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Gigi Spice

Monday, October 20th, 2008

I’m back today and I think I’m going to shock you more than I ever have done before as I bring you one of the cutest latina girls I have laid eyes on in years and she wants to pose especially for you guys, not messing around or trying to be sweet and posing without getting naked, I am talking about a girl that loves to get fucked and she especially likes it when it’s on camera and everyone can see what’s happening to her, that’s something which is quite exciting and there’s no reason to not check it out and get involved. There aren’t many girls out there in the world who would get fucked on camera, especially girls who have their own modelling websites and have fans around the world waiting to see the updates that feature. It’s all in a normal day for this tight bodied teen and when she puts the other sluts to shame, you guys will be impressed with how hot she is and that’s one of the best things about dealing with girls who come from south of the border like Gigi Spice

Gigi Spice

Now that you’ve seen that preview picture of her, I’m sure you will be more than interested in seeing more, and if I told you that in the free galleries she appears in, you get to see this babe getting naked and showing off her body for the entire world as well as getting fucked by random guys that absolutely love feeling up her tight abs and giving this girl a fucking like she never imagined she would be getting. It makes amazing viewing and that’s why I think you guys should keep on viewing this material as I am bringing it to you and until tomorrow when I deliver more, you should just sit back and enjoy what I have to show you, it’s all hardcore and totally enjoyable when you get to view this content, so come back tomorrow and I’ll have some more for you and after that you can log onto this site itself and view all of the free pages that try and show you just how much of a babe she is. Take it easy guys and enjoy the work of Gigi and her friends.

Brandi Love: New and Improved

Friday, October 17th, 2008

When I saw that the new site of a girl I last brought to you nearly three years ago had been completely redecorated and relaunched with new payment plans and credit card processors, giving the entire thing a complete makeover that will surely make it worth visiting again, especially if you liked it the first time I brought it to you. She’s done a lot since we last caught up with her, appearing on a number of mainstream and popular TV programs discussing her life in pornography as well as her open relationship with her husband which allows her to shoot so much new hardcore content whenever she wants to and whenever she is horny, which just so happens to every day of the year for a nympho like this. It’s a legendary MILF who was one of our most popular girls when we first brought her to you and I’m sure that status will return quickly when you view all of these new free picture galleries and movie clips thanks to the stunning cougar Brandi Love

Brandi Love: Hardcore

She loves getting fucked by random guys as well as her husband and they make some awesome videos and photos together, featuring that well toned body of hers getting put in different positions as she gets penetrated deeply and taken so hard by just about anyone in the swinging parties that you can find inside of the members area here. She even has a section dedicated to the mainstream media that you can find her in, appearing in a number of mainstream TV shows alongside newspapers and magazines discussing her porn career and how much she enjoys a life of having sex and enjoying the views of thousands of fans who visit her sites and download her DVD videos each month. That’s why I have some very hot exclusive pages to give to you guys and when I come back you will get to experience them fully, so keep on refreshing this page for more and until then, enjoy what Brandi has to offer.

Melissa Midwest gets upgraded

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

It’s been a while since this smoking hot blonde teen model appeared on our site, and I think personally that it’s been too long because she is so good looking that she deserves to be on here at least once a month, maybe even once a week when she updates her site with all new content and the live webcam shows that really blow all of her members away. Either way this site is by far one of the best around and it hasn’t got the recognition that it deserves in recent times so I thought I would bring it all back to you guys so you can check out what’s going on and even get yourself a piece of the action by signing up and getting a password. You don’t have to worry though if you don’t want to get a membership just right now, there are tons of ways of checking out free galleries and movies featuring her and I’m going to tell you the best ones right here after you have checked out the massive preview picture of this stunning babe Melissa Midwest

Melissa Midwest: Naked

Now if you have some doubts about what I’m gonna bring you, I instead have a lot of videos and high resolution photos for you to enjoy and they are all going to get listed here, after all you should know that Frogsporn isn’t about linking to sites and trying to introduce you guys to them, instead we are here to delivery the highest quality free content around that will please you before you make your mind up on what kind of sites you want to spend your hard earned cash on getting a password to. Anyways, there is less chatting to be done now as I bring all of guys the massive amount of galleries available, so take it easy until I come back tomorrow with another fresh load of pornography for you to download. Take it simple guys and enjoy the solo girl fun that is being brought to you today.

