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Cum for Cover: Jessica

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Back once again with the literal latest update from a high quality site, and when I say that I am deadly serious because this was added today, Tuesday 31st, and you can’t argue that it isn’t fresh if it has been filmed in the last few weeks and has only just been put online. That’s where the true hustler’s ambition can be found and it’s why I just continually update on these well known sites without really caring wether you have seen old episodes because they are improving so much (especially legendary pages like Bangbus) that soon they will be #1 again after having their titles usurped a couple of years back. Don’t be hating on me for bringing you this news because it is just the truth, instead try and find yourselfs a little pocket on the internet where you are one hundred percent happy with the porn you are getting to view and everything else around and then you will have a completely cycle of porn to keep yourselves happy. Until tommorow I am over and out and I want to make sure you guys are kept warm, so you are in the good hands of Jessica at Cum for Cover

Cum for Cover

Don’t think that this porn is all about the booty ho’s today though because we have found a good location in europe where all of the hottest bitches reside and all of the guys with big dicks like to lie in wait for them there, which is why this place has become one of the huge attractions for pornographers. They will even bring in US models to appear for them, but then what else would you expect from one of the greatest porn sites on the net nowdays. That’s where the true hotties are chilling and it’s why I was a tad reluctant to bring you guys the full update from today but then I thought fuck it, why not, and decided to roll on thinking about all of the new and interesting updates that will be cropping up in the future thanks to sites like this. Now let’s roll with the free pictures to get you guys interested.

Gianna Michaels

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Today’s a pretty rare update for you guys and it will feel a bit strange until you get used to it, because it’s not so much about a lot of girls appearing in multiple scenes for one website, but actually vice versa. The subject of today’s post has appeared in hundreds of porn scenes for DVD’s and web companies alike and has just been building a huge profile in the porn world over the last couple of years and when you see her it is at least 90% sure you will recognise her, if not that fantastic booty that she possesses. Don’t be afraid to try new things is one of her motto and she certainly does it if you are talking about new guys and their big cocks as they go deep inside every single one of her available holes, but that just makes it all hotter and we want to see more like this as we are now keeping tabs on this slut for all of our readers to find. We’ve blogged about her in the past, but from now on every single gallery will go through and be put online with a video just because we have become infatuated with the hottie that is Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels

If you are expecting an entire list of galleries after being pointed to that preview page which is quite literally full of them, then you would be dead right because it is exactly what you are going to get. We never dissapoint and although there are delays from time to time, it’s only because the quality of the content that is being uploaded to frogsporn is improving, as well as the fact that it just never stops rolling on in the more content per gallery ratio and a number of other factors that make us one of the best choices out there if you have not already become a huge fan of this busty pornstar and gone looking for a list of all of her movies yourself. That’s not to say we won’t be outdone in the future, but once we are the latest scenes featuring her will be added to our lists and you know that will be done really quickly. I’ll be back tommorow with another hot site but the 9+ galleries on this site will surely tide you over until then with no real problem, they are full of high resolution pictures and videos and you could spend months admiring how hot this stunner is, that’s for sure.

Tranny Seducers

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

This might be a bit of a shock to your system so brace yourself now before you see the preview picture, which I have specially selected so that it’s not too brutal if you aren’t reading this and are instead just going to jump to the free picture post that usually crops up. It’s all about the shemales today and you can’t say you haven’t see or not enjoyed these before because there have been some hugely positive responses to previous updates that have featured some pretty fruity material courtesy of sites such as Ladyboy Crush and the like. Today’s a bit different because a lot of the sites feature asians but the updates today are predominantly south american girls because they are all really well tanned as well as being busty and curvacious which is a huge difference to what you have probably seen on other sites over time. It’s probably time for me to stop nattering on about what is happening inside of the members area when you guys have no idea what the site even looks like, so just relax and start downloading your first preview videos and images courtesy of the guys who have produced Tranny Seducers

Tranny Seducers

It’s all about that cock loving action today and for those of you who are used to the bubblegum or vanilla style porn that most sites will give you, this might be a pretty new experience and you won’t know what to do when you see how hardcore the galleries actually are, but let’s not worry about that for now and just enjoy these wonders of nature that were somehow were born with the beauty of a woman yet the reproduction gear of a male. It just doesn’t make sense, but then what does in this pretty crazy world that we are living in nowdays. It’s all about that and if you can’t understand then in the future you will need to pay more attention to the picture galleries I am delivering, such as the three posted below. Check back tommorow for another fresh update, but until then just chill out and enjoy all that has been brought to you so far.

