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Bare Foot Maniacs : Mandy

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

I am once again returning for you guys to bring you a site that is hot as fuck and I know you will love it, these girls love to use their feet to pleasure dudes which is ultimate fun to watch because they are so skilled at using their feet, even when they have stockings or pantyhose on. Whores like Mandy are what I love to watch on Bare Foot Maniacs

Bare Foot Maniacs

She really gives ait a good one and I am bringing you guys the crazy free picture and video galleries of this amazing scene. I’ll be back tommorow with even more of this material for you guys to enjoy so just wait until then to enjoy this crazy stuff.

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Bare Foot Maniacs : Syd Mischief

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

We are back with a different kind of porn today dudes, one that you might not have seen from us in a little while. Oh yes we are talking about the great material that is foot fetish porn, where you can’t appreciate anything but the lovely and finely crafted feet on these beautiful young girls. Today we bring you one in particular, Syd Mischief at Bare Foot Maniacs

Bare Foot Maniacs

Yeah, and just to prove how serious we are about this stuff we bring you guys the free picture and movie galleries to enjoy while your just sitting there chilling out. So enjoy this stuff guys and we will be back tommorow.

Syd Mischief

Bare Foot Maniacs : Romina

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

Well today, I thought I would bring you guys an update on one of the best feet fetish reality sites on the entire net, you just know it is quality when I bring it to you guys multiple time. I am focusing on this hot chick Romina with awesome feet and legs and she knows how to use them, and you can find her exclusive videos only at the well known porn site Bare Foot Maniacs

BareFootManiacs Romina

So you guys can get to watch this hot superstar giving guys great pleasure with her feet, rubbing and jerking the cock with her sexual legs and toes, while I go on a hunt for the next site to bring you guys. So of course I bring you guys the free galleries of pictures and videos, and enjoy these, I will be back tommorow, Laters.

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Cum Covered Feet

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

Well today I am bringing you guys a bit of a fetish style site, where if you like feet, stockings, thights or anything related to that, you will love the website I am bringing you today. It is completely dedicated to all of the obscene material that is in that niche. Before I bring you guys today’s site, I would like to shout out my respects to all those involved in today’s terrorist attacks in London. So now, time to check out Cum Covered Feet


Now you all know I would not just leave you high and dry without the best free porno from this quality niche site. So I am bringing you guys the freshest ones from here, and I hope you guys have a completely safe day, and look after yourselves, because that would completely suck. Laters dudes.

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Bare Foot Maniacs

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Well I sat down today, after getting a lot of work down, and realized I don’t bring you guys enough niche stuff. I’m talking like, huge tits, diaper, balloon fetish etc. I decided I would bring you guys a lot more fetish sites from now on, starting with my favourite for today, Bare Foot Maniacs


I went to get some snacks in the city the other week and was walking behind this girl who was about a foot taller than me, and I’m taller than average. She had these huge stiletto heels on, and her feet were amazing. Damn, I wouldn’t have even cared if the rest of her was average because of her absolutely stunning legs. This site has gone tons of girls like that, they are all fucking hot. I love their feet, every single girl’s.


The queen of sheeba sent me the best galleries. She hoped I would enjoy them and not share them with anyone. Well fuck her, I bring you guys the best as usual. Because I’m your boy X to the Z. Have a good weekend guys, and check back here Saturday and Sunday for more great porno.


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