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Why everyone loves rough anal (now with GIFS!)

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

When it comes to rough anal sex in porn, people are always a little bit put off because guys like Rocco Siffredi and Max Hardcore kinda demonised it by doing the blowbangs and absolutely destroying these little sluts, which I liked because the rough stuff is always good, but sometimes nowdays you have to sit back and enjoy the cuteness of the porn starlets who appear in these videos and I mean that in a way like when i see a girl such as Cody Milo getting banged, I want to see it all romantic and I want to see her tight little body all over the shop, but when guys focus on anal sex they get all up in the rear three quarters and just focus on getting that ass shot in view.

Tight Anal Sex

Like check out that GIF, even with the lube and everything that girl is going to be squeezing that fat cock up her ass and it’s definitely going to be hard for her, but who cares that’s what she loves and you know shes going to have a massive orgasm out of it, which I for one am a huge fan of and that’s why I brought you this post today, to show you all of the fun that these internet hoes be having with anal and to inform you of some of the new girls in the industry who I hope will switch over to the dark side (do you get it? come on that was an absolutely terrible joke but you have to have got it!) Anyway, that’s this for September 2012 but I’ll be back next month to bring you more news in the porno game. I’ll leave you with a perfect example of rough anal sex.

Rough Anal Sex

Taryn Thomas Returns!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

After many long hiatus stints out of the industry (which if you listen to what wikipedia tells you, some of which were caused by her getting fucked too hard up the ass! now that’s something to run home and tell your parents!… mom, dad I have come back from porn valley and I’m not going to be appearing in any more movies, at least for a little while…. oh hunny, why have you made that decision, have you finally found god? no mum, i got fucked too hard in the ass by shane diesel and my rectum split open!… NICE!). Taryn Thomas knows how to keep it classy and she’s obviously healed up a bit because she’s back and shooting videos once more, which is awesome news!

Taryn Thomas Anal GIF

You can probably see from that gif why I am so happy to have this little slut back in the industry, in fact I’m fairly sure it was her and a few others who managed to usurp Belladonna as being regarded as the dirtiest girls in porn. You see Bella was big back in the day with her gap tooth and her ability to suck a black mans cock pretty much all the way down into her stomach, but when the HD web videos came along and Miss Donna was too busy getting married on whining on about her boyfriend getting herpes from her, girls like Taryn were taking over the mantle and absolutely destroying boundaries with their fantastic work on websites for the Bangbros and Brazzers and people like that, so I am honouring her today with a post dedicated to her skills.

Taryn Thomas

I think she’s back on twitter if you go and have a google around for her, and I’m pretty sure if you are in the arizona area in march she’ll be at a few porn conventions out there, so take your chance and go meet her… hell if she’s in the mood you might get to fuck her! but if that fails, you know you can come back here and I’ll provide you guys the links to the good porn of her!

Bareback Beginners

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I’m bringing you guys something a little strange today, but then I’ve always been known for going outside of the box and that definitely isn’t changing when I bring you these dudes who reject condoms and are so obsessed with getting their own pleasure that they will forsake any kind of protection in order to make sure that their unsheathed dicks are rubbing against pure skin and not having to worry about not having an orgasm due to there no being enough pleasure in sex because of the lack of touching skin available to them. I’m a massive fan of not using condoms during sex especially in porn because everyone is tested and it’s good to see a company agreeing with this motto as they produce some insane videos that make just about everyone in the world stand up and pay attention to what they are doing in the adult industry. More importantly than this, I have lots to offer you guys in terms of free content today and it’s not a problem that’s gone global because today I am bringing you all of the hot content that has been filmed and uploaded exclusively for Bareback Beginners

Bareback Beginners

These guys don’t mind appearing in galleries and movies that really show off their wild side and it’s no real surprise to see why, these videos are fantastic to watch and if you’ve ever wondered what the most intense pornography in the world looks like then you will most definitely want to get yourself inside of the members area of this site (whether it is via a password or through one of their many cheap trial membership options that they have available). Of course you don’t have to wait around for the free content to arrive, I bring everyone all of the best material from these sites that is available without paying and you don’t have to worry about pop-ups or any other crap such as links going to other sites and you not actually being able to save the images and worry about what is online. I’ll be back tomorrow with another fresh load, so you guys and girls enjoy all of this and then I will return with more in the coming days.

