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I Pose for Daddy

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

No, I don’t personally, but that’s the name of the site you are being delivered today and I can see why it would get you excited as soon as you see the first couple of girls who are featured, they just don’t mess around with their bodies when being caught on camera. Let’s say this was your home and you bust in on some random girl being photographed by her father while he is a bit of a lecher and ensuring that they get saved onto his hard drive and distributed onto websites like this. It sounds a little kinky and I was unsure of whether I should have brought to you but then I noticed that it was developed by one of the leading porn production companies in America (on the net at least) and I realised that it’s all just role play so maybe it’s just an illusion, one that is overtly sexual and one that I enjoy to the limits of my pounding boner thanks to all of the girls over at I pose for Daddy

I pose for Daddy

Now you can see that giant preview image looking good thanks to the exclusive content in which they make sure they have multiple sources (not something new, but still interesting), I mean what kind of site encourages their members, who might be of that age group, to do the same thing of thing as they are posting, but remember everything here is strictly 18s and over because they are the hottest around. I won’t front and tell you that it’s the best site only but it is definitely interesting for those of you who enjoy a mix of well known models as well as amateur girls who are brand new as well as content taken in all kinds of situations and places. It’s time to stop waffling on about how good it is and leave you with the goods, so check these out and return tommorow for an update to a site I know you loved a few weeks ago.


Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Today I decided I didn’t want to just see the typical porn, you know the type, blondes with tons of makeup getting fucked by guys with six packs. I wanted to see average girls sucking average guy’s cocks and getting cum all over their faces. I found exactly what I was looking for when I came across CumGirls.


It’s great to see normal girls get involved in porn for a change, normally its the made up girls who always look the same, but when the amateurs get involved I personally find it a lot hotter as you can see it actually happening in real life, espiecally the way they take facials – just like real girls do.


If you like seeing average girls involved in porn videos, this is the site for you. One of the best amateur facial sites around. You can count on me to bring you free galleries from the site as usual, and you can find them below, have a good day guys, enjoy the porn!


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