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Blacks on Grannies

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I know you are probably thinking about the strange title of this site right now, rather than concentrating on the content you might get to witness once you grab yourself a password and get inside of the members area, but that isn’t what matters, instead we should be focused on how hot these older women are as they take the black pole inside of them and really make it work to their advantage throughout the entire stratosphere. WHen these young ebony studs roll forward and make you feel like they are the next generation of pornstars, I hope you realise that we’ve had to work really hard to find these unmarried (although some of them actually do have husbands but don’t even care that they may be watching this pornographic material and jerking off to it, know that their wife is up there on screen). Anyway I will not take any more of your vital time because I know once you see their naked bodies in these videos getting fucked then you will most definitely want to hop on in and enjoy the huge amount of free content that we supply to all of our fans that enjoy Blacks on Grannies

Blacks on Grannies

There is a huge amount of free movie previews available for this site if you are actually interested in it, so if you want a piece of the action you are going to have to jump right in and enjoy all that they’ve filmed and uploaded to their members area. Either way it’s definitely something interesting for you all to head forward with and use or download and keep, either way you will remain entertained by how good looking these women are for months on end and if you’re not worried about storing it but instead about where you are gonna get your next hit, then don’t worry about saving them all in a specific folder, just get yourself a very good value for money membership to the site and enjoy what they have inside. I’m not going to count anyone out right now as we all intend to roll forward and enjoy the highest quality porn that exists on the web, with DVD quality videos and all the hottest amateurs, enjoy these free clips.

Black Escort Adventures

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

After quite a while of generic girls who were all white and you have probably seen quite a lot before, I decided to delve into the ghetto for you guys, of course it’s always a surprise as to what I bring for all of you, but sometimes you have to fall in with the groove of things and definitely expect a shock when you come to frogsporn looking for what’s available. Anyway I’m not going to get into what you guys specifically like and don’t like in terms of different niche things, instead it’s all about sluts getting pounded and in today’s episode they certainly do, but instead of acting all innocent and as if this is their first time or something like that, these ghetto bangers know that they have been fucked hundreds of times before and they play on their experience as hookers to get you interested, it’s some exclusive Black Escort Adventures

Black Escort Adventures

They can work the pole and make you drool all day and if you’ve never actually fucked a black chick before, then this will leave you wondering what it would be like if you had the possibility. I’m not going to have to say much more once you head on over to this site and view the kind of videos that they have, these girls get their pussies popped and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the way they act on the floor is pretty insane and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. It will definitely be interesting if you get a password and see how they shoot this kind of site behind the scenes, it’s something special and if you are ever interested in signing up then remember where you saw it first, and where you arrived from. I’ll be back tomorrow with more, so wait for that.

Big Mouthfuls: Lacey Duvalle

Monday, March 17th, 2008

This little black hottie has been at the peak of her stardom in the adult industry for a long time now, but don’t think that you will be seeing the back of her anytime soon because it doesn’t take long for a girl like this to get warmed up everytime she becomes tired of getting fucked in front of the camera for huge sites such as Sperm Suckers and we can’t say we’ve ever been exhausted or tired by seeing her work the pole in front of our eyes. Either way it’s a fantastic thing to say if you’ve seen a dirty girl like this work the pole before and if you really want to get in there you should probably hop on board her fan train now before the going gets bumpy because everyone is starting to want a piece of this little cutie and her popularity will only continue to rise because it’s not as if she is decreasing in sexiness. We will keep you updated on all that she gets up to, but it’s hard to see why more people haven’t cottoned on to her being one of the best dimepieces in the world when it comes to sucking that white dick and enjoying whatever cock is put in front of her, hell she even likes Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls: Lacey Duvalle

It’s rare for a woman this hot who is able to choose the majority of scenes that she’s actually interested in (as a lot of the girls who have no real name built up will do anything for a buck trying to get their name out, when it takes a real winner to be able to charge top dollar and actually get to pick what they would like to do), and instead of going for the easy jobs such as being a lesbian in a few scenes or sucking a bit of cock, Lacey prefers to take the biggest dicks she can find straight on, without even caring about the consequences of what one could actually do to her throat. That is why she is my pick of the day and it’s why when I get back up to speed on the regular updates right here on Frogsporn, you guys will be the first ones to know when she is back in stock and when I can fully deliver her naked to you without having to bother with these dudes getting in the way of the camera once more. Peace out until next time and I’ll soon be back with you.

