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Natalia Kalashnikov

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Well pinch, punch the first of the month… March 2012 is here and I guess that means I took a bit too long to come back to you guys after a pretty hectic pornstar start to the year with lots of different girls who are well known throughout the adult video industry. I decided that now we are well into spring and the weather will be heating up again, it’s time to give you guys a little taste of what you might not have seen recently… those amateur up and coming models who aren’t already famous for appearing thousands or hundreds of scenes where they get their ass pounded into oblivion… instead they are still in the stages of their career where they are posing and looking fantastic for the camera with just beautiful young bodies. Today’s target for that kind of market just happens to be the beautiful English/Russian model Natalia Kalashnikov and here’s a picture of her just to add to the mystique

Natalia Kalashnikov

You know one of the main things that I really admire about this girl that a lot of other young models don’t have? I think she has natural beauty and she is in no way ashamed of her body.. she likes the way she looks and in complete contrasts to the girls out there in LA or Porn Valley you won’t see a girl like this heading down to her local plastic surgeon to get some double F balloons put in her tits so she looks like an alien while getting fucked. Even better than that is she has a nice teen model body which I like, and she’s not trying to hide the lack of breasts that she has… if you don”t believe me that some girls do that kind of thing just have a look at this GIF

Padded Bra GIF

Yeah, that’s what happens when you get people shy of showing off their chests. Anyway I’m off to find more material for you guys to look through in the month of march, but for now enjoy Natalia… one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in a while.