Why tube sites took over the adult industry…

I know you guys have always come to Frogsporn for the free porn we offer here, so I’m going to be straight and level with you guys about some facts in the industry and why the decline as shown on BBC2 last night has happened in a bit more detail

Paysites Small sites with content often shot on the cheap by someone with little skill.
Tubes Huge sites with lots of videos and a big selection.
Paysites Risk of getting ripped off.
Tubes No risk to getting ripped off.
Paysites You have to give up an email address and risk being spammed by porn sites.
Tubes No spam unless you want to give them your email!
Paysites Risk of your wife seeing a porn membership on your credit card.
Tubes No risk.
Paysites Customer has to cancel membership.
Tubes No membership to cancel.
Paysites 30 day membership you may only used 5-8 days a month.
Tubes Anytime anywhere, they are ready for you.
Paysites You pay join, find out there’s nothing inside of much value. You lost $30.
Tubes Don’t find what you like on one tube? There’s rapidshare and a ton of other sites to trawl through
Paysites They have HD.
Tubes HD isn’t enough of a selling point vs. free.

Now you could give a shit about all that important information….. or you could just check out Vicky from ArgentinaTripleX taking two cocks in her dirty little slut face… I know which I would prefer…

Vicky ArgentinaTripleX

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