What happens when you fuck a girl TOO well

If you’ve ever seen the between two ferns sketch where he talks about doing something too well…. this is for you. When your getting fucked in a doggystyle position and your a dirty little slut, it’s always fucking amazing for us viewers of porn to tell that it’s 100% genuine that you are cumming your fucking brains out because your leg muscles STOP FUCKING WORKING. That’s what happens to this girl right here today, and it looks fantastic even when I put it into a gif for you guys. If you are wondering who it is by the way, this little slut is well known to all of us in the porn industry as Gen Padova

Gen Padova Leg Spasm Orgasm

I know you guys like that gif, and if you come back tomorrow I might just tell you a little story of another girl getting fucked in a number of videos for you to watch…. I like to keep things real like that. Actually just before I go I will be a kind soul and tell all of you guys who are going to be out there tonight searching for the source of this video that it comes from ‘Trash Talking Teens’ which has a lot of hot girls like this getting fucked… good luck hunting for it out there on VOD sites, tubes or DVD shops.. wherever you get your porn is good with me, as long as you listen to the great recommendation of the frogsporn.

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