Tugjobs: Thirst of Alexis

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Back once more and I am eager to show you a good time, which is why you can’t ignore the kind of material that I am uploading each and every day to this fantastic preview list, all of the best girls end up here at one time or another and if you can’t feel how high quality the material is that I am committed to bringing you then you need to reconsider the game and how it is felt around the world. I’m not gonna be foolish and try to tell you guys that this is the best quality porn as other people will report that Smutbus is and other sites in that kinda region, but let’s not front because when you are watching these videos that are 1080i or 1080p high definition you will know that you have the highest quality porn on your desktop courtesy of the guys over on our favourite hubs, one of which provided today’s video featuring a new hottie performing for Tugjobs


She is looking perfect as she sits outside and enjoys the dick getting hard in her petite little hands that know how to perfectly deal with the men who badly want to fuck her hot pussy that you can get a glimpse at in the full video version of this episode because sometimes they take the softcore action of this site and kinda mix it with the action from other networks. There’s no problem with that and it’s why I am such a big fan of these girls and if you currently aren’t enjoying just how great these movies are then you definitely have issues that need to be looked at because these chicks are stunning and there is nothing wrong with it. I’ll be reporting again tommorow, so don’t worry about where I will be at and just think to yourself how great my work is, later.

Brandi Belle: Campus Run

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Another solo girl update to try and distract you guys from all of the new updates that are flying by as the hardcore content comes real quick and flies around all of the sites that I check for content like this due to their franky hectic filming schedules that never stop recruiting new models. In a different kind of market the talent spotters get out there and look for these girls but instead of trying to find a number of them to do a ton of different episodes would be replaced with just one real hot woman who manages to keep everyones attention for a number of months at a time and a perfect example of this would be Mandys Diary. Go across and check out the galleries from that site and then come back here to see what I have for you today, it’s a pretty awesome new addition to our favourite teen girl Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

It’s all elementary when you see her petite body and those fine breasts of hers getting bounced around as she comes back to the student flat and finds a brand new hot guy waiting for her along with some of his friends to video the adventure and post it to her hundreds of fans who are avidly waiting on the internet for it to be delivered. It must be hard getting recognised so frequently on the street but then Brandi probably loves the attention and as we have seen a lot of times she will have sex with her members if they want to meet up and have some fun so maybe if you get your own password you can be in the next one of those special editions of the videos added to this great site. It’s definitely something you should think about, but I’m not gonna push anything, I’m just here to kick ass and deliver free content which is below, so enjoy it and come back tommorow.

Pure 18

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

After yesterday’s brand new update, I couldn’t resist from spoiling you guys once more and bringing you one of the latest niche sites from one of the biggest production companies on the net who have previously made thousands of girls famous through their absolutely huge network of sites as well as their regular features on television and news networks for the crazy antics they get up to while filming this hot material. I have to be quick and lay down the beat before I get beated by time which mean there will be some upgrades going on all evening as I polish the preview pages to ensure that they are of the high quality for all of you to be able to download the videos available without any technical problems or anything like that but by tommorow it should be a top notch gallery listing that you will want to keep coming back to because it will feature every single update that they post (which is usually on a weekly basis knowing these guys) and you will be able to see not only the best picks of the hundreds of photos uploaded by also a huge trailer clip of each scene added to the awesome new site that is Pure 18

Pure 18

The reason that picture is so large is because it is a downscaled screenshot of one of their videos and that should give you a pretty good idea of how hard these guys are attacking the market now because they don’t care about how much bandwidth they blow and instead they will upload the largest videos on the net just to ensure that their thousands of members enjoy the best porn and the cutest girls that are coming onto the market each and every week as they celebrate their eighteenth birthdays and decide that either they want to be famous by showing off their bodies or that they want to get a little money to help their lives run a little smoother by getting fucked for these sites. I don’t really care but as long as they keep the quality this high I will be a recurring customer and I would recommend you guys to be one as well.

Pure POV

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Today is a brand new site and I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for it because it is produced by probably the second most famous porn company on the net who have been absolutely everywhere in the last couple of years with their content that is instantly recognisable. They are the guys behind sites like All Internal and Give me Pink and you would have to have been living under a rock to not know all the details about those sites and the specific way that they use lighting and high definition cameras to keep their viewers really interested. It’s nothing something that many people can compete with which is why they have become so successful as well as the amazing models that they get on their sites with ease. It’s nothing new to see some of the most famous european porn stars who claim they only do softcore scenes to be getting fucked real hard all over sites like this. Don’t front, you know you are interested in finding out more and there is a reason for that, check out the preview below and if it doesn’t interested you then there is something wrong because I am bringing you the very best of Pure POV

Pure POV

Something pretty exciting that I would like unveil today along with this update is some new internal style galleries that I am going to start adding for these sites, which means that you guys don’t have to sit through tons of popups or consoles to get to the material, instead you can just log on and start enjoying the sheer amount of pornography that is available inside of the members area as well as the designated preview zones that I bring to you guys so often. Anyway, the best thing about these internal galleries as I like to call them is the fact that they have both a ton of thumbnails that you can click on to find some interesting photos, but they also have high-definition trailer videos for each of the scenes which means that you don’t have to go looking around search sites to try and find what the video is like, so enough of the talking about them and it’s time to deliver.