Tugjobs: Samira

Friday, March 7th, 2008

It’s time for a bit of rooftop relaxation and after getting our sun for the day, we came back into the stairs and met up with this hot little ethnic girl Samira who was eager to learn because she’d heard about how successful our site had become over the last few years or so and that some of the girls who’ve made appearances have gone on to become very famous porn girls and garner a lot of recognition, respect as well as the monetary rewards for what they’ve done in front of the camera that some people consider filthy and others just purely love, of course this site is dedicated only to the ones who love it which means that you won’t have to worry about the haters when you long onto Frogsporn and come to get all of the freshest girls from the states trying to get up into our panties and find out what’s going on. Anyway I’m not going to continue on with this conversation if you are unhappy, instead I will deliver all of the best content in the world and that includes high definition from sites that stay at the top of their niches, one of the most influential being Tugjobs

Tugjobs: Samira

It doesn’t matter that we were just sitting there on the landing of a random house and everyone else could have came up the stairs and saw what was going on, instead it’s all about getting this slut to undress and show us her perfect body before we get our big dicks out and let her have some fun with them. I won’t lie, it’s not a problem that most people have when trying to get back into the game, but if you are experienced with fantastic ladies who look this sexy on and off of the camera then you know you have gotten yourself into an area in which the most beautiful women in the world are waiting for you and want to find out more about how you rock their world. It’s all part and parcel of living in the porn industry and that’s something which I bring to you guys as often as possible and will continue to do forever, peace out dudes and I’ll be back very soon with more.

Ball Honeys: Candice Nicole

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

I’m not looking to start any beef today, which is why after the extravaganza of content that I brought to you guys yesterday, which was specially picked out from the hentai you should be enjoying this material for what it is, the most high quality picture and video content that’s available on the net. Anyway more importantly than that I have come to deliver you guys some fresh new booty in the real life form and it’s all filmed in Miami (if you don’t know much about the US, all you have to do is find the music video for the Will Smith video of the same name, it will tell you just about every single thing you need to know about that place in America). Anyway I’m going to stop nattering on and allow you guys to keep rolling on forward throughout the world without having to worry and when you are strolling the beach looking for the hottest booty then you might need to get yourself one of those sluts who appear on sites like Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys: Candice Nicole

I’m not going to go into specifics about how the guys with cameras manage to convince these girls to get so slutty with so many thousands of people downloading the video to their PC once it’s done and enjoying what has been filmed, a lot of people would instinctively say that it’s all about money and others would claim it’s because of their swing and their ability to tell girls that they are going to be famous, but in reality it’s just all about the confidence when you are trying to catch thee girls, even if you’re own and you are just trying to pick one up in the club, you have to appear confident and good to be around and the rest will come down from there and make you feel good. Anyway, more importantly than that I will come forward and give you guys another adrenaline in the shape of free porn so until then just sit down and wait for me.

