Tori Black Arrested – Animated Gif Tribute!

In honour of one of my favourite dirty cum sluts Tori Black arrested at the AVN expo in Las Vegas last night, let’s give her a nice treat by showing her some of our favourite gifs of her tight little pussy getting fucked from all of the scenes she appeared in the over the years before disappearing so tragically, only to show up on sites such as TMZ. I’m just fucking with you if your reading this Tori, we fucking love you and hope everything gets better soon, so you can start sucking cock on camera again!!

Tori Black DP
Well. if you’re going to be filming double penetration scenes like this one again, I don’t mind you waiting a little while to come back, it looks like you took such a hard pounding that you will need time to recover. When you mix that with your probation it might take a little while 😉

Tori Black Threesome
I love that you used to appear with other girls too, this is much better than the sound of whatever went down in vegas last night with your fiance. who cares about though! the exposure on the gossip websites will only make your return even greater. if you can’t tell by now I’m just messing with you, but this post serves as a good tribute to Tori Black and all of her amazing scenes.

Tori Black Pussy to Mouth
you know that is going to taste damn good when it goes from pussy to mouth instantly

Tori Black Face during Sex
this girl had one of the dirtiest sex faces you’ve ever seen

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