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Milf Thing

Friday, August 31st, 2007

It’s Friday and now everyone is about to hit the web in order to enjoy their Saturday and Sunday I am hitting hard with yet another brand new site (following up on what I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks or so when we’ve been hitting an average of two brand new productions every week) but this one has special qualities because it is from one of the best production houses out there on the net and that is no joke, it’s unmistakable and you will have seen their sites on your journeys around the net before (that is unless this is your first time checking out this site, which judging by how you’ve found us over here at frogsporn, is doubtable). More importantly than this is what’s inside the site and judging by the preview that i’ve picked out for all of you, it’s something special that will definitely start lighting the web on fire over the next few months as more people pick up on it and the content that is inside as well as how hot the women are (some of them are famous european pornstars from the current as well as yesteryear) so it’s time to stop talking and for you to go check out Milf Thing

Milf Thing

That looks pretty extreme doesn’t it, well get used to seeing things that because it’s what this site is about, they never just do things as average because they know that members would quickly get bored with things like that, a lot of sites don’t live by this motto and therefore loose their customers after a couple of months because their updates are all the same, but we don’t have to give a shit about them because they quickly get dropped and we only track the best sites here as you will probably have known from looking through our giant archives. One thing that has to be said though, how many blogs are still going that started this early that you know of? Not many to speak of and that’s why we have it in our sights to slowly become the best and that starts with today and adding another brand new site to the portfolio that we update on, so check out the priceless galleries and then hit back tommorow for another fix.

Pure 18: Ziggy

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

It’s all about you today and instead of going into different niches like MILF (i think we have all seen enough of that in recent days because I never fill you guys in on what is coming next because it’s all about surprise) but more importantly than that but today it is all about teens once more which means we are getting back to the newcomers in the porn industry who do not have that much experience. It’s not a case of the booty hoes on sites like Her Thick Black Ass, it’s more pure girls who haven’t really tried this kind of thing before. We convince them that they want to completely defy all of their parents and friends and get into the porn industry like the actions of a true slut would do, but it’s not something you guys have to worry about because we do it ourselves. That’s why we continually update so often that we don’t really have to mind about problems like that, instead it’s just all about why these girls got into the porn industry and didn’t really care about the expectations around them when they started, but don’t blame us because we are just the production company who recruited them and slammed it all up on Pure 18

Pure 18: Ziggy

You know that all of the hottest teens are where we desire to be, there is no reason to think otherwise as you continually try to keep up to date with all of the episodes we add each week and if you think that is difficult then you should try to be the ones who have to hit the streets to try and find all of these eighteen year old girls. Anyway, it’s time for me to stop waffling on about how good this porn will be and actually present it to you in the gift box that is the non-popup and completely free internal galleries that are held by us here at frogsporn and distributed across the site networks of our friends in order to provide all of you fans with a never ending supply that unlike free hosted galleries, will never go down or need replacing because of people giving them neglect. We update and we’ll never stop so check this out.

Brandi Belle: The Recommendation

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

We have hit midweek time and today’s update is coming right up now that you are all here and waiting for it to hit, it’s like I have to build up throughout the day by browsing through the members area of so many sites in order to find the best material that would make for an update (of course while avoiding anything to do with the last 800 or so posts that we have put up here in the just-over 2 years that this site has been running) and that’s no joke, it takes a strong man to continually update all of these links so frequently and if you don’t know how it’s done then just keep on running throughout like not caring about things going on around you (especially if it’s things like Papi) but instead let’s look at all of the hottest girls and how they get on by controlling the flow of material that gets out featuring them and making us want to see so much more month on month, I think I’ve been a member of this site since it first opened and it hasn’t ever dissapointed me, it’s the one and only hot chick Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle: The Reccomendation

Now you have been brought a lot of the blurb it’s time to inform you that tommorow you will have yet again a brand new site to enjoy and it will have all fresh content so do not be fretting about that already, you will know in time what is comingand what you will be able to enjoy coutesy of us here. It’s hard to put together so much free content but it’s not without it’s perks because you get to look at these things all day and just sit back and enjoy how great the women look whilst doing so. It’s just about time for the free picture galleries now so I think we will lay off the text and let you guys get your hustle on while you try and re-up on what has gone on while you’ve been reading this and enjoying all of the new videos for your desktop. Until tommorow stay safe and continue to come back here.

