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Dogging Uncovered gets Revitalised

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Like many of the sites in this niche recently, we felt that it was getting a little stale to have these dogging maniacs pushed to the side in favour of others, so it was time for us to delve deeper into what they were doing and to start enjoying the pleasures of the girls who so willingly pose for the camera when they are out doing their nasty business for the crew in front of the cars and in public. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how risky their business is, but it’s just how these hot models work and they really don’t care about sucking multiple people’s cocks at once, in fact they will quite regularly get in on the action with two or three guys and make sure that each one is kept as hard as possible and that the person who is supplying that hard rod is having as much fun as her. It all works out for the best when you stumble across the dirty sluts who we work hard to find and film for our weekly scenes that we add to Dogging Uncovered

Dogging Uncovered: Revitalised

If you’re not familiar with the scene and what normally happens when people get involved in this, then do not be shocked to see a bunch of amateur people getting crazy on film and probably the best thing about it is the fact that they all do it in public, where anybody could just come along and notice what they are doing as well as reporting them. These english sluts really don’t care though and as long as they get some hard dicks shoved down their throats, they are more than happy to continue sucking on. Of course I’m treating you guys to the very best and by that I mean some hardcore free galleries taken straight from their members area, just so you guys don’t have to pay for a password in order to enjoy the hot free porn that they keep locked inside of their ever popular site. I’ll be back soon with another hot addition, but until then just enjoy this load.

Pure 18: Nicole Ray

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

It’s a newcomer to the porn industry again, I know in the four or so years I’ve been online I must have brought you guys so many of these that you are now getting bored of seeing new hot girls who will never appear in porn again because they get boyfriends or get scared of being recognised or something, but I find it really erotic that the slutty eighteen year old girls of today want money and fame so badly that they will do anything to get it and that includes appearing on camera with a huge cock stuffed right into their tight pussies and still smile at the camera because they are loving every moment of it. In fact these girls have so much fun that sometimes they are convinced to come back purely because of the awesome sex that they have with our hired studs. Anyway, enough explaining about what’s going on today, it’s time to deliver the payload so you guys better be ready for a leggy teen that can’t resist having fun when you see the stunner that is Nicole, today’s update on Pure 18

Pure 18: Nicole Ray

She really takes to getting fucked well, in fact I think this chick will be in the industry for a long time to come yet because she has the skills that we’ve seen on very few other chicks which means I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bangbros take her under their wing like they did to some other very famous pornstars and really boosted their careers by putting them in some new videos and on their top sites. It will be fun to chart the career of this girl in the future and for those of you out there who want to track chicks and what they are up to, then keep your eyes peeled for what this one will get up to in the next couple of months. I’ll be back tomorrow with another update, so until then just chill out and wait for my return.

Brandi Belle Revisited

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

I first brought you this chick a pretty long time ago now and since I last did an update on her, a lot has changed about the site that she runs and how many fans she has accumulated. I won’t underestimate her fame, there are thousands of people now searching for the material that she appears in and it’s going to be hard to deliver you guys something totally new and radical, but as usual I have worked my heart out to provide you fans with the ultimate in the content available from the site and make no mistakes will this blow your socks off when you get to check out all of the free picture galleries that I can link you to at the end of speaking about with these hot teen girls and the way that they get laid. Let’s no be foolish here, I will quickly bring things about for you guys to get in with this hardcore solo girl, but first you must experience the amount of upgrades that have been done while she’s been away shooting new videos for her exclusive site over at Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle Revisited

After seeing that preview I bet it has got a few of your motors running which means that it won’t be long before you will be demanding to see the hot free movies that she now has on her site for people who would potentially want a password to find and enjoy. Let’s not be silly about this though, she definitely wants the cock and nothing will stop her getting to it. In fact we facilitate it by going around the south of Florida and looking for guys who are interested in seeing her naked and it doesn’t take very long from them seeing her body to wanting to fuck her. It’s why she is so famous already on the internet and it’s why it probably won’t be long until she has reached the heights of superstardom amongst solo teen girls and their websites. I’ll be back tomorrow with more, so check back here later.

