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Monsters of Cock: Londyn

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

I’m back once again at the start of another hard week and that’s no pun for the dick, it’s actually going to be very busy going on but I’ll make sure that you don’t go five or so days without an update again because that really sucked, but at least I returned and threw up something impressive when I went hunting for the mature material and found sluts like Ava Devine getting drilled and I’m sure you know that name from previous updates which suggests that you know she has experience in the game. She moves like a cyclone on the cock and I’m not trying to Bash you with lyrics there, it’s the real truth and I wish I could report on it more but I’ll probably be left waiting for the next time she releases another scene for one of these huge web companies that give out their content pretty freely and allow people like me to continually supply you guys with the material that you want without having to sign up and spend your hard earned money on. Either way I’ll definitely set myself up for an interesting year because if you guys are going to be demanding more I’ll up my game and continue the march into the new porn era with girls like Londyn from Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock: Londyn

How many massive cocks have been in there in her short lifespan, it’s probably not worth thinking about or you would be permanently put off from wanting to sleep with her, but that’s not a problem because soon enough all of you will be working hard trying to keep the game up when she approaches you in the bar and shows a bit of a interest. In that kind of situation you just have to have the attitude of a player and not even care about the fact that you might get turned down for what could be a potentially interesting meet up, especially if you took it further than just being friends which is obviously what any smart man would do if he had the opportunity to dig it with a porn star. If you can pull one of those then you are set up on the track to be a complete player, no women will ever be able to resist you and I find that running frogsporn grants me this priviledge as well because they know I’m a player who’s got the money to support them for life, but you need your head checked if you think I’m gonna sit there and support some hoe while she works the pole. I’ll fill you in on the details tommorow when I update again.

Cougars in Heat: Michelle

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

It’s been a bit of a wait for some new content courtesy of the site but that’s only because they’ve been updating weekly for their members like you would expect and not really putting as much effort into releasing their exclusive pictures and videos for free because they are definitely worth a lot more than that, I can testify to that fact. The best thing is that all of the episodes they film have been done recently and what’s better on top of that is the fact you won’t see them anywhere else, so they are exclusive and exotic which can only mean a good thing for a quality site (it kinda reminds me of that 15 on 1 homepage which I talked about a while ago and probably needs an update by now). Anyway you know the blurb about the site, it’s a very interesting story that goes with today’s update which will interest you if you’ve ever been a toker because it’s probably a situation you would have wished to be in a hundred times before and even if you’ve been in something similar, it would definitely not have ended up as hot as Michelle’s scene did on the update they’ve only just added to Cougars in Heat

Cougars in Heat: Michelle

Now the break is over I can start telling you about it in depth, the gallery itself gives and overview but I’ll regurgitate it for understanding. Basically this hot brown haired MILF was sitting in her living room and she had been paying this 19 year old guy from next door to clean up her house (washing the floors, moving the lawn and stuff) while her husband was out for a couple of months. So she had a day off work and decided to be a bit lazy as she just sat around watching TV when suddenly under the sofa she felt a bag which turned out to be full of a weed. He was totally busted and she started threatening that she was gonna tell the police and his parents and get him kicked out of the coveted college that he attends unless he followed her instructions to the letter. As you can guess this is a porn site so you know what she wanted and from the looks of thing she got it pretty damn hard, including a nice big cumshot at the very end that would make everyone viewing it very happy to see. I’ll be back tommorow with more, so until then stay safe and we will speak again soon.

Lisa Sparxxx

Friday, September 28th, 2007

An entire post dedicated to one woman you say, I know it seems pretty weird and you probably weren’t expecting it but I can do my best to guarantee that you will love it now it’s here, because it’s not just a link to the site and telling you to sign up today, instead we are switching to a format where you guys get a view of tons of the different content that they hold in the member’s area under lock and key and trying to prevent people getting access to free, but then why have we ever cared about that kind of thing in the past, you know us by now and we don’t play by the normal rules that apply to the web porn game. Anyway you will definitely have heard of the chick we are talking about today because she’s been in the game for a number of years and has now gained a massive following opportunity. It’s the badass booty hoe who’s become legendary for fucking 900 odd men in one day and she definitely hasn’t stopped yet, which is a good thing if you are a fan of the work of Lisa Sparxxx

Lisa Sparxxx

Even if you don’t pick up on the name you will probably have seen that name and face before because she’s appeared in tons of video releases, a lot of which have been licensed for the web, as well as doing a lot of web exclusive scenes for her own site that have been syndicated elsewhere so they’ve hit eyeballs all over the world in the recent years. Anyway I’m not gonna go on too long because there are three fresh galleries waiting for you to hit hard and start downloading the images of when you are ready to hit them. Either way it’s something to bear in mind when you are trying to hit the streets and pick up the game more frequently which would definitely get you laid as if you were some kind of artist. I’m gonna pop off into the hood to try and find all of you some more of this type of material for tommorow, so sit back and relax and enjoy this girl with her photos and movies until then.

