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Ball Honeys: Kristina

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

It’s the return of the mack and due to unforeseen problems I couldn’t bring you the site that was lined up for today, but don’t worry because that means it will definitely be stepping up to the plate tomorrow and you will be completely full of everything you need because sites like this just don’t give up. It’s not like you will have to be stuck on one specific girls like undoubtedly great sites such as Alyssa Doll< which are yeah, really good, but not so great if you prefer seeing different girls performing week in week out and that is arguably what most people who are up in the porn game, whether they be fans or the producers themselves want to see. That's why today instead of an all updated site that you would have been getting, I have exclusively gone and fetched the very latest from a pretty famous site for you guys to enjoy, I think you already know it's name so give it up for the Ball Honeys Ball Honeys Kristina

Yeah the preview image is pretty small but the trailers on the tour itself should make up for that because they are increasing the resolution tons nowdays and then don’t have a problem with bandwidth which means you can download them as many times as you would like to in any given day or hour, that’s one of the best things about this operation being so big. Let’s not get too excited though because as you know I have done this for you all over 700 times now and there is no problem with repeating it once more again tommorow in a great way. It’s almost as if frogsporn has become unstoppable in taking all of the latest industry models from these sites that pay thousands for exclusive footage and putting them all on here for absolutely nothing, now that is the way to do it. Until tomorrow you guys keep on going through the archives looking for your favourites and I will continue to update here.

Big Dicks Little Asians

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Today we have a pretty huge bonaza for you, because after the catastrophe that was yesterday’s update I don’t think there was anything more you wanted to see from me other than a new update and today instead of just simply one for you all to enjoy then there should be no issue with the american girls who are so often featured (even the solo girls who aren’t really known outside of the net like Faith Belle) but the real markets are where the DVD sales are made and these are frequently either ripped and put up on the net by fans after they are released in real life or they are brought online by the companies who produced them – Hustler, Playboy and Penthouse being some pretty big name examples of when that has happened. Either way the second of today’s posts that you guys will be getting features girls that are fully exclusive to the net, in fact this site has been made just for that reason and you will see why once you grab your own membership because this is some high quality material and if you doubt that then simply look at the link I am providing in order to get a clear view at what is happeneing over at Big Dicks Little Asians

Big Dicks Little Asians

Now that is exactly what you were expecting isn’t it, there’s nothing better than that and I am sure if you got in on it then there would be no issues with that either. That’s for sure, now don’t front and tell me that you guys think I am wrong when you see the free picture galleries provided by me. There’s definitely nothing better than seeing these petite bodies getting absolutely rammed beyond belief and the girls even suffering pain from their pussies being prized apart in such a way. It’s like we are in extra time when these girls are screaming their heads off and that should be a good reason for each and every one of you all to see just how good the material in here is. Now check out the picture galleries and don’t worry about anything else that might be going on in your world today once you open these high resolution photos from the site. Laters.

Abominable Black Man

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Sorry about there not being any post for you guys to sit down and enjoy tommorow, but there were a few technical details that had to be fixed and there wasn’t any way I could bring you the site that I had prepared and what is the point of delivering the porno if it is only going to be lower class than you expect and you may have already seen it. I am always about the exclusive material that is hot, meaning things such as Strapon Lesbians get a lot of exposure and the crappy things in life we try to avoid so that you guys don’t have to worry about them. Either way today’s site is pretty hardcore and I would go so far as to even say that it is up there with the best of them when it comes to seeing white sluts having sex with a black guy on camera for the very first time, in fact for some of these little eighteen year old sluts it is their first time entirely and that makes it even more hotter to view them getting slammed and loving every single minute of it by this well endowed beast. He doesn’t give a fuck how tight they are and how they want it – the only thing that matters is how he can make these bitches cum fast with that huge cock of his and there is one way he keeps secret which works every time, you can find out when you visit the Abominable Black Man

Abominable Black Man

Now as you can probably see the material on here was on the borderline of being rated extreme in the frogsporn rating system (where we put different sites / niches into different categories in order for you guys to easily browse them). If you can’t understand why then you definitely have a few problems because this dirty bitch doesn’t mind taking it hard in her pussy at all and she is the most experienced of the lot of them. That’s why we had to wait until this site became available for reviewing and it’s why you guys might just be getting lucky enough to be having not only update of free picture galleries and movies as well as all this text giving you a brief overview of the site and everything else but two of these todays in order to keep you up-to-date with what is going on in the world of internet pornography. So until tommorow, or maybe later on today, just relax and enjoy the selected three previews there is for you to go on.

