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What happens when you fuck a girl TOO well

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

If you’ve ever seen the between two ferns sketch where he talks about doing something too well…. this is for you. When your getting fucked in a doggystyle position and your a dirty little slut, it’s always fucking amazing for us viewers of porn to tell that it’s 100% genuine that you are cumming your fucking brains out because your leg muscles STOP FUCKING WORKING. That’s what happens to this girl right here today, and it looks fantastic even when I put it into a gif for you guys. If you are wondering who it is by the way, this little slut is well known to all of us in the porn industry as Gen Padova

Gen Padova Leg Spasm Orgasm

I know you guys like that gif, and if you come back tomorrow I might just tell you a little story of another girl getting fucked in a number of videos for you to watch…. I like to keep things real like that. Actually just before I go I will be a kind soul and tell all of you guys who are going to be out there tonight searching for the source of this video that it comes from ‘Trash Talking Teens’ which has a lot of hot girls like this getting fucked… good luck hunting for it out there on VOD sites, tubes or DVD shops.. wherever you get your porn is good with me, as long as you listen to the great recommendation of the frogsporn.

Why girls should always do their squats

Monday, February 6th, 2012

I look at a lot of fucking asses in my day job. In fact I pretty much spend all day looking at chicks getting fucked or showing off their pussies, so I know a good body when I see one. I know tomorrow when you guys wake up you will probably sit on a train to work and there will be a fucking beautiful girl on the train with you, probably wearing a pencil skirt or some nice black suit trousers just perfectly fitted to a peachy ass… everyone looks at them, don’t be shy about it, hell that’s the reason those fucking slutty girls dress like that, you should just look at it and enjoy the view, there’s no reason to be afraid. That brings me to today’s moral of the story… if you have a girlfriend, make her do squats… or kegels… or any kind of exercise that tones her ass. You all remember that wii balance board video right? Here is the one graphic of why you should make any girl you are fucking do squats, as regularly as possible.

Why girls should do Squats

You see that? I know which one you guys would rather be waking up and getting your hands around. I feel the exact fucking same way, I can’t stand girls with saggy ass cheeks so I had to make that graphic… go and take it to your wives or girlfriends and make them feel bad, you’ll be the good guy in the end because you will have saved them from years of unattractiveness. And that’s the fucking truth because the frogsporn told you so. If you are a girl and reading this and your unsure of what you can do to get your ass in shape, I have a handy animated gif that might show you the way 😉

Girl Masturbating GIF
now that’s a nice way to end an update for today for you guys isn’t it? I’ll see you soon with more hot chicks!

Taryn Thomas Returns!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

After many long hiatus stints out of the industry (which if you listen to what wikipedia tells you, some of which were caused by her getting fucked too hard up the ass! now that’s something to run home and tell your parents!… mom, dad I have come back from porn valley and I’m not going to be appearing in any more movies, at least for a little while…. oh hunny, why have you made that decision, have you finally found god? no mum, i got fucked too hard in the ass by shane diesel and my rectum split open!… NICE!). Taryn Thomas knows how to keep it classy and she’s obviously healed up a bit because she’s back and shooting videos once more, which is awesome news!

Taryn Thomas Anal GIF

You can probably see from that gif why I am so happy to have this little slut back in the industry, in fact I’m fairly sure it was her and a few others who managed to usurp Belladonna as being regarded as the dirtiest girls in porn. You see Bella was big back in the day with her gap tooth and her ability to suck a black mans cock pretty much all the way down into her stomach, but when the HD web videos came along and Miss Donna was too busy getting married on whining on about her boyfriend getting herpes from her, girls like Taryn were taking over the mantle and absolutely destroying boundaries with their fantastic work on websites for the Bangbros and Brazzers and people like that, so I am honouring her today with a post dedicated to her skills.

Taryn Thomas

I think she’s back on twitter if you go and have a google around for her, and I’m pretty sure if you are in the arizona area in march she’ll be at a few porn conventions out there, so take your chance and go meet her… hell if she’s in the mood you might get to fuck her! but if that fails, you know you can come back here and I’ll provide you guys the links to the good porn of her!

