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The Taylor Twins Return

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

It’s probably been over two years since you last saw these beauties, but in the time you were gone they got a lot naughtier and have a huge members area now, waiting for any guys who are interested in their hot bodies to come along and play with them, with over forty picture sets and lots of movies inside waiting for you if you decide to sign up. I don’t know why it took me so long to rediscover these babes, but I’m glad I did at the right time because they really rock your world when you notice how attractive they are and how good they look when posing in front of the camera. Either way, I have to say I am now a lifelong fan and even though there are rumors of them working as camgirls or not being with Phil Flash and his network of hotties any more, we still find them essential to the industry today, there aren’t many babes out there who can do it like this, so get checking out their site right now. Judging by the big preview picture I’ve delivered, you can probably guess that it’s the Taylor Twins

Taylor Twins

Now, rather than getting into the nitty gritty of what they look like, as ever I will just focus on providing you guys with the goodies and that photo and video content that you wouldn’t really get anywhere else. A lot of sites would be too busy telling you to sign up to the members area and not letting you see any free previews to know what you are getting into before seeing these girls having a lot of natural fun and messing about with each other. I’m not going to waste any more of your time anyway, so here are the free picture galleries and I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did, because they are definitely quality sets with some beautiful women featured in them. I’ll just sit back now and let you guys get on with viewing these hotties naked and if you need anything after that, let me know and I’ll update with more tomorrow.


Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Today it’s my task to bring you guys one of the hottest new dating sites online and that is no joke, they’ve only launched in the last couple of weeks and their job is to bring you guys all of the sexiest ladies online who are just looking to get fucked. It’s no surprise they have over four million members in such a short time, the people behind this site have made one of the most advanced user interfaces ever and it pays because it’s really easy to use and finding people nearby who want casual sex is nothing at all if you are using their system when trying to locate them. In fact it’s the reason I’m here today, it’s not often that I bring you guys some galleries and tell you a site without checking it out first and normally I purchase a trial membership to enjoy what they have available but not have to deal with it, but with this site I have actually signed up and became a member, I am paying for their services because whenever I browse it I find a new girl to fuck, thank god for ULust


They really work on making your visits exciting and will even email you every single week with the new members who have signed up nearby to you, which means you can browse all of the freshest meat around and that always involves some of the hottest young babes. They certainly don’t mess around we would recommend that you get on the webcam to them first to check out their amazing bodies because you can go one-on-one with them and it will enable you to experience how good they look before you actually get to meet up with these hotties and slam their tight asses like you know you’ve been waiting to do ever since you saw their profile pictures and decided that you wanted to fuck these girls. You came to exactly the right place, so I’m now going to hit you with the free materials then come back tomorrow, catch you later.

Dames with Dicks

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

I’m back today and I’m here to hit you guys on a positive note because I think the last two updates have probably been a bit depressing and you’ve probably been looking for more, well you don’t have to look much further because I’ve just turned up with all of the tools available for pumping these whores out and dumping them in the river of life. It’s no joke that throughout the years this site has been in existence we have probably looked at thousands of different girls out there, but it’s only a few select times that I can pick out that we’ve checked out shemales (trannies to you and me), also known as female girls who also have penises, and today’s site is definitely one of the hottest homepages out there as they aren’t stuck in the past like many other porn organisations, they have taken photos and videos of all of the latest girls, importantly, in high definition. You can see every drip of sweat on their fine bodies as they get fucked and do some serious fucking of their own and every minute of it gets uploaded to Dames with Dicks

Dames with Dicks

Now you’ve seen that big preview image, I’m sure you guys will be drooling for some more of it and I’m not far behind the trend, already working on the next niche of this site that I will be delivering to you guys along with the free picture and movie galleries that you have been waiting a long time to see, either way it’s going to be exciting and there is no reason why any of you guys shouldn’t be in on viewing the free material because you know every single image and movie clip that I deliver will be free of charge in order to give you guys a good insight into the workings of these sites and what happens when you sign up and get into the members areas. It’s not something you guys should be concerned with right now though, instead you should go on and enjoy these free picture galleries and know that these shemales love getting fucked.

Alison Angel Retires

Friday, September 12th, 2008

It’s a sad day that I have to come and tell all of you guys something like this, and it’s a good reason for why I’ve been out of it for a while, but I know you guys will be as sad as me when you hear that this legend from the solo girl industry has retired from the industry and will no longer be posing for her site. The news came in late August as the owner posted of how she had flip-flopped between wanting to continue and not and then eventually decided that she would rather persue her wish to become a nurse and would not want to perform in any more photoshoots again. While this is a great shame for us and the three thousand people who were signed up to her site and enjoying the weekly updates, it is obviously her decision and we should all respect that she wants to continue on with her life without continuing to be the internet star that we all remember her as, so instead of mourning our loss, I will lead you guys to all of her best scenes from few the years, it’s the one and only Alison Angel

Alison Angel Retires

It’s such a great shame, but seeing as I have so many awesome photo galleries of her through the years that you guys will be here for weeks checking out each of the individual photos and really enjoying the sight as she works herself something silly in front of the camera and goes to hundreds of different locations, posing and looking fantastic in front of the lens with a body to die for and a natural smile that would make any man’s heart melt like butter. It’s certainly something you will be interested in if you are a fan of hot porn, so get over there right now and check out all of the hot free galleries and videos that are available just there for you on the front page. It’s something special and Frogsporn has delivered once more.