Big Tits Round Asses: Stacy

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

It’s a bit of a black booty day after a long hiatus from updates thanks to the WGA of America strike, obviously because every frogsporn post is created by a highly trained team of 10-15 professional screenwriters who ensure that it is totally erotic and that every single word you guys read is truly the best it can be. Anyway I’m not gonna sit here and bore you with any more talk like that, instead we should just get our roll on and start dealing with the kind of girls who sit down and tell people exciting confessions such as I Pose for Daddy and that’s not all. I have a big piece of ass to supply you with and it’s got to happen quick or we won’t meet the midnight deadlines which govern this kind of material. I’m not going to go into extreme detail and try to explain why and how this film came about because you probably know most of the story already and you don’t have to have it repeated at you endlessly in order to become bored, so for today’s stuff head on over to Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses: Stacy

It’s not about the late night conversations that you have, trying to please you woman with vocal talent that makes her really like you, instead it’s all about being comfortable and moving quickly onwards instead of trying to sort things out like that. I’m not going to be the one to force this on anyone though, things move in strange ways and if you can’t see that then you will soon need glasses because just about everyone else in the entire world has saved up enough hatred and power to try and shift it real quick. I’m gonna go now and leave you all to enjoy the mass of free picture galleries that happen to exist, but if you ever need any more compliance then simply hit me up and we will be rolling through the neighbourhood with all of our friends trying to keep things locked down. Now let’s not be stupid and do something anyone would regret, but I’ll see you tommorow if I don’t get stuck on the picket line.

Big Tits Round Asses: Love Misti

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

It’s another eventful day in the sporting world, whether you live in America or Europe you will no doubt know that everything is now popping off and we will surely see some action in the next couple of weeks whether it be involving tennis, football or golf and that is taking a lot of people’s attention off what is happening in the world of pornography, which is arguably much more important, or at least I would say. Hell even some of the most beautiful women in the world would most definitely agree with me, I’m talking about those southern american chicks like Ariel Rebel who never stop shining and keep their popularity growing every single day of the week. It’s another episode filmed out in florida that will keep you guys interested today and I think you are probably guessing as to the reasons why and that is surely because it features some of the newest talent getting into the adult film industry but also because the people behind the camera are the most experienced in the world nowdays and they are building their brand day by day in order to be ontop of the game within a few years. I mean is there anyone else who can keep it rolling on this successfully over time, I think if you take it step by step then you will see that no-one really has a problem with getting laid and when it happens on camera there is only more rewards to be had by just about everyone who is involved in the game, especially when they represent sites like Big Tits Round Asses

Big Tits Round Asses

It’s pretty rare that we see interracial porn in this kind of setup, because I mean productions like dogfart have become world famous for having the white girls getting slammed by the well hung black dudes that have almost become stereotype of the porn industry thanks to the amount of videos that have been focusing on that niche since around 1999 or 2000, only matched by the growing popularity of the internet and the industry that goes along with it. I mean if you can’t stand the heat then surely you should get out of the kitchen, but these guys just keep joining in and setting new standards when it comes to drilling these sluts every night and day. Well it’s time to change that or at least a part of it by supplying you guys with more that you could ever wish for in the form of some hot bitches that don’t mind their bodies being exposed because they grew up in the ghetto and their only aspiration out of college was to be a stripper or something, but instead these ebony ladies have found a new way to get their paper and no-one minds it at all because they love that ass-shaking action as it goes on deep in the south and all across the biggest cities in the US while more people find they have a fetish for seeing black chicks getting fucked by white guys with the big dicks, as you can see them in these free picture galleries while I go and get some more in order to keep you all stocked up for tommorow once more.

Ball Honeys: Fuck my Roommate

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I am back in the game and it is surely going to be rocked by my swagger that means each and every one of you will have to roll forward to the traffic lights and put on your best swagger in order to try and impress the ladies who love looking at bodies. Yeah I’m not talking about any of that fruity shit today like I have done sometimes in the past, referencing posts about different styles of sites such as Evan Rivers but instead looking inside of the game and trying to find the real beauties who are coming up in good ways and different methods in the adult industry which means that us consumers of the material do not have to worry about whether what we are getting is quality or not, instead we know almost all the time that it is simply the best around and the girls in it have been recruited from the best sources around. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of the game, but there is certain something nice about seeing the game rise up with all of the booty hoes over on Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