ZTOD: Drive Thru

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

I’ve arrived back for you guys today to bring you a site that you are getting frequent flash updates from, the owners of this one don’t really mess around when they claim that they have one of the biggest archives of porn around and as they work daily to digitize it all and upload it to their on demand site so that everyone can enjoy it. This isn’t even a typical on-demand site, instead when you pay one fee for a month’s membership, you can download the entirety of what is available inside (although it may take you a while as there is almost a terabyte worth of content spread out amongst these thousands of videos and that means there is lots to get through, which is why a lot of people spend such a long time being signed up to this great site). If you can’t tell by now, there is only one DVD production company that I’m talking about and you will see it around much more in the future again, so prepare for more hot porn courtesy of ZTOD

ZTOD: Drive Thru

Now you’ve seen the preview image for this DVD title, I’d imagine that you are probably gagging at the bit right now to get your hands on it and check out what’s going inside the members area of this giant site because things are really blowing up in there right now and everyone who has a membership has been reporting back to me and leaking information about how amazing everything available inside is. Now I’ll stop bothering you guys and let you enjoy the galleries that they have put up for all of you to check out and download the images from. Now let’s get fully entwined in the hot girls that they’ve updated with and view each of the images in these free content sets. I’ll be back later on tomorrow to bring you guys more, so until then you need to just sit back and relax and wait for me to find more zero tolerance titles that are hot to get fucked to.

Goth Gangbang

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Moving on from yesterday’s update to something entirely different today, I am delving into a niche for you guys that some of you may be shocked by but I think the majority of you will enjoy, it’s a bit for the fetish crowd but that should be no reason not to pay the same amount of attention to the content on here as you can to the normal pornsites that I put up on the web for you guys to check out. These teen babes are quite often pale and don’t say very much in real life, but when they are available for you to watch in real life and they don’t feel intimidated, then you can really enjoy seeing them use their bodies to perfect effect and really please all of the guys who crowd round them and take turns fucking their fine asses and the tight pussies that they quite frequently encounter thanks to this site. I’ll let you guys get on now, but not before I bring you a few more of the features and a huge preview picture thanks to the girls who love getting slammed for Goth Gangbang

Goth Gangbang

With no-one around to spy on them, these girls will reveal their deepest and darkest secrets and they normally revolve around how sexually repressed they happen to be. I’m talking about the fact that these girls crave cock, they won’t even do it for money or the fame that they will recieve, instead all these women are interested in is the sexual gratification that they will get from having sex with random guys and more than one of them at once. That’s why we have become such great fans of this site in such a short period of time and we think you guys should check it out as well, they don’t mess around when they film these hotties and our favourite so far is probably the Roxie chick, that girl loves to fuck and there is no messing around when she gets in front of the lens and starts strutting her stuff, looking like a nymphomaniac that can’t wait to get her next fix of cock.

Tugjobs Gets Videos and Galleries

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

After only a few months since I last brought you a scene from this site, I decided it was time for you lucky guys to have one of the latest updates that they have inside of their members area brought to you, but at the same time I had the rather wacky idea to go a bit crazy and put up some of their best scenes ever, featuring some of the biggest name girls in the industry doing their thing and make them all free so that you guys can browse through their portfolio of some of their most awesome work before making the decision on whether or not you would like to sign up and get a password to access the full thing. Now let’s not go overboard here and say that I’m giving you entire site for free because I’m really not, instead you will get a great selection of the movies and pictures that they have inside just for the members but instead of having to pay for them, you guys will be getting them for nothing thanks to my generous distribution of the Tugjobs


Now that you’ve seen the details of what’s going on inside the of the members area, you guys will probably be gagging to sink your teeth into this site and really check out what’s going on inside, so I won’t hold you back anymore, instead I will let you guys check out what’s going on inside of their members area and enjoy all of the stuff that they have to offer. If you like, then you should definitely sign up for a trial or even maybe a full membership because the amount of effort these guys have put into these videos and the girls have as well, a lot of them developed some seriously sore wrists once they finished up working here, and that’s no joke! I’ll catch you guys tomorrow with another big meaty update