Ball Honeys: California Double

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Now I know you guys might have been excited at the prospect of being delivered some brand new stuff today, but I am afraid that is going to have to wait for reasons beyond my control, and there’s no problems with that because if you think of what will arrive then it will definitely hark back to the old days where I would throw you guys, say ztod one day and then the next you would be inundated with stuff such as Alison Angel and that is some sequential stuff that most people would kill to have on their systems. In fact I think there isn’t much better than seeing all of that going together to make a fine equation of booty and video tapes that would make just about any man question why he is not a member of the site, or at least try and get himself a piece of it when he next pops up to view it all. Now if there is anything in your lives right now that you are fretting about, maybe coming up to some mid-term exams or even end of term now we are getting the summer or even trivial stuff like thinking about the NFL draft that is coming soon you have to drop it, because there is nothing more important than seeing what I am about to show you all, and that is a threesome that only the bangbros know how to host and they are doing it just as good as usual over at Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

I don’t think there is any man in the world who would turn down a chance to have sex with ladies this fine, and not many people at all would care if it was being caught on video, in fact they would find that better. There’s no way I couldn’t bring this to all of you today and it involved making a sacrifice that I think you can’t really blame me for doing – I mean if you had the choice of experimenting with something new (which I do with you guys so often) or sticking with the more reliable past, a lot of people would be split but I think the majority would go with the past, and when that is two of the hottest chicks on Miami Beach coming up and wanting to fuck in a tight apartment where this isn’t too much space to show off their awesome booty and their amazing dick sucking skills, then there is nothing wrong with it. Today’s episode features more than enough of that and I hope when you guys get in on your computers in video form then there will be not too much to worry about, so until then just peace out and I will see all of you guys tommorow.

Extreme Ladyboys

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Tommorow will be an awesome day for you all to get your stuff together in order to see some hot chicks showing off their bodies and feeling good about getting fucked on video for all of their worldwide fans. I mean it will definitely be something like the high quality material you see over at Bustyz and sites run on those particular networks, but for the meantime some variation in your life after seeing yesterday’s update that was far out and caused a bit of a controversy with you guys that come here every day of the week because you were expecting to see some hot bitches getting drilled and instead you saw some fruit bisexual stuff that may have been off your radar, but today differs from that in the fact that we are all the way back to the female form which is the standard, but instead it’s something you guys have seen before and have actually enjoyed. Chicks with dicks, ladies with dongs whatever you want to call it – it’s all here and they are taking the niche to a completely new level when they do it and I think you will agree once you see the kind of movies that they have put in the members area of Extreme Ladyboys

Extreme Ladyboys

Now you know you want to see more of this kind of stuff, it’s exactly the compromise between what I brought you guys yesterday and what you are used to seeing when I update frogsporn every other day of the week apart from that, if these beautiful chicks came up to you in a club and wanted to go home with you almost 90% of guys would definitely lead them home straight away to fuck and suck all night, but they would definitely get a surprise and it would be interesting to see how many of them would be able to deal with this, and that is why I am trying to hard to train you guys in order to deal with situations like this and not be worried at all if you are up in the club getting crazy while all the bitches around you are flashing you glimpses of their hot asses and acting as if there is nothing wrong with you. Anyways all this work in documenting an providing you all with the hardcore previews and free movies that you might really enjoy seeing, so until tommorow you will soon have to roll up all the way to these sites and check out the great previews that they have for you to view and enjoy.

Ball Honeys: Keep Dreaming

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Today we are going exotic after a one day break that I can pretty much bet almost as much as 50 cent has put on the De La Hoya – Mayweather fight you would not be expecting me to come up with and show you guys in the middle of this week. The reason for this is that you guys have all been used to the vanilla kinda softcore stuff that has been laid out for you all in the past, girls like Cory Heart have ruled the roost and there has been no other real contenders to the title especially in the hardcore niches which have been growing over recent months while people have been looking for something more varied in order to put their names in. I mean it is bad enough that people do not just roll up the way that they should and check out the booty while girls are getting fucked hard after being picked up on the beach just as summer has begun – it’s just coming into april and the beaches are already being hit every single day by the kings of web-pornography, who are arugably the Bang Bros – whom have been on top for a number of years now thanks to the sheer amount of hot babes that they have recruited for their sites such as Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

Now this is black booty, if you have ever seen an ebony butt quite like this then you have definitely had some rare treats in your life and you are one of the lucky people to see such a bootylicious chick in real life. Most dudes depend on seeing these girls when they are on the internet and other kind of scenarios like the ones you guys get to see in this episode update for the Ball Honeys (if you’ve forgotten what ball in that word stands for then it is Black Asian and Latina, the extra L is just there for spelling but gives the name that extra zing that people are looking for). Of course as usual I am here to supply you guys with the free picture galleries as well as movies from this site which means that you are about to be plastered with some picture galleries featuring all of these hot babes getting fucked hard, just the way they should be. If you can’t access the galleries as some people have been commenting in recent days then you just right click the actual link and select “open link in new window” or “open link in new tab” which should elimate any problems you are having, and if that fails I am always here to help using the contact tab.