ZTOD: Internal Cumbustion

Monday, August 11th, 2008

After bringing you news of the updates on this site in the last couple of weeks, I decided that reporting on their monthly updates would be something special because they always have something new for you to enjoy and it pretty much always features the biggest name pornstars in the industry, doing what they do best and enjoying the huge amounts of cock that swing their way. They really love getting fucked and it’s all caught on video thanks to the guys over at Zero Tolerance who have really worked over the last couple of months to ensure that you get a brand new DVD as much as possible. It’s not even something to be proud of because they don’t think anything of it apart from delivering a brilliant quality porn DVD every week to your computer. That is of course whether you decide to download it because if you have a membership to their giant site, you get to chose exactly what you download thanks to ZTOD

ZTOD: Internal Cumbustion

It certainly won’t disappoint, which is why you guys have to go and check it out. I won’t tell you much more though because instead of just giving you the link to their main page and telling you that it is your problem to find some free content, instead I will bring you guys all of the free pictures that I can find from inside of their members area and the restricted access DVDs that they put out into the retail market featuring all of the hottest pornstars in the world getting fucked in different niches (of course all changed up into different releases in order for you to enjoy). Here are the hardcore galleries that I was promising you just now and I’ll be back later today or tomorrow to deliver another load for you guys to enjoy the quality of.

Chicks Love Chicks

Monday, August 11th, 2008

It’s a saying you might have heard before, but you probably won’t have seen it in action unless you browse the lesbian genre of porn regularly, which would make you one of the avid fans of our site because we are almost constantly exploring girl on girl action and it’s one of our favourite things to do. Either way I’m not gonna sit here and tell you about these european sluts putting their hands all over one another without showing you the action and it’s just about to arrive here for you, so while you gear up and get ready to see these babes pulling off their clothes and getting dirty with one another, it’s time for me to lay off and go and find one of the biggest pictures they have in order to deliver you with a hot preview of what you will be getting your hands on for free in the next couple of minutes after you make your jump down past our image and start checking out the free previews and movies provided kindly by the film crew who make Chicks love Chicks

Chicks love Chicks

Of course if you’re wondering about the quality of women who might appear on such a site, you need not worry because they have all of the finest women and that means stunners like Susana Spears and all her european hotties who have followed her into the industry trying to become as popular. It doesn’t take long to download the content even though it is all available in high definition, which is why this site has won numerous awards for it’s ease of use and the way that it’s impressed porn fans across the globe with how quickly you can enjoy the hot babes getting lesbian and having fun with one another. Either way I’m not here simply to tell you about it and not actually deliver, so you guys get the treat of enjoying some free pictures from the site in the form of my usual threesome, so come back tomorrow for more.

Bangbus: Gianna Michaels

Monday, August 4th, 2008

It didn’t take very long to get into the swing of things today as we hooked up with a big tit superstar who has been on this site many times before over the past couple of years in which we have been updating every day, but today she’s hooked up with one of the biggest sites on the internet as it was something of a curiousity that she had become such a huge name in the industry without actually filming an episode for them. So when she saw the production team driving around and looking for a new model to put into their van and fuck her hard until she was completely exhausted and full of cum to the point where it was bubbling out of her tight pussy. There is only one curvy babe who can do all of this at one time and she’s someone you will most definitely recognise if you consider yourself a big fan of the pornographic industry, it’s the one and only Gianna Michaels

Bangbus: Gianna Michaels

Now you’ve obviously understood the concept of the bangbus from previous posts because I have displayed my affection for what they do numerous times in the past. It’s no real surprise to see it cropping up once more and that’s why when I saw this I just had to make sure that all of the best material from the scene was loaded up onto one clean page for you to easily access and enjoy. It’s not even any problem for you guys because you get it all free and you don’t have to worry about paying a dime because it’s all free, as it always has been thanks to the brilliant work that I put in to provide all of you gets with the freshest free porn on the internet. Come back tomorrow for another hot lot when I will be exposing more of these hot women for you.

Frogsporn introduces Fansigns

Friday, August 1st, 2008

You may have noticed yesterday that we had a new addition to the side of the page, and if you’d have clicked it you probably would have got a pleasant suprise in the form of a new page that we have added showing you all of the famous pornstars in the industry who enjoy reading Frogsporn so much that they decided to make a picture showing us some love. Pornstar Fansigns have been around for a while, but we have by far the best collection and it is growing every week which means you can come back and see it again whenever you like and there will probably be a new girl on there showing off her fantastic body as well as holding up a sign enjoying her time with us. We even have women who have since retired from the industry, including the legendary Raven Riley for you to enjoy, so check this out and then come back later today for a new section on a solo girl that we have been working on for a few months now.