Tugjobs: Emilee

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I’m back and it’s not about mature women today, I feel that you have been brought too many of those over the past couple of weeks and it’s time to get back into the younger girls (both literally and figuratively) so I brought back one of my favourite high definition sites brought to you by the guys who everyone knows so it’s not as if you have to explore something totally new to get involved, but may I first mention this asian chick who I am a fan of has been shooting tons of new content and getting back in the game so it’s quick shoutout to the guys who work on keeping Joon Mali on top of her game because they are doing a fantastic job. Either way it’s not up to me on how you explore this world so you can use the niche selectors at the side of the page to find what your looking for or alternatively just relax and bookmark the main page which means that when you refresh it each day you get a brand new girl presented to you with a ton of free picture galleries and previews that you probably won’t even have to lift your thumb to access and enjoy. This really is the good life and it’s the way everyone at Tugjobs lives

Tugjobs Emilee

It’s all about those beastly handjobs that these girls seem to give out randomly, I mean who wouldn’t want a piece of that, especially when you see the effort that they are putting into the content that’s coming out. I think the next thing that should be happening is the launch of a brand new paysite in the future and that will be followed up by a very friendly welcome to all galleries being internalised here at frogsporn which means you will not only get movie previews along with your random images but you will be joined by the nice no-popups and bullshit rule, leaving only quality porn behind for you to enjoy. It’s not something we are focusing on 100% right now but it’s being worked hard in order to be ready for the next couple of months of crazy adventures throughout this pornographic wonderland that is the internet. Until tommorow I will leave you with a couple of hot picture thumbnail galleries, so enjoy them.

Cougars in Heat: Sky Taylor

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Back to the MILF zone once more on this fine bank holiday weekend, but I know a lot of you readers are located in the US which means that probably isn’t much help and you will have had to endure a hard day at work in front of the computer screen if you work at an office or in front of the manual labour if you work elsewhere, I can relate to that and it is why I take so much time out of my day every single 24 hours of this year and each one preceding it and following it forever (well, that is of course in case I die, which would be RIP frogsporn) but let’s think of the positives and today that involves women who are middle aged still being hot and horny and looking for sex wherever they go and as usual we are there to film it like the true professionals that we are. It’s nothing new because I think I brought it to you guys around a fortnight ago for the first time but since then things have rapidly accelerated and they just keep on shooting content every day of the week in order to ensure that their site stays up forever and if you can’t respect that then there is trouble because this content is in demand right now, it’s the new kids on the block with their site Cougars in Heat

Cougars in Heat Sky Taylor

Probably one of the hotter scenes you have been brought recently I would think, even if you weren’t browsing this particular site to find it. They really remind me of the old school porn companies who actually invest tons of time and effort into building their sites so that rather going for the short buck of people randomly signing up and then cancelling a few weeks later, they will actually stay and wait for the updates that will be arriving in the coming months because they know that every day the site updates (whether it be a wednesday, a thursday or the weekend) they can always come home, log into their PC and know that a hot girl will be waiting for them in tons of different formats to download at nice rates and that is the kind of thing that makes me as a consumer of porn happy to see. I definitely think more companies should be pulling things that out of the bag in the coming weeks and months.

Wife Switch

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

A bit of a kinky update is on the cards today after you guys missed out yesterday because I was busy scrambling away trying to prepare this hot site for the market and not get caught out by any last minute bugs or stuff like that, you probably know what I mean but if you don’t just play along and give yourself some technical knowledge about how websites work and the like. If you still don’t understand then just let it go and keep rolling on forward down the page because in a few lines there will be a big nice preview image for you to save to your desktop or just look at and it’s all courtesy of today’s site which features married couples and those who have been together for a long time endulging in some pretty wild behaviour that certainly can’t be classed as monogamy. It basically involves the guys holding the video cameras to get these four people in a room together and then get them to change partners and have sex, all while the camera is rolling and it has become known as the Wife Switch

Wife Switch

There is no reason for you to shy away if you think you might like this kind of material, there’s nothing wrong with it and a lot of the time the people who are watching it are the people who either most relate to that kind of scenario or would want to get involved in it, and I think if the girls were this hot across the board then the ones who would be wanting to get in it on would definitely be in the majority, however that’s not too important because I now need to just be quiet and help you guys by supplying a great dose of free picture galleries for you to consume and then slowly backing away into the distance while still holding my ground. I mean it’s not as if anyone has tried this before but frogsporn always does it big and when if comes to fucking other guy’s significant others I am completely down for that. Until next time (which will be tommorow), I will catch you dudes later, peace.

Bond Anime: All New Content

Friday, August 24th, 2007

I know it hasn’t been very long at all since I last brought you a site like this, in fact it was only a couple of days but that doesn’t matter because these sites are of the highest quality and they don’t mess around when they say that they are working every day of the year in order to supply their member’s with the latest videos that are being produced and supplied out in Japan. It’s a bit crazy sometimes because there are a lot more videos that most people can comprehend because it has been in production there for decades and it was giant in popularity even in the eighties, which means us as the english speaking audience will have to catch up and view as much as possible in order to become experts like they are. There’s a number of sites that track all these and have been blowing the rest of the pages in the niche off the web recently due to their always maintained weekly updates and the fact that they add full videos rather than just putting up certain scenes and maybe making one DVD last a whole month, that’s not a good thing to do and it’s why Bond Anime is growing in popularity

Bond Anime All New Content

It’s questionable as to whether you could even get this stuff back in Japan because over there they have issues with censorship and the fact that they have to put mosaics over most of the X-rated material (such as pussy or cock) that appears in the porn they make, even if it is animated like the stuff I am bringing to you today. I find that to be totally wrong and I can see myself actually going to the extra effort of finding the very same material but not in Japanese so that all of the best bits of the female and male bodies (that are natural) are shown to us the way they should be. If you can’t agree there then I will understand and this is probably one of the few hentai updates I will be doing in the next couple of weeks/months because of the turnaround on these sites with new content, but hey I know there are numerous new sites coming out soon so I will be sure to supply you with tons of new pictures and movies courtesy of those guys. Until tommorow, sleep well and enjoy this batch.