Tugjobs: Up and Down

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

The motion of a handjob and all of the motions behind it doesn’t really rival what some people have termed as the newer phase in pornography and in sexuality in general – the titjob, but that doesn’t matter to me because I am still in deep to see all of the action as it occurs and sites like this are happy to provide if you enjoy their material, especially when it has been shot by some of the best photographers and video experts in the world just to please your tastes. All of the girls who appear on these sites love the exposure and the pleasure that it gives them, which is why I am so glad to bring it to you so frequently, because there are no other issues than if you want to go deep inside of the game and try and get all of these sluts to come to you and want to do the filming on your terms. I have no problem with an update once a week, especially when the sites that I review a lot have huge networks that mean they are actually updating like once a day or more and keeping their thousands of members extremely happy with the material that is being uploaded, stuff like today’s brand new video that just went live on Tugjobs


I know it’s a bit early and you probably didn’t expect me to post so soon on a sunday, but a lot has been missing recently and that has to be rectified in order for you guys to find your footings again and enjoy the awesome power of the porn sites that I will be bringing across to you in the future, either way it’s definitely a good way to start and if you can’t see yourself in the lead in the next few weeks then you really need to roll on and check out the numerous free picture galleries that are being slammed down in front of you on today’s little frogsporn adventure. I now have to leave in order to find more material for another day’s update, but trust in that I will be looking far and wide for something to bring to you and if you can’t handle it just take a step back and don’t worry because it will soon be put down into the game. Check out these dirty bitches and drop back here later on for another reload of material.

Ball Honeys: Venezuelan Hottie

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

I’ve been away for a while, but can you really blame me when I have been trying to find new sources for updates on here and now that it is summer there is obviously lots of sex and sun to be had around the world for all of us who like to enjoy the world as it is right now. I think if you can’t really feel the girls that I bring to you every other day like Liz Vicious, and it’s not always about the teens as you guys most likely know thanks to the effort I have been putting in to find the brand new hardcore scenes that are being shot every week in studios across the USA as well as areas in public where no-one can really see them but people still notice and even alert news crews and police to what is going on in those specific areas. Either way it’s definitely a win-win situation for you readers, because you never really have to bother with the full downloads of any of these hardcore videos, instead you just keep it fresh with the latest update and soon forthcoming video previews in flash thanks to sites like Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Now you are here you can probably tell you have been routed all the way into the players club and this is where all of the best porn gets dropped off straight from the cameras (minus whatever it takes for them to get the video off of the actual HD cam and edit it of course, but then this happens with any media like films etc) so you guys are getting it first apart from those in the members area who are actually paying for it and enjoying the sheer amount of porn that can be located inside of this awesome site. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of what goes on inside many of these sites nowdays, but some don’t update as much as they should do and that has led people like me to start laying it down hardcore over the next couple of weeks and months just for you guys. I’ll see you tommorow, but don’t fret it because it will be a great update.

Milf Lessons: More Education

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

We are back in the game and switching things up today, with little time to go before the next update hits which means that I have to slam this material right in and then escape into the night while leaving you guys the biggest preview pictures and videos that are awesome to view while you are in this site and looking to be sent for some enjoyment. It’s definitely something you should investigate further as I know a lot of my readers would never Cum for Cover and instead would stand strong, battling the forces who are trying to bring you low quality porn and undermine the actions I have been taking in order to improve the general quality of both the girls and the video quality (cameras used to shoot it) in the porn industry for the last couple of years and only now are the affects of this being felt by my awesome work. Anyway it’s time for a link to the site (today’s update is up at the top) from which this great material came today, it’s the good old home of Milf Lessons

Milf Lessons

Today they have a pretty young woman but the story behind this is that she comes from a pretty ghetto area and has been having sex since a young age which means that she had a kid when she was only a teenager and since then it has been right to classify her as a MILF (Mother I’d like to Fornicate for those of you who try to explain the phrase when one of the women in the office hear it or something like that) since that point in time. Either way, if she didn’t have a kid you would probably see this hottie pop up on different sites or even DVDs from companies like Red Light District, Anabolic or even the web hotshots at Bangbros who have been switching up the game for 6 or 7 years now and I think they have probably got it all sorted out now with their skills. Now I’m gonna leave you with the free hosted galleries here and I’ll pop back tommorow to see how it’s going.