Ball Honeys: Volleyball

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

I am back again and it is half way through the week already, can you believe that? It’s almost totally ridiculous that time is passing by so quickly nowdays but I guess you guys really don’t care about that because you only think about the amazing girls that are being delivered to you thanks to my update methods that no-one really notices until they end up in bed with an amazing hottie like Anjali Uncovered, now you may think that Anjali Kara has no real reference to what I am talking about today but you would be wrong because we are investigating the ethnic and asian scene today – in which girls from exotic countries cross oceans to get into an industry that would be extremely frowned upon back in their home country, that’s why these things are so popular for people to come and try and make their fortunes as potential adult starts, but only a few of these will ever make it and I have to say that one of them that probably will have appeared on a site owned by the Bang Bros at one time or another, especially one such as Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

You can obviously see that they have gone on a vacation to film this pretty amazing scene, because they have found some spicy material on the beaches of say Brazil or somewhere that the hottest chicks all hang out in. There’s no problem with this if you stay protected, especially when they are having sex with all of their female friends because they are damn bisexual and makes them hot – experimenting as lesbians on film is definitely a VIP tactic and when girls like this are doing it then there should be no problems with turning up. Anyways I think it is about time I got going in order to resupply you guys with another episode that is as hot as this one for tommorow, it’s really hard because we are just coming out of winter and the best time to shoot hot, sweaty sex scenes is in summer and there should be no reason that you need to reject that other than wanting more, so I’ll see all of you guys back here tommorow.

Ball Honeys: Double Asian Love

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Today I am sick of going into the solo model sector, in fact I think it is definitely time we got out of that and start putting down the law that a lot of these dirty chicks need to start getting more hardcore, they need to put up or shut up with the hot coochie that is on the internet for everyone to see and save to their own computers. Either way I think you can probably tell I am talking about chicks like Kari Sweets and the hoes that she hangs out with when she is up in the club getting a bit crazy – now there is nothing wrong with that but I think things need a little variation once in a while and I think I was telling you guys this yesterday, so instead of just standing around and talking about it, I am going to act on what I am saying and show you guys something a little exotic today – two japanese chicks that are just looking to get fucked hard, they are hotter than the korean and chinese girls that appear on pornsites because they used to be models and I definitely think that all of you guys will appreciate the look of them once you see it – it’s todays update and it is courtesy of Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

They have been educated in the east but when they come over to america these girls still have the vital statistics that make them so appealing to all of the porn fans across the world, they really do know how to work those petite little bodies that they have been gifted and who can blame them? these girls earn tons of money as models back home in Japan and the only reason they came to the US wasn’t for the money or the experience, it was for the fame of being dirty whores on video – much like their big name counterparts such as Maisiumi Max and Asia Carrerra, girls like that have made a huge market for themselves and there are tons of asian babes trying to get up in the business with huge name studios like Playboy, Hustler and a few others. Either way I am booking the first Air Japan flight over there in order to find myself some of those hot asian coochie and fuck it hard while they are still horny and looking for someone to go up into them and pump those pussies.

Monsters of Cock: Asian Braces

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Just walk away if you can’t compete with the sheer amount of pornography that is being uploaded to these sites nowdays, because there is nothing like selling every single one of these episodes to whores who want to see themselves working those naked bodies on videos, the chicks is what it’s all about and when you see them dancing around and waiting for these chicks to take it real hard is why it is all worthwhile at the end of time. I think a lot of people are probably checking for huge DVD archive sites, maybe like ztod nowdays but obviously there is still a market available for the more exclusive and intimately shot stuff featuring dirty whores that every single one of us love to watch and observe as they shake those asses and make us feel good for observing them do so. Either way today we are all going to be watching the new episodes uploaded to Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock

This asian chick they have featured today is a prime example of why there are so many people visiting this site in the first place, hell I would be if I could check out dirty whores like this every single day of the year. She comes from a Japanese mixed with Chinese background and was brought up very strict which means that when it comes to the bedroom she is an absolute beast who craves being fucked so damn hard that she can’t even feel her own pussy anymore, that’s why I am such a fan and I hope you don’t have a problem with the kind of games I am laying down for you guys.

Asha Kumara

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

I know you guys probably think that I have been too deep in the game recently and not paying enough attention to things such as niches that maybe would have been better chosen, something that comes to mind straight way would be Titjobs. I think we should all see the game going up due to more ethnic sites like this becoming hugely popular with audiences across the world now that the internet isn’t solely dominated by american users, in fact it will soon be outpaced by other countries which is in some ways a bad thing to know but in other ways it is completely good to see what should be up in porn sites of the future. Either way I recommend that both the girls who browse this site looking for modelling opportunities as well as other pimps should go and get themselves a password to Asha Kumara

Asha Kumara

I am a boss when it comes to choosing what kind of material is going to show up next on this site and it is why I must keep control of the hoes who bother me every single day of the week and try to get a rise, instead I just want to keep it on the floor and grinding unlike many other people who claim that they are doing it big and instead just laying about and not throwing out the shots that they should be. Either way it’s all about that and sooner rather than later you guys will be knowing the problem with porn if sites like this don’t blow up just the way they should, until then enjoy this indian girl posing for you and treat her nicely.