Why everyone loves rough anal (now with GIFS!)

When it comes to rough anal sex in porn, people are always a little bit put off because guys like Rocco Siffredi and Max Hardcore kinda demonised it by doing the blowbangs and absolutely destroying these little sluts, which I liked because the rough stuff is always good, but sometimes nowdays you have to sit back and enjoy the cuteness of the porn starlets who appear in these videos and I mean that in a way like when i see a girl such as Cody Milo getting banged, I want to see it all romantic and I want to see her tight little body all over the shop, but when guys focus on anal sex they get all up in the rear three quarters and just focus on getting that ass shot in view.

Tight Anal Sex

Like check out that GIF, even with the lube and everything that girl is going to be squeezing that fat cock up her ass and it’s definitely going to be hard for her, but who cares that’s what she loves and you know shes going to have a massive orgasm out of it, which I for one am a huge fan of and that’s why I brought you this post today, to show you all of the fun that these internet hoes be having with anal and to inform you of some of the new girls in the industry who I hope will switch over to the dark side (do you get it? come on that was an absolutely terrible joke but you have to have got it!) Anyway, that’s this for September 2012 but I’ll be back next month to bring you more news in the porno game. I’ll leave you with a perfect example of rough anal sex.

Rough Anal Sex

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