Chavon Taylor

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I’m back just within the nick of time for you guys after I promised you yesterday that I would resume the one update per day policy that has made frogsporn one of the best free porn archives on the net, anyway instead of making you guys think that nothing fun will be happening anytime soon, I’d much rather introduce you to a solo girl who you might already have noticed in the world and she is definitely becoming much hotter as a property when it comes to appearing in videos and photo galleries for websites. Not that you guys should do anything reckless or go out searching for her when I tell you about it because this girl will blow you off your feet and take you to town with what she is able to do in the bedroom and there is a reason for that, years of practice. Now it’s time for me to get stuck right into the curves and enjoy the fun that comes with practicing a girl like this, it’s all about the hot slut named Chavon Taylor to entertain you guys today

Chavon Taylor

It’s no surprise that there are some awesome free picture galleries out there of this babe getting banged, she does all of the right things when it comes to getting in the bedroom and theres no surprise as to the result when she handles the cock and finds out whether it meets up to her expectations. Let’s not get too involved first though, instead we can just wait and see whether her fine ass works it’s way into the frame in order to make all of you guys shocked and surprised at what’s going on in the exclusive scenes she appears in so frequently. I won’t hold you up any further, instead you guys can get right in there and enjoy the free picture galleries that I’ve come to deliver and check that they are up to your previously high standards to make sure it’s all what you need, let’s leave it there.

Chicks Love Chicks

Monday, August 11th, 2008

It’s a saying you might have heard before, but you probably won’t have seen it in action unless you browse the lesbian genre of porn regularly, which would make you one of the avid fans of our site because we are almost constantly exploring girl on girl action and it’s one of our favourite things to do. Either way I’m not gonna sit here and tell you about these european sluts putting their hands all over one another without showing you the action and it’s just about to arrive here for you, so while you gear up and get ready to see these babes pulling off their clothes and getting dirty with one another, it’s time for me to lay off and go and find one of the biggest pictures they have in order to deliver you with a hot preview of what you will be getting your hands on for free in the next couple of minutes after you make your jump down past our image and start checking out the free previews and movies provided kindly by the film crew who make Chicks love Chicks

Chicks love Chicks

Of course if you’re wondering about the quality of women who might appear on such a site, you need not worry because they have all of the finest women and that means stunners like Susana Spears and all her european hotties who have followed her into the industry trying to become as popular. It doesn’t take long to download the content even though it is all available in high definition, which is why this site has won numerous awards for it’s ease of use and the way that it’s impressed porn fans across the globe with how quickly you can enjoy the hot babes getting lesbian and having fun with one another. Either way I’m not here simply to tell you about it and not actually deliver, so you guys get the treat of enjoying some free pictures from the site in the form of my usual threesome, so come back tomorrow for more.

Ball Honeys: Candice Nicole

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

I’m not looking to start any beef today, which is why after the extravaganza of content that I brought to you guys yesterday, which was specially picked out from the hentai you should be enjoying this material for what it is, the most high quality picture and video content that’s available on the net. Anyway more importantly than that I have come to deliver you guys some fresh new booty in the real life form and it’s all filmed in Miami (if you don’t know much about the US, all you have to do is find the music video for the Will Smith video of the same name, it will tell you just about every single thing you need to know about that place in America). Anyway I’m going to stop nattering on and allow you guys to keep rolling on forward throughout the world without having to worry and when you are strolling the beach looking for the hottest booty then you might need to get yourself one of those sluts who appear on sites like Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys: Candice Nicole

I’m not going to go into specifics about how the guys with cameras manage to convince these girls to get so slutty with so many thousands of people downloading the video to their PC once it’s done and enjoying what has been filmed, a lot of people would instinctively say that it’s all about money and others would claim it’s because of their swing and their ability to tell girls that they are going to be famous, but in reality it’s just all about the confidence when you are trying to catch thee girls, even if you’re own and you are just trying to pick one up in the club, you have to appear confident and good to be around and the rest will come down from there and make you feel good. Anyway, more importantly than that I will come forward and give you guys another adrenaline in the shape of free porn so until then just sit down and wait for me.

Bangbus: Diana

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

It’s another update from a huge site today and I’m pretty sure you will all be pleasantly suprised with the quality they have upped it to in 2008, evidently I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get you guys this kind of access because they just don’t give it out to random people, but if you have sway in the industry you can get these big dicked dudes to grant you access and have preview pictures and videos from their episode to help promote the word of their site and get it out to all the prudes around the world that there is good porn to be had as long as you know to look in the right place. These guys have been doing this since 2001 which means they just rocked into their 7th year of production and they are still updating weekly (which has obvious implications if you think about how big their members area must be by now, they will have damn nearly every woman on the net on there soon and they’ve already recruited hundreds more into the industry, something you can note by reading the blurb next to each preview because the guys usually boast when they score a brand new amateur chick and get her into porn), it’s the one and only Bangbus once more

Bangbus: Diana

The best thing about it being a new year is that I can share tons of new ideas with you and get the ball rolling on a lot more as we wait for the holidays to come to an end and all of the people who are out enjoying the new year to come back and get on their PCs so that they can start browsing this exclusive porn once more, hey it’s not like I am trying to force anyone into doing anything but if you can’t stand the heat then maybe you should get out of the kitchen, the BangBros guys have been doing this for an awfully long time and I don’t think they are going to stop anytime soon which is why I am working hard to ensure that each and every one of you guys is kept up to date on the latest developments regarding the girls that they film for their site as well as just about every other aspect that goes with being in the content shooting game. I think some free picture galleries are in line about now and I won’t mess you around waiting for them, get ready for a hard hit and then come back tomorrow when I will have more to deliver.

