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The ultimate Kate Upton dancing GIF

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

This post is my first in a while because I have been busy off finding the best porn (as usual) for you guys and trying to make sense of which sites are the best and have the hottest girls nowadays, it’s a lot of hard work for a guy like me so I want you guys to sometimes give me a break that things can get a little hectic around here, so instead of a perfect porn girl who you will all love and be fans of, I decided that a little more mainstream couldn’t hurt today and the girl involved is simply fucking perfect, she’s something like 19 or 20 and has those tits you could play with for hours and everything else about her is just as good, yeah it’s that sports illustrated girl Kate Upton and yeah she is dancing her fucking ass off in bikinis… and yeah it’s animated GIF so you guys better fucking love it

Kate Upton Dancing GIF

Now if that isn’t a perfect update, I just don’t know what is. I’ll be back soon with more of this calibre stuff so you guys all better be ready for the fun!