Tempting Trannys

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I know it’s been a while since our last update, so I decided something that would really catch your interest today would be taking our normal straight angle on pornography and twisting it up a little in order to grab your attention, and the best way to do that is with something exotic and unique, and today’s site will most definitely live up to that title if you think you are ready to handle it. In the form of some of the dirtiest sluts in the world, the videos on here feature women who have parts of the male anatomy down under (I’ve described the phenomenon of shemales to you guys many times before and it’s not something to be proud of but you should definitely get involved and quickly download as many of the free previews as possible before the rest of the internet clocks on to how awesome them are and wants to download and get their passwords as well). Now, let’s not worry about the problems involved in getting all of these hotties assembled in one single members area, and instead enjoy the brilliance of the content inside of Tempting Trannys

Tempting Trannys

It’s an awesome site and it means it deserves a similar level of brilliance when it comes to delivering the free previews and we’ve made sure that you get them all placed inside of your computer to watch them at any time of the day or night, everyone knows the paying for porn isn’t required nowadays because so many sites give it all away for free and make you wait for downloads while showing you tons of annoying ads and popups, but we make sure you get a good amount of content for free while still promoting the specific site in order for those of you who want to download the full episodes can sign up for a small amount of money at a good value and that is how we manage to keep updating you for the last two or more years with a fantastic amount of galleries and just about everything else under the sun. Now here’s the free galleries for today, and check back soon as we will have another big update for you.

Milf Thing: Eliza

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

It’s been a while since I last came here and it didn’t take very long to get straight back into gear, I know you all have been here waiting for another update for quite a long time and it’s probably overdone, but does it really matter when I can dip into the european stock of sexy whores who will do practically anything when the dick is in front of them, they are freaks for this cock and sometimes we happen to be there to capture all of the action on video, one of the primary reasons that our sites are so popular around the web. In the US the girls are too conservative to enjoy being this slutty and that is one of the main reasons that us open and liberal guys like to get their attention, we get the nastiest sluts to do the sexiest things on video and even if they are older that the men fucking them we will still post it on sites like today’s one, which is pretty famous in it’s own right because it comes from a family of websites that made their name in the late 90’s by having the best content available online, and this new site is known as Milf Thing

Milf Thing: Eliza

So we thought that this was going to just be one of your typical scenes, like the ones where you have a girl sucking cock, getting fucked and then enjoying a nice popshot in the mouth before swallowing. Eliza, however, was slightly different and in the middle of getting fucked she decided to turn round and announce to everyone in attendance that she would prefer to take it deep in the ass from this guys cock. We were shocked but more than happy to oblige because it’s rare that you actually get to film girls like this doing anal, they normally want a lot more money to take it that way but this girl is just one of the biggest freaks and that’s probably why she offered to do it for free. It’s all available inside of their members area but that shouldn’t bother you because we have all of the best content from the scene available for free on one of our many pages and it’s definitely something you’ll want to get your hands on in the near future. I’ll be back soon to give you guys another refresh of this hot site.

Big Titty Bangers

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

I’m back in the flesh and it’s time to reveal some as you guys are all waiting to be hit up with something extreme, it’s not maybe the kind of thing you were willing to happen but I bet many of you would be willing to enjoy what’s being served up right here. If you see a shawty up in the club and you want to go and touch on that booty then I’m not going to be here blaming you, but I will tell you that it should be reconsidered as to whether she’s worth it when you are going in for a look on that fine ass or perhaps on her icebergs. That’s real talk and if you keep them happy by providing then just about everyone with a great view of her fine body. It’s what’s happening nowdays if you are a real gangster in the game trying to keep the women pimping while also ensuring that their men do not try and hustle you. I’ve got no issues with this personally but when I bring you sites like the one today so jam packed with content you might just go wild with the Big Titty Bangers

Big Titty Bangers

Yeah, you know that big preview image features a girl who I’ve helped make famous on more than one occasion and for that reason you really shouldn’t have to deal with these problems much longer, who else but me would be trying to run in there and let their problems pop off. Instead I keep it straight gangster and don’t even worry about the things going on across the world, if it’s not something that bothers you then all that will happen is that the booty will get hit as you expect it to do and then everyone else in the entire building will enjoy the attitude that is presented with the rolling forces that patrol around the games as you would expect. Now let’s not get silly anymore, it’s all going to pop off in the next couple of weeks from here and when I next post about it I will be bringing some straight fire for you to enjoy with some free streaming videos and all kinds of extras.

Milf Thing: Nina

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

It’s time for a living spree, we seem not to be having enough fun nowdays and I am here to change that with the help of a few choice characters who really serve as backup when I try to find all of the finest girls and bring them straight to you for judgement on whether they are hot or not. This has totally worked in the past with chicks like Samantha Gauge – she got a real good reaction and I think today’s chosen one might just match that same situation because she certainly has the looks for it, even if she’s just a little older than you would expect for someone in such a strange situation. Anyway you will probably know the track I’m heading down now because I’ve been leaning towards it in the last few months but you better make the most of it now because you never know when it could end and I could go on another tangent with something better designed to bring in the new audiences who want to see something a little different. Either way I’ll let it slide just for all of you and then you can come back and inform me on what is going on once you have enjoyed all that’s available courtesy of Nina who’s just appeared on Milf Thing

Milf Thing: Nina

I’ve probably been focusing a bit too hard on the mature lineup recently and that might not have been the right thing to do, it’s probably because I’m just a little too shook about what appears to be an influx of these eighteen year old chicks into the industry replacing the more experienced ones who have held the title for such a long time now, but I probably shouldn’t be feeling that because enough of them are so fine that you really don’t have to worry about their lives. Anyway let’s not get negative in here because otherwise we would have some issues with trying to get into the game and rule the way it goes and we just can’t stop that, unless I continually browse brand new episodes trying to bring you the best and keeping your game on lock, like the way an American Football player does, which reminds me to continue trying to get out of the problems I have when trying to find new scenes to host and bring to you while still trying to keep up with the season because we all know it’s important. I’ll be back tommorow with more as usual, so stay alert till then.