Cum for Cover: Lulu

Friday, December 28th, 2007

I know it’s a bit late for a christmas eye opener but after logging into the exclusive members area of todays site and seeing this recent update I just knew that it had to be brought to you, nothing else would suffice and the girl featured in it was so fucking smoking hot that I would normally have put an internal gallery up for each and every one of you guys to enjoy anyway, so this is nothing special. I’m not going to deliver a plug to another site because I feel like the episode that I’m bringing to you guys today is worth way more than what you would normally see which means you should probably enjoy it while you still can because it’s fantastic quality and nothing touches it, well nothing that I could put on your desk today and point at saying that you guys should check it out. I don’t really mind that too much though because it’s not about what your missing out on, it’s what you’re getting at Cum for Cover

Cum for Cover: Lulu

I went on a bit far in my opening paragraph but I’m not gonna worry about it, I’ve increased the size of the preview picture from usual to make up for it, I mean who wouldn’t like to see these kinds of girls getting done real hard and make sure that every single second of it is in High Definition, that’s probably a good thing but you have to make sure that your computer has the processing power to do it first otherwise you could be having some serious problems trying to play them, it truly is like watching the scene in real life and even though I know that would be something interesting for a lot of you, others prefer to think of it for fantasy so we have to strike a fine balance for everyone to enjoy it somewhere, otherwise no-one is going to be looking for ways forward when you look throughout the site for new videos and the hottest women on it. I’ll return tommorow with another smashing update and until then you guys will just have to wait and see what’s going on.

Panties and Fannies: Aurora

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

It’s just gone christmas day but don’t think this is all you are getting in the way of presents because I have another update lined up for when everyone is awake and prepared to get what is coming to them, which technically should be every niche that they want because Santa doesn’t discriminate when he is emptying his sack all over the place and I totally mean that in the sexual way. If you have any problems you should probably check out the red suited girl named Alison Angel because she has been doing some pretty fabulous stuff while we have been away from her and trying to go in a more hardcore direction with our reviews. More importantly there is some interesting stuff going on with our latest teen girl over at the site I launched back in October but since then they’ve been having some pretty wacky stuff going on which is why I decided you guys probably need to be hit with what they’ve done next. More importantly than that is the fact that it’s all exclusive, all new and the only place you can see it is on Panties and Fannies

Panties and Fannies: Aurora

Aurora has a strong body and yeah maybe she doesn’t have the best of tits but that ass sure as hell makes up for it. I mean what is better to grab when you are slamming a whore from behind… it’s much easier to give that butt a squeeze, it’s simply hypnotic and no-one would argue with you completely. If you want the real experience then you should check out the internal gallery I have provided for you, which means you don’t really have to deal with any of the bullshit as I’ve explained many times before and with some high resolution video you will be enjoying yourself to completion in no-time. I’ll post a few of the previous collections that you’ve seen thanks to the frog just to make up what you need to see and bring you the legendary Xmas present you deserve later in the day, so save stuffing the turkey for now and pay some attention.

Blowjob Ninjas: Tiffany

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

It’s another brand new episode as you would probably expect and I have a very nice suprise for you guys today, that being that it’s an internal gallery which means not only do you get no popups or bullshit trying to advertise to you in different frames, instead it is all just put out in front of you with a movie preview as well and big clear thumbnails, I mean it’s not like I would let any of you guys go hungry for porn and that’s probably why I am making up for the mistake in not correctly linking to that chubby blonde latina slut from the other day, but now I’ve fixed it and you should be able to view it in all of it’s glory, which is cool, but apart from that I won’t get too involved in your business and try to shut you down, instead I’ll just let things ride and you guys can take your perogative from today’s update over on Blowjob Ninjas

Blowjob Ninjas: Tiffany

If that big preview image wasn’t enough for you then you probably should have learned over the past eight hundred days or so that I’ve been updating this website that a bunch of free picture galleries are coming right up along with it, which means you guys are spoilt for choice on what you want to watch and I can’t blame you for demanding that kind of right. More importantly than that however is the right to freedom that you guys should have over the material being viewed, after all porn is a consumers market and if you can’t make the decisions which affect what is actually being displayed on your computer screen then maybe you shouldn’t be in the game trying to get up there because there are many DVD stores out there where you would have the choice and you just have to adapt to the internet. Peace.