Milf Lessons: Brandi Edwar

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Sometimes we can’t keep up the teen count because it takes a lot of convincing to get girls like that into the industry, their parents might find out that they are posing and they could get kicked out of college and all kinds of hassle like that, which is why the fans really apprieciate it when they get a hot new American chick who you can tell has become a local star from being all over the net and actually gets recognised all the time, which is what happens to that super fly girl Alison Angel when she rides around in her car in the state of Arizona, just about every guy who doesn’t recognise her tries to hit on her thinking he would ever have a chance with a girl this hot. That’s not what we care about though, today it’s all about the older women who are doing things you would never imagine with much younger men who you can’t help but be jealous of when you see the way they get these really experienced sluts to just come along and pleasure them like you would not believe. It’s something that everyone who is reading this right now should go out and check and you will have probably guessed the site that it comes from, it’s that old legendary site Milf Lessons once again

Milf Lessons Brandi Edwar

I like the way this site has set up a studio to make all of their shoots set in authentic locations where this kind of activity would occur, as you can probably see this specific one is in a classroom setup where a teacher is servicing one of her students once everyone has gone home and and he has stayed for some extra-curricular training from that hot mouth that wraps all the way around his dick and sucks until he barely handle it any more, shouldn’t that be the way all hot female teachers are supposed to act on their students, because I think just about every red blooded male on this planet would want to get a piece of that ass and let all their friends know what they had got up to with the TILF (teacher variation of MILF, can you see what I did there?). Anyway you are probably bored of me nattering away about how good the porn is and instead you just want me to get out of the way so that you can watch it without having someone telling you how good the material you will soon have access to is. It’s time for the free picture galleries so prepare to enjoy some hot porn on your own PC’s and I’ll return tommorow with another brand new site to keep all of you interested in the new things I keep doing.

Tit Anime: New Movies

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

So it’s been another day and you guys have been relaxing with all of the content that I brought to you yesterday, but the real question is whether you can pick up on how hot all of these girls are as they stumble across the finish line in trying to get the most traffic and become the most famous off the web and it really depends on how you rank them as to how they come, the whole personal opinion argument that is used so frequently. I mean some guys prefer the girls not to perform hardcore on their websites if they are a solo girl operation whereas others prefer hardcore sluts that jump from movie to movie and get tracked around the web by the various companies that license the content (this usually requires people trying to find out which movies specific actresses, like Kat Young have appeared in and then trying to trace them back), but I prefer the huge archive sites that keep things up to date and there is no other reason for that other than just trying to hunt down all of the finest women for the collection that I have growing here, and that includes the animated ones who we are exploring in today’s update over on Tit Anime

Tit Anime New Movies

As the pretty big preview can tell you, this is the latest material coming out of Japan and it’s all animated to the highest quality digitally (they used to hire cheap Korean studios to do all the non important frames which usually resulted in some boring scenes because the quality of the porn would go down sharply from what you had seen on the box or in screenshots released by the publisher) but the matter is nowdays that sales are resurgent the quality is going back up and all of the hottest models are being used to base characters on which means it’s only getting better as time goes by and more people get broadband because they will be adding more content in order to fill the supplier’s needs. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is something that is new though, I have been working on things like this for a number of months now and it is just one of the many updates on sites like this you will be getting in the coming weeks as more people log on to see for themselves what it looks like to be in the grips of hentai at it’s finest.

Pure POV: Helen

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Another day another dimepiece although I’m sure whoever first thought up that line would not be impressed with me changing it to fit the way things are in the current day and time thanks to the internet taking over the porn game and practically putting a lot of those guys who tried to stick to the video market and force the net back out all the way into bankruptcy. I was there for it and if you guys ever want a full lecture on what happened and why I will be happy to elaborate with the guiding help of some of those who made it through the struggle to continue to be stars and even move with the web despite some making good arguments for them being stuck in the past, one of those being Seka, but I’m not here today to talk about the elder pornstars of the past who used to run the game, instead it’s all about the new european hotties who are taking over because they will work for a lot less and they will do practically anything because they are superfreaks as today’s episode on Pure POV shows

Pure POV Helen

So yeah you can probably tell that she has just gone legal to enter the industry thanks to those braces to keep her teeth nice and perfect (not as if it matters or anything because the only thing that is going to be touching those today is a load of cum that will splashed all over this whore’s mouth, and that is worth and evil laugh about). The guys who did the filming claim to have found her in some cafe being a waitress but the likelyhood is that they found her topless modelling or something for magazines and offered her a much better paycheck or chance of fame by going with them and getting into the hardcore porn industry, something that you can’t really blame them for doing when the girl is this hot, I certainly would be attempting to get them interested as well.