Blowjob Ninjas: Rachel Starr

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

I’m sorry I can’t provide an internal gallery today, I’ve just been so busy trying to sort things out that it hasn’t come up and I am going to have to link you elsewhere to get the material, which is somewhat depressing because I try hard to let you guys be free in what you do and not have to hunt around tons of different sites if you see a girl that you like and want to get content of her and you end up getting trapped in that endless loop which put me off some of the chicks like Liz Vicious to begin with but I soon regained my confidence and when hunting for what they had in store, which turned out to be a lot more interesting than I ever could have thought. Either way it will definitely be an interesting evening whichever way it turns out, so don’t let your activities get the better of you because soon you won’t have any issues having to deal with these problems, instead you will become a legend and maybe even recruited to be one of the Blowjob Ninjas

Blowjob Ninjas: Rachel Starr

Now we have to move quickly and that doesn’t mean all of this text is going to turn into gibberish because I put a lot of effort into my punctuation and generally sounding like I know what I’m talking about, but that doesn’t mean you should have any issues with what’s going on outside of that and it’s how I continually work towards improving the attitudes of those who are out on the town and looking for brand new opportunities in the industry. Anyway it’s time for no more blathering on because it’s just taking up vital download times if you guys are out hunting for the galleries and where to get them from, so until tommorow I’ll just leave you guys here and hope that you don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, which is obvious because there’s a lot of stuff I would do and I think you know that after many years of soul searching through this fantastic website. Stay safe.

Brandi Belle: Boyfriend won’t mind

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

As I promised yesterday, even though there was a rather large break that probably shouldn’t have been put in (if I had followed the code of the scouts, I would have been totally prepared for what was to come) but let’s not dwell on it because the important thing is that I’m back in the game and ready to teach you people something new about the world as you get involved in more and more women getting fucked on video, just the way it should be if you guys are to believed. It’s not like we’ve been doing anything especially naughty and reading the Diary of a Milf Today’s the weekend and now the game is totally on which means you shouldn’t live a lie, instead preferring to relax in the game not having to worry about the kind of people who might pop up into your window and start rolling on you, like this little brunette slut that I’m bringing up today from the hood and trying to floss her out to the world who might appreciate what she brings to the world and keeps up inside her panties, it’s that little legendary tramp Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle: Boyfriend Won't Mind

That massive image sitting there should definitely be more than enough of an incentive to try and hit the streets in order to find someone to talk to, but don’t wish for anything unjust because it would just result in you being bored and not trying to become the total source for all of your adult material in the future, instead it’s just something interesting to see and if you can get a good enough glimpse of what happens then maybe quicker than you ever thought you will be up in the pornographic game trying to get your roll on. Now you know what’s coming up next and even though it hasn’t hit as hard as you might have suspected in the last couple of weeks it’s going to be better than ever real soon now and you won’t be able to hold anything back, so just relax and take in your surroundings because I am preparing to destroy them with the skills that made me what I am nowdays, so send your attention this way please and you’ll soon be up in the game.

Ass Army

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

It’s a brand new site in order to help you guys over the dissapointment of not having updates for a couple of days there and I hope it will really impress you because I’ve been working on it for a long time now, there’s no doubt about that, even if the site doesn’t allow a huge amount of their videos to be given out for free because they know that people can come to places like this and collect the best of their videos without paying the full amount, but why should we care about that because if you want to watch porn and don’t want to pay then that it just a choice you make and someone has to be there to supply you with the goods, hence why today we are looking into some of the dirtiest amateurs who are out on the street and trying to do something different with their lives, which usually involves their exit hole (that fine round butt that you can usually appreciated) being penetrated by a massive cock, which we have to endorse as one of the most interesting things we’ve seen all year, even if it’s not quite to everyones taste. Anyway here’s the site and I hope you enjoy it, more description after the break about Ass Army

Ass Army: A New Site

I know it’s been two days focusing on the booty now but we will soon get back to some other materials that you like so don’t start getting uppity with me just yet, there is going to be a large explosion of new things out there to explore and I’ll try to keep up with each and every one of them, even if it means you guys having issues with saving all of the files that are going to be popping up on each and every one of these web homepages over the coming months. Anyway I should probably stop talking now because it’s potentially not as interesting as anything you could download from the web page that I linked you to would actually contain and after surveying the girls that are present on it, I would back up this statement fully and can’t wait until people start believing in themselves. Another update will be hard hitting you guys tommorow, so brace for impact on that one.

Ass Parade: O Lovely Ass

Friday, September 21st, 2007

It’s been a long break and I personally would like to apologise for that because it shouldn’t have been, but that’s not something that matters now because I am trying to get into a new archive of hot girls to supply you with right now while also trying to support a hectic life that is keeping me buzzing around areas that I would never have dreamed of going to in the past, but there’s plenty of time for beautiful women to be caught on camera and love the experience of it, not unlike that chick Ann Angel. Let’s not lie about these sorts of things people, if you have come out trying to be cool and are hoping for more people to admire the skills that you’ve got then you will need to back in up by showing off your power of being an alpha male, otherwise you are going to slip to the side and she won’t be interested in you, which is what the owner’s of today’s site worked out quickly when dealing with this week’s hoe to be added to Ass Parade

Ass Parade O Lovely Ass

I know you’ve been struggling with an addiction for this type of material for the last couple of months and that has to be broken as we venture into different areas of the world, because it’s definitely good to approach different sites and the women that are featured on them and how they can rotate their bodies just for you if you’re watching. I can’t say I am ever surprised by things like this though and there is no reason for you guys to be either, it’s all about being social and watching people smile. I’m gonna stop talking about this material now because it’s more interesting to get straight involved with the hot porno girls and when they mess around it’s not a good thing to see them getting naked. I’ll be back tommorow, I can promise you this, so have a good time and come back in the near future for more.

