a light sprinkling that should more than fulfill your needs for when you see each and every one of the girls inside the members areas of sites like this, I mean there is a reason why the owners set up a record label and a fight business to go along with it after originally trying so hard in order to procure all of the freshest original talent that has stayed up so well throughout the good and the bad years of the dotcom boom that that the porn industry has been having since the implementation of the internet. It’s like sites such as Street Ranger have been taking all of the credit for what people have been doing offline when it comes towards the things such as DVD releases by some of the huge companies like Red Light District and Anabolic. That’s why I prefer to shot for web exclusively (no spiderman jokes there). It’s just an everyday occurence when you are filming scenes for updates to appear on sites like Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

These guys didn’t think that it was going to be any fun that they had been locked away in the classroom against their will when the day begun, but when they saw the substitute teachers who would be dealing with them while they were doing their work they were more than happy to relax and get into the rythm of things as these hot little mature women enjoying being cougars and seducing them with their amazing asses and their experience at sucking and fucking at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no problem with seeing a bit of ass from the younger girls now and again but when they try their best to give you mindblowing handjobs, blowjobs and the other activities that you can do with these dirty bitches, it will never be as amazing as a beautiful woman with a number of years in the game who has had all kind of men and knows exactly how to handle that large cock. Here’s the proof and you will be seeing a lot more of it in the coming months as I free up more time to make for the content upscaling. I’ll see you all tommorow with another load and a huge picture preview, until then you guys should all stay safe and anxiously await it.

Tugjobs: Inhibitions

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

It’s back again and you can’t say that you didn’t expect this because it was less than a week ago that I was actually hitting each and every one of you guys with the latest update from over on this site, but as I have warned you for many months there are issues such as the fact that they update their network every single day of the week. It’s not like I am going to take you guys and girls to somewhere that you might find a little extreme (say Gag Sluts or something) but it will be just inside of the comfort zone and ensure that you are happy with the material you are being given thanks to the war machine that is frogsporn. It’s all going on and a lot of brunette bitches have been auditioning in order to get their own parts in the play that gets recorded in HD and put onto the web so frequently across the world. It’s only just been added this very day onto the update cycle of one of the best sites around and I am running out of adjectives in order to describe just how great it is, so you will have to believe it when you see it if you pay a visit over to the great website that we know as Tugjobs


You can see this girl, you don’t need to wait or see the members area content in order to know what is going on in the world today, I mean there is most definitely some of the hottest eighteen year-olds getting features on the internet as well as the DVD market, while the mid twenties and even the thirty-something women stay looking amazing and don’t even mess around. These chicks have the experience that no-one can mess with and that is precisely why there is no problems with getting brand new girls in, instead there are better girls out there who have been on the scene for a number of years. Don’t listen to me if you do not believe that I am being serious about how great this site is, instead only the best of the best can be featured inside the password protected area once you log on. I will now leave in order to restock and supply you guys with another fresh hit of porn from the dump that keeps you all so interested and happy every day of the week for the last two or so years. Stay safe while you wait for tommorow’s drop.