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Foxy Jacky

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

After I last brought you an update, I know you guys are eagerly awaiting a surprise that might be waiting around the corner, but instead I am delivering something completely different in the form of a hot solo girl site and what she gets up to when no-one is around to watch her, hell this girl is so horny that she even does it when people are around just for the thrill and it’s all uploaded to the members area of her site so that you can log in and browse all of the material inside while communicating to her through many methods, one of which being AIM instant messaging as you get her contact details when you sign up so you can keep chatting away to the girl that you are watching on the screen whenever she is online. We have a massive dose of free previews from her site to show you today, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get what is going on and I won’t take that long to explain it, either way it is a highly sexual experience and I’m sure after taking a good look at her official website you will become a huge fan of Foxy Jacky

Foxy Jacky

As you can probably tell from the site layout and the girls tat she is posing with, this stunner was found and recruited by the legendary solo girl who has been dominating the market over the past five years and who I am sure that I have brought to you more than once, the babe that is Melissa Midwest, but we aren’t here to talk about her and instead it’s all about this new blonde entering the industry and trying to make the biggest splash possible as she goes around and shows everyone what she’s got for the future and the no doubt hundreds of updates that are going to be coming soon to her site. We definitely expect this girl to be famous within months from the way she’s going, so keep your eyes open for more.

ZTOD: New Updates

Friday, June 20th, 2008

A site that I brought to you first a long time ago is back for more and I have to tell you about how awesome the content that they’ve been putting online over the last few months, it’s something quite amazing as due to the current economic state of the world there is tons of sites that barely ever updates and are scared to present their members with new things, instead the guys over at Zero Tolerance make sure that you are inundated with material that you will enjoy and use the maximum of your abilities in order to have check out these hotties as they act naughty in front of the camera and then really do show off their skills at getting fucked. It’s not as if they haven’t done it before so you can be sure that when you see a popular pornstar like this, they are the real deal and everyone will want to get in there with them and bang those hot asses. I’m not here just to talk about the women though, I’ve arrived today to bring you news of exciting updates on ZTOD

ZTOD Updates

They have added all new DVD profiles which include masses of free pictures and videos as well as awesome model info on each of the titles and the best thing about it is that they have promised to keep the free preview addition schedule going at one per month, which means you will really enjoy the way that they always have new material whenever you come back to check out something that you might have liked in the past. It’s not about what I can show you guys for you to enjoy, but instead I will let you in on a little secret and deliver one of the best updates that I have done in weeks as I show you the kind of thing you will want in on and especially with the fantastic value for money that they have inside of their members area. I’ll leave it to the preview galleries now, but if you really want to check this out then you should do as soon as possible.

Cougars in Heat: Demi Delia

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I know it’s been a while since I brought you guys to the forefront of this MILF action, but I had to return today when I saw the body on this beautiful woman and she certainly will grab your attention, if not your stiff dick when you see how fantastic she looks in front of the camera while posing with that body on display making everyone stare at her. In this episode, this slightly well known older woman is starting to get her foot in the door of the adult industry and it’s no surprise to see her working her charms on another younger man who is eager to get experience in fucking ladies like this who know exactly what they want and how to get it. She doesn’t mess about when it comes to the cock and the reason for that is obvious, and it’s why you will probably want to get on over to their official site and check out what is happening in the latest scenes over at the legendary and exclusive homepage of the Cougars in Heat

Cougars in Heat: Demi Delia

This young guy can barely believe his luck that such a hot woman is fucking him, but it’s no real surprise to the rest of us because we’ve seen her doing her thing on other porn sites and making it fantastic when she shakes that ass and really shows herself off to the camera while being fucked. It’s nothing to make jokes out of now, if you’re interested you better sign up and get yourself a password while she is still fresh on the site, although I know a lot of you prefer to see the free material and that’s all here to enjoy as well. I’ll back away from the game now for a while and let you guys do your thing, but as long as you keep it real I will be quickly back here once more to deliver another fresh batch to your door while you’re waiting. Keep checking back on Frogsporn for more updates on what’s going on.