Monsters of Cock: Allie

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

It’s back in the game one more even though the weekend is hustling everyone in the world as they relax and visit new locations, but that’s not what you should be worrying on as you head over here after the twenty four cut off limit for returning has hit. It’s exactly mid-september now and you don’t have to worry about it because I’ve got the rest of the month covered as usual and you certainly won’t be forced to look at things like the Hot Muscle Dudes but instead there will be girls flowing everywhere which will certainly make an interesting proposal when you hit the streets looking for new booty and trying to convince a chick to settle down with you and let you tap that every single day of the week for the next couple of years or so, that is of course if you want commitment, you can alternatively have all of the women you want and not just settled down with one but you have to respect your age if you are taking that route, so remember to keep on track with the Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock Allie

I have had some suggestions over the past few weeks or so saying that the large preview images that accompany these posts should be linked to maybe a movie trailer or a streaming video that gives you a pretty long preview clip of what happens and gets rid of the need to load the actual .wmv or .mpeg file onto your PC and instead you can watch it straight away. There’s always new stuff on the horizon and I’ve been promising it to you guys for ages but it’s actually all coming together now and it’s not like you have to keep your mouth shut when you are trying to get up there into the game, you just have to hold everything together and hope for a good round of pussy to come up into your area and trying to get all up in your face. Either way it’s an exciting time for everyone and you should jump on board with these hot galleries before they get snapped up by everyone else.

Wife Switch: Dee’s and Hart’s

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I’m back like I promised I would be and it’s no suprise that a brand new update should be awaiting you, with the promise that tommorow with bring you another brand new site which I don’t think has been on here for about a week now so that should be something worth checking out for sure. Either way it’s going to be an eventful few days if you are a follower of porn because I know a lot of hard hitting sites will be coming out in that time and some of them will feature content that will blow you onto another planet over time and that is honestly no bullshit, I’ve had sneak peeks at these behind the scenes and I’ve even been trying to get them out quicker because it’s so useless to have them in hiding where no-one can sign up which means no logins and how much would that suck or alternatively they can’t enjoy what’s available inside. Let’s not look into the future though because no-one knows what could happen tommorow, some meteor could hit earth and it could contain the biggest bunch of booty hoes you’ve ever seen from outer space, OK maybe not, but at least i’ll still be here rain or shine to bring you new episodes off sites like Wife Switch

Wife Switch Dee's and Hart's

It’s a pretty usual setup for a site like this and I think from the title you are going to guess the premise, but I don’t really care because it’s the quality of the content that matters, especially because this is one of the very first scenes I’ve seen in a long time that features that slut Sophie Dee who I think has come all the way from England to star in the industry and she certainly has made a big name for herself so far (primarily due to her work with the legendary Bang Bros) but now she’s dyed her hair black from the platinum blonde that it used to be in order to grab more attention and it’s certainly working because she looks fantastic straight away, compared to what she used to (which was actually pretty generic now that I consider it, but oh well). So i’m just gonna shut up and take my ass away in order to get that new site prepared for you all so you don’t get sent out of the network without being able to hook up what’s going anyway. Now let’s go and you guys make sure you hit back here in 24 hours checking for new stuff.

Bangbus: On the Road Again

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

It’s been a while, well around twenty four hours in reality but that is nowhere near enough to stop me because I’ve been working hard all day and looking around the net for something specific to deliver and believe me, I think I have found it by now and it’s nothing softcore or solo so you have the potential to get bored if you don’t find one specific woman that attractive, a problem that some fans of Andi Pink but definitely not all of them because she is ultimately fine and no-one would mess around with her. So apart from that little rant I had there today is progressing pretty well especially when you consider the kind of material that is getting posted on here every single day. It’s from a very famous site indeed and that’s not something you should mess around with when you next log on to Bangbus

Bangbus Road Again

Yeah and that’s the precise reason why we are heading into the final day of the week with such a big smile on our faces, if it was any other way around then there would be nothing to worry about but it’s the continual erosion of this kind of content over the years that has forced the porn companies to act and to step their game up which has enabled people like me to continually hit you guys with the latest and greatest girls getting into the industry. Now apart from this I think you all know what is about to hit you, it’s some of that big free hitting picturew gallery shit and no-one will really worry about whats in it because you already know it’s going to be some good quality material. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one to try and front about what’s happen. Anyway I’ll leave you guys to check this latest update out and report in tommorow once more.