This booty ho doesn’t mind getting straight to the action as soon as the cameras are rolling, and even though it is a complete suprise to her roommate that the cameras burst in on while she was just relaxing on a random weekend this lesbian couple don’t mind doing it hard infront of the camera just for the hell of it, why not let everyone just see their amazing bodies that they show off to men all the time because not only do they fuck other girls they go for guys too but only if they have huge cocks in order to make them cum hard and fast as they ride those big dicks which slam their g-spots pretty damn hard. If you don’t believe me, which would be a complete shame by now because I think it is obvious that I have been bringing you the quality material for such a long time now that you don’t have to worry about the kind of girls that you might think you have seen in the preview pictures and not really wanted, because they are all just as great as one another and that is for sure. Now I have to go and prepare some more for tommorow, mix it up and all that, so I will see you then and in the mean time get your hustle on with this awesome material.

Brandi Belle: Her Second Black Man

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

I am back again as promised and I hope you guys don’t think I would abandon you here without any porn for getting through this tough tuesday because I am back again and it is another brand new episode from an established site which is the main focus of today’s post. I mean it’s all good for these new content models to get Fucked by Frank and other randoms, but at the end of the day who cares about that when we can see huge name solo girls that are such nymphos they have sex with Ramon – the well known Nasty and Bang Bros stunt cock that must have fucked well over 1,000 girls by now – and that is probably and underestimation. After losing her interracial cherry to him, this dirty slut decided to travel back there for another go and she certainly enjoyed it as much as the first time she took her journey into this pretty exciting world that they have when you go black and as many people say, much of these girls never go back. Now it’s time for the link so you can check out the full thing without commentary, go and see it all over at Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

After the first episode in this apparent season I really didn’t think it would be able to get any better, but low and behold it did and we are all pretty shocked that she managed to fit this huge black cock deep inside her pussy once again, it’s not like she is loose as from each of the videos you can see inside of the members area she has a real tight pussy that both other girls and guys can enjoy. Now that is the true definition of a solo girl, when you see a lot of these chicks nowdays thinking they can become famous by just shaking their ass on camera and not reallly even attempting to become famous for doing hardcore scenes at all, and that is not on because when you see girls as hot as this one then one thing you want to do is see them get completely naked and have some hot sex just the way you want to see it. I think I will implement that rule from now on, so you guys relax and another hottie will arrive tommorow for you to enjoy.

Abominable Black Man

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Sorry about there not being any post for you guys to sit down and enjoy tommorow, but there were a few technical details that had to be fixed and there wasn’t any way I could bring you the site that I had prepared and what is the point of delivering the porno if it is only going to be lower class than you expect and you may have already seen it. I am always about the exclusive material that is hot, meaning things such as Strapon Lesbians get a lot of exposure and the crappy things in life we try to avoid so that you guys don’t have to worry about them. Either way today’s site is pretty hardcore and I would go so far as to even say that it is up there with the best of them when it comes to seeing white sluts having sex with a black guy on camera for the very first time, in fact for some of these little eighteen year old sluts it is their first time entirely and that makes it even more hotter to view them getting slammed and loving every single minute of it by this well endowed beast. He doesn’t give a fuck how tight they are and how they want it – the only thing that matters is how he can make these bitches cum fast with that huge cock of his and there is one way he keeps secret which works every time, you can find out when you visit the Abominable Black Man

Abominable Black Man

Now as you can probably see the material on here was on the borderline of being rated extreme in the frogsporn rating system (where we put different sites / niches into different categories in order for you guys to easily browse them). If you can’t understand why then you definitely have a few problems because this dirty bitch doesn’t mind taking it hard in her pussy at all and she is the most experienced of the lot of them. That’s why we had to wait until this site became available for reviewing and it’s why you guys might just be getting lucky enough to be having not only update of free picture galleries and movies as well as all this text giving you a brief overview of the site and everything else but two of these todays in order to keep you up-to-date with what is going on in the world of internet pornography. So until tommorow, or maybe later on today, just relax and enjoy the selected three previews there is for you to go on.