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Big Tits at Work

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Now the new week has begun there is a pretty big buzz worldwide that the Gumball 3000 rally has begun and a huge amount of flash cars will be taking part this year, going through a large amount of countries that should be a lot of fun for those guys and it will certainly bring out a lot of the hottest girls in the modelling industry in order to provide some great photos for all the fans – the one problem with this is that the mainstream modelling world has a lot of plastic chicks rather than the ones you want to be seeing, who are Busty and Real and can be found on a ton of websites because they know that being popular in magazines and with the mainstream media isn’t the way they want to be going because the best place they will end up from that by making their name is the cover of FHM or another men’s magazine like that, when they want to be as big as the hugest names in the industry like Jenna and Briana who really lay it down across the world with millions of people per month searching for their material and trying to find new videos featuring with them, even though they are famous enough to not have to make any more. Today’s site is slightly different to that but I think you will still enjoy it, it’s a pretty high quality content feast and that’s why you should all be on the lookout for the new updates every week at Big Tits at Work

Big Tits at Work

Now the premise of this site is pretty simple, the videos and scenes are set up to focus on sometimes fictional and sometimes real office blocks that are pretty typical of society except there is no political correctness and the male employees can pretty much do what they want – say a chick is getting a file from a cabinet and one of the dudes from the company decides to smack that tight ass of hers as she is walking past, the most this lady will do is let out of a little giggle or a scream of pleasure because they know their place and deep down inside they are true nymphomaniacs that love the sex they get. These offices frequently have huge gangbangs featuring the boss and a ton of hot women who work there but don’t even care that he is married, instead they are just playing up for the cameras and they love to see the way it goes when they are riding that hard dick and feeling like true professionals. Either way it’s definitely a site you guys need to see, and if you can’t believe that then you need to get your head checked, tommorow with be another huge dose of it so get ready for it.

Sinful Tales

Friday, April 1st, 2005

Today I thought I’d bring you guys an erotic story, This really got me going when I read it. Enjoy.

Supermarket Sex

I used to work for a major supermarket chain. As an assistant manager, I was given the job of supervising and training the check-out girls. When we weren’t busy, they had to help out round the rest of the store so they all needed to be shown around and told what’s what.

There was one particular girl, or woman I should say, Jolene, around thirty or so, that took my fancy. She was a dyed blonde, short and had the kind of tits that really made her overall work for its living. On a fairly quiet afternoon, I decided that she needed a tour of the refrigeration plant, I guess I just wanted to see how big her nipples would get in the cold.


We got to the steel door, I unlocked it and gestured for her to go in first. Almost immediately I could see the faint outlines of her nipples straining at the front of her uniform. As I was explaining to her where various foodstuffs were kept and how we rotated the stock, I moved around to face her.

The girl’s uniforms have a zip running from the neck right down to the belly-button and, plucking up the courage, I reached out and pulled it down in one deft movement. This wasn’t the first time that I’d used this particular technique I can tell you that for sure.


Jolene just gasped and looked down at the gap I had created in her clothes. I could see a small black bra straining vainly to hold her tits in place beneath the overall. I pulled her towards me, wrapping my arms tightly around her waist, breath bated, unsure totally of what her reaction would be to my bold advances.

“Are you going to fuck me, or do you just want to have a good look?” She asked.

“Fuck you, of course,” I replied.

With that she pulled her arms out of her uniform and let it slip to the cold floor. She had the tiniest little panties imaginable on , they barely covered her crotch and were little more than a single strand of material at the back. Before I could take off my jacket, she had unclasped her bra and was standing nearly nude before me. Her tits were certainly something special, not a hint of sagginess, with extremely erect nipples that just jutted straight out of me.


By now, my dick was almost forcing itself through the cotton fabric of my pants. I just had to get it inside her. Quickly I undressed, just leaving on my socks in deference to the cold floor of the refrigeration room. I grabbed her bare shoulders and pulled her towards me, pushing my lips against hers, sticking my tongue between those pure white teeth. As I squeezed against her, I felt the sharp, hardness of her nipples grazing my chest. My hand slipped down and stroked their firmness, her nipples swelling all the more from the attention of my fingers, becoming like pullets as I pinched and squeezed them further.

My hard dick was jammed against the scant material of her panties, the head just managing to nuzzle its way past the thin fabric to come to rest against the soft lips of her pussy. I had wanted to, in fact I was just about to slide it into her then and there, but she had other plans…

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