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Tori Black Arrested – Animated Gif Tribute!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

In honour of one of my favourite dirty cum sluts Tori Black arrested at the AVN expo in Las Vegas last night, let’s give her a nice treat by showing her some of our favourite gifs of her tight little pussy getting fucked from all of the scenes she appeared in the over the years before disappearing so tragically, only to show up on sites such as TMZ. I’m just fucking with you if your reading this Tori, we fucking love you and hope everything gets better soon, so you can start sucking cock on camera again!!

Tori Black DP
Well. if you’re going to be filming double penetration scenes like this one again, I don’t mind you waiting a little while to come back, it looks like you took such a hard pounding that you will need time to recover. When you mix that with your probation it might take a little while 😉

Tori Black Threesome
I love that you used to appear with other girls too, this is much better than the sound of whatever went down in vegas last night with your fiance. who cares about though! the exposure on the gossip websites will only make your return even greater. if you can’t tell by now I’m just messing with you, but this post serves as a good tribute to Tori Black and all of her amazing scenes.

Tori Black Pussy to Mouth
you know that is going to taste damn good when it goes from pussy to mouth instantly

Tori Black Face during Sex
this girl had one of the dirtiest sex faces you’ve ever seen

Office Girls

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

It’s a new week and I know a lot of you guys who are reading this right now won’t exactly be happy because it’s Monday and everyone is sitting in their offices. Is that happening to you? Getting all depressed because your looking at that hot ass girl across the office and wondering what she gets up to each weekend in the nightclubs grinding up on guys. Yeah, we’ve all been there and done that and we’ve all fantasised about fucking the shit out of these girls when they come by your office. Well you guys are in for a treat today, because Julia Bond and her pornstar friends have come to the rescue. Before we start talking to much, I’ll treaty you guys to a nice little clip

Kinzie Kenner getting spanked
Yeah that’s Kinzie Kenner getting spanked for all of you guys who have been searching for it for years.

Glasses girl gives Handjob
these dirty little office sluts in their glasses are my absolute favourite

it’s a prime example of how these pornstars love their office sex and seeing as that is now 2 julia bond links in one gallery, i’ll give you a few clips of her too to wet your appetite to see what she gets up to when she’s not trying to convince her manager to give her a promotion by sticking his fucking cock in her mouth and swallowing all the cum he gives her.

Julia Bond POV Sex
hell this image fits the mould, she’s dressed up as a police woman and you get to watch that big ass wobble as she takes the pole. i’ll be back with more tomorrow.

Franziska Facella for FTV Girls

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Well, let’s be honest here, it’s not strictly about this hottie Franziska today, I just saw this amazing picture and decided you guys needed to have a look at it, but to go along with that I decided I would bring you a number of the hottest things I’ve been seeing over at FTV Girls this year. There’s a reason that site had 30,000 paying members and the guys who shoot it drive Bugattis and Veyrons, it’s because it’s the best damn site on the web for glamour photography and will have you intrigued for years. Don’t listen to me talk about it though, check out the perfectly round fucking ass on this hottie

Franziska Facella

Isn’t she just absolutely perfect? That’s not even where it stops… they’ve shot hotties such as Bianca Pureheart, Gianna Michaels, Eva Angelina and pretty much any pornstar out in LA you can name over the couple of years. I decided you guys have seen enough stills from this site over the year, so let’s show you some of the video action you’re missing out on now they are High Definition.

Mia Presley FTV Girls
Mia Presley is grinding that fucking dildo into the ground!!!

Alison Angel
a nice animated gif of Alison Angel masturbating against a bed post

FTV Girl public flashing
the amateur models that they get on this site really will do anything for publicity, she’s showing her tits in a damn supermarket! go check this stuff out and let me know in the comments whether you like it or not!

Riley Shy goes hardcore

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

I think the last time I brought you Riley Shy galleries, it was all about the FTV and Met-Art style of posing gracefully nude and luring you in with her great body. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, if you’ve been following frogsporn for a long time you will know I appreciate girls like Tiffany Teen and Melissa Midwest in their softcore stuff as much as I love seeing a dirty fucking slut like Jenna Haze take it up the ass from 10 guys, but today I decided that dirty little redhead miss shy wasn’t going to get away with just posing softcore for us, so it’s time for her to take some dick.

Riley Shy Handjob

Now that’s a start… hell the girl even takes fucking big black cock nowdays. She’s a dirty slut and absolutely loves her reputation, and I know you guys love her too, so much so that I’ve included this nice long animated GIF of her sucking a big fat cock so you can get a look at her really nice technique, go check this pornstar out.

Riley Shy Blowjob

Riley Mason GIFs

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

It’s a brand new year, welcome to 2012 guys and let me be the first to apologise for not keeping you up to date in 2011. Fuck that though, it’s time to start with one of our old favourite pornstars in the world, the black haired bombshell cumslut that is Riley Mason and this time i’ve provided some hot animated gifs for you to enjoy

Riley Mason Cumshot

Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning in that image? She looks even better when getting fucked, that’s what I love about this girl and it’s why she is a frogsporn favourite that we post over and over again. Forget that for now though and go check out this image gallery of her peeling off some nice pink lingerie

Riley Mason Swallowing Cum
could watch this all day

Riley Mason Blooper Bathtub Fall
wouldn’t mind her landing on my cock

Riley Mason Spitroasted
dirty slut