Kayden Kross

Monday, October 6th, 2008

The last time I brought you a site like this you absolutely loved it and that’s no joke, it seems like whenever I bring you these girls doing naughty things nowdays you go wild for them which means I can really deliver all of the best content that I’ve been planning to for months now, in fact just the backend to this current site took a lot of time to develop to make sure that you guys could enjoy as many movies as possible and high resolution pictures as well. There’s no reason for you guys to worry about it anyway, because the only thing that is going to be happening is that you are going to be getting some of the highest quality pornography of one of the hottest girl on the scene right now, no matter what you might have heard about her legal problems or anything else going on in her life. That is why I’ve delivered her in one big package for you to enjoy, so I think soon you will understand when you see the hottie that is Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross

She really knows how to pose, looking fantastic in front of the lens and showing off that beautiful body in the best way. One of the other things that helps is the fact that she poses for only the biggest photographers in the world who know exactly how to make her fantastic, working for huge names like Penthouse and the other giant names. Her profile is only going to rise in the next couple of years, so there’s no reason to think that this site is always going to be based on glamour content and just photo galleries of her getting fucked. Now you just need to keep checking back there as soon as possible to see when it will next be updated with new content of that hottie and then you can be impressed by her amazing body. I’ll be back as soon as possible with another hot site for you guys.

Cum for Cover: Myra Lyon

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

I have travelled back to Europe today and there’s a reason for that, one of which being the fact that I want you guys to experience these hot european girls when they are posing rather than having to deal with the other American girls and the world famous pornstars that I bring to you other times. Either way, we don’t really have to worry about these things because in a few minutes after seeing the massive preview picture that I’ve brought for you, you’ll be checking out the full free gallery along with the high definition video that goes along with it. I’m not going to bullshit you around, the girl in the galleries today is a bit new to the industry and she doesn’t have much experience of fucking on camera, but who cares about that when she looks as good as this. Let’s stop talking about it now and instead all of us can go and see what the fuss is about when we go into the picture gallery and enjoy the images of this babe getting absolutely covered in sperm thanks to the guys who work hard at Cum for Cover

Cum for Cover: Myra Lyon

As you can see if you watch the trailer or even just browse through the large amount of free images that I’ve brought for you, she really doesn’t mind getting freaky very quickly and all of the guys involved here are in for a treat when they start playing with her body and getting the responses that they were expecting. She gets a fucking giant load of sperm dripped all over her and doesn’t even mind as it rolls down her face and fills all the gaps, going into her eyes and her mouth until this girl is quite literally stuff with cum and cannot move without assistance, it’s awesome to watch and the best thing is that you guys have the front row seats to watch all of the action as she takes it from every different angle and enjoys the feeling of them going deeper and deeper inside her, even gagging her at some points. Enjoy this material.

Ice Cream Bang Bang

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I’m back once more and I’m not bringing you an update on anyone elses sites today, it’s purely brand new reality site and I think you guys will already know what that means, it means you are getting some sluts who get fucked in high definition brought straight to your desktop and the scenes have only been filmed in the last few weeks so they are completely fresh out of the editing room. I know you guys will absolutely love this stuff which is why I have brought it out onto the web as soon as possible, it took a while to get everything prepared but I think once you all see these teen girls who approach an ice cream van thinking they are just going to get some sweets and a treat but really get a hard cock shoved in their face and banged so hard that they can barely tell where they are anymore, you will rethink your position on how innocent they really were in the first place. I’m not going to need to do anymore talking once you see the preview image from the site, so head on over there and check it out at Ice Cream Bang Bang

Ice Cream Bang Bang

That should have given you a good idea of what goes on once you start viewing the videos from inside of the members area of this site, but I don’t want you guys going and handing over your hard earned money for no reason now. If there is any way that you should see this site and the hot girls who are fucking inside of their content, you should get to enjoy the free previews first before making upyour mind which is why I have brought you some fresh galleries straight here and you won’t have any reason to doubt how hot they are. Just keep on heading back here for more once you’ve checked out and enjoyed the site as I will be keeping it as up to date as possible over the next few months and years as they continually add new movies to make it a better experience for the consumer.