Ass Army

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

It’s a brand new site in order to help you guys over the dissapointment of not having updates for a couple of days there and I hope it will really impress you because I’ve been working on it for a long time now, there’s no doubt about that, even if the site doesn’t allow a huge amount of their videos to be given out for free because they know that people can come to places like this and collect the best of their videos without paying the full amount, but why should we care about that because if you want to watch porn and don’t want to pay then that it just a choice you make and someone has to be there to supply you with the goods, hence why today we are looking into some of the dirtiest amateurs who are out on the street and trying to do something different with their lives, which usually involves their exit hole (that fine round butt that you can usually appreciated) being penetrated by a massive cock, which we have to endorse as one of the most interesting things we’ve seen all year, even if it’s not quite to everyones taste. Anyway here’s the site and I hope you enjoy it, more description after the break about Ass Army

Ass Army: A New Site

I know it’s been two days focusing on the booty now but we will soon get back to some other materials that you like so don’t start getting uppity with me just yet, there is going to be a large explosion of new things out there to explore and I’ll try to keep up with each and every one of them, even if it means you guys having issues with saving all of the files that are going to be popping up on each and every one of these web homepages over the coming months. Anyway I should probably stop talking now because it’s potentially not as interesting as anything you could download from the web page that I linked you to would actually contain and after surveying the girls that are present on it, I would back up this statement fully and can’t wait until people start believing in themselves. Another update will be hard hitting you guys tommorow, so brace for impact on that one.

Pure POV: Helen

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Another day another dimepiece although I’m sure whoever first thought up that line would not be impressed with me changing it to fit the way things are in the current day and time thanks to the internet taking over the porn game and practically putting a lot of those guys who tried to stick to the video market and force the net back out all the way into bankruptcy. I was there for it and if you guys ever want a full lecture on what happened and why I will be happy to elaborate with the guiding help of some of those who made it through the struggle to continue to be stars and even move with the web despite some making good arguments for them being stuck in the past, one of those being Seka, but I’m not here today to talk about the elder pornstars of the past who used to run the game, instead it’s all about the new european hotties who are taking over because they will work for a lot less and they will do practically anything because they are superfreaks as today’s episode on Pure POV shows

Pure POV Helen

So yeah you can probably tell that she has just gone legal to enter the industry thanks to those braces to keep her teeth nice and perfect (not as if it matters or anything because the only thing that is going to be touching those today is a load of cum that will splashed all over this whore’s mouth, and that is worth and evil laugh about). The guys who did the filming claim to have found her in some cafe being a waitress but the likelyhood is that they found her topless modelling or something for magazines and offered her a much better paycheck or chance of fame by going with them and getting into the hardcore porn industry, something that you can’t really blame them for doing when the girl is this hot, I certainly would be attempting to get them interested as well.

Extreme Ladyboys

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Tommorow will be an awesome day for you all to get your stuff together in order to see some hot chicks showing off their bodies and feeling good about getting fucked on video for all of their worldwide fans. I mean it will definitely be something like the high quality material you see over at Bustyz and sites run on those particular networks, but for the meantime some variation in your life after seeing yesterday’s update that was far out and caused a bit of a controversy with you guys that come here every day of the week because you were expecting to see some hot bitches getting drilled and instead you saw some fruit bisexual stuff that may have been off your radar, but today differs from that in the fact that we are all the way back to the female form which is the standard, but instead it’s something you guys have seen before and have actually enjoyed. Chicks with dicks, ladies with dongs whatever you want to call it – it’s all here and they are taking the niche to a completely new level when they do it and I think you will agree once you see the kind of movies that they have put in the members area of Extreme Ladyboys

Extreme Ladyboys

Now you know you want to see more of this kind of stuff, it’s exactly the compromise between what I brought you guys yesterday and what you are used to seeing when I update frogsporn every other day of the week apart from that, if these beautiful chicks came up to you in a club and wanted to go home with you almost 90% of guys would definitely lead them home straight away to fuck and suck all night, but they would definitely get a surprise and it would be interesting to see how many of them would be able to deal with this, and that is why I am trying to hard to train you guys in order to deal with situations like this and not be worried at all if you are up in the club getting crazy while all the bitches around you are flashing you glimpses of their hot asses and acting as if there is nothing wrong with you. Anyways all this work in documenting an providing you all with the hardcore previews and free movies that you might really enjoy seeing, so until tommorow you will soon have to roll up all the way to these sites and check out the great previews that they have for you to view and enjoy.