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Why girls should always do their squats

Monday, February 6th, 2012

I look at a lot of fucking asses in my day job. In fact I pretty much spend all day looking at chicks getting fucked or showing off their pussies, so I know a good body when I see one. I know tomorrow when you guys wake up you will probably sit on a train to work and there will be a fucking beautiful girl on the train with you, probably wearing a pencil skirt or some nice black suit trousers just perfectly fitted to a peachy ass… everyone looks at them, don’t be shy about it, hell that’s the reason those fucking slutty girls dress like that, you should just look at it and enjoy the view, there’s no reason to be afraid. That brings me to today’s moral of the story… if you have a girlfriend, make her do squats… or kegels… or any kind of exercise that tones her ass. You all remember that wii balance board video right? Here is the one graphic of why you should make any girl you are fucking do squats, as regularly as possible.

Why girls should do Squats

You see that? I know which one you guys would rather be waking up and getting your hands around. I feel the exact fucking same way, I can’t stand girls with saggy ass cheeks so I had to make that graphic… go and take it to your wives or girlfriends and make them feel bad, you’ll be the good guy in the end because you will have saved them from years of unattractiveness. And that’s the fucking truth because the frogsporn told you so. If you are a girl and reading this and your unsure of what you can do to get your ass in shape, I have a handy animated gif that might show you the way 😉

Girl Masturbating GIF
now that’s a nice way to end an update for today for you guys isn’t it? I’ll see you soon with more hot chicks!

Black Escort Adventures

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

After quite a while of generic girls who were all white and you have probably seen quite a lot before, I decided to delve into the ghetto for you guys, of course it’s always a surprise as to what I bring for all of you, but sometimes you have to fall in with the groove of things and definitely expect a shock when you come to frogsporn looking for what’s available. Anyway I’m not going to get into what you guys specifically like and don’t like in terms of different niche things, instead it’s all about sluts getting pounded and in today’s episode they certainly do, but instead of acting all innocent and as if this is their first time or something like that, these ghetto bangers know that they have been fucked hundreds of times before and they play on their experience as hookers to get you interested, it’s some exclusive Black Escort Adventures

Black Escort Adventures

They can work the pole and make you drool all day and if you’ve never actually fucked a black chick before, then this will leave you wondering what it would be like if you had the possibility. I’m not going to have to say much more once you head on over to this site and view the kind of videos that they have, these girls get their pussies popped and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the way they act on the floor is pretty insane and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. It will definitely be interesting if you get a password and see how they shoot this kind of site behind the scenes, it’s something special and if you are ever interested in signing up then remember where you saw it first, and where you arrived from. I’ll be back tomorrow with more, so wait for that.

Schoolgirl Creampies

Monday, February 18th, 2008

It’s been enough of a wait for me to supply you guys once more, with no people in line to block our ability to getting in the game, not even caring if any of these girls have second thoughts about being put online and that is a good debate to begin with. Some say that if a girl changes her mind later in life and wants pictures of herself removed from the internet then porn companies like the ones that I deliver to you guys, now you can understand that their situations might have changed but at the end of the day they signed a model release and the company paid a lot of money to have the rights to that content (plus with the way websites work nowadays, tons of other sites will have taken the picture content, either borrowed or stolen, and they sure as hell won’t take it down on request. My thoughts on this is that as long as the girl is fine enough, she will stay up on the site because I like to see these nice little teens getting fucked and no-one really cares about their feelings when these guys are letting loose and having orgasms deep inside their hot little pussies, of course the chicks freak out because there is cum inside them and they totally weren’t expecting it, exactly like the stories of the chicks who are getting fucked over on Schoolgirl Creampies

Schoolgirl Creampies

So anyway instead of dwelling in the past, I’m going to let you guys in on a bit of a secret and that is one about today’s site, which might be something you’ll want to check out, it’s a hot site and there is nobody disagreeing about that, but from the name you can probably tell that it has a little something special about it and that is the fact that these guys aren’t pulling out and letting loose all over the girl’s face or titties, instead they are just going full on at it and not even caring, the girls can be standing there waiting for him to bust one so they can swallow it when suddenly they feel the warm gush of cum flooding into their pussies and they know that they just got a nice internal creampie, so if you’ve never seen the look on a teen’s face when they risk getting pregnant during sex then you will find it quite hilarious to see these chicks getting fucked over by horny men. I’ll be back tomorrow with another update tomorrow, so don’t go anywhere and come back here tomorrow to get another look into this world of illicit sex.

Ball Honeys: Mikayla

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

We seem to be progressing quickly and it’s almost as if we will come right up to Christmas within the time frame that you would never believe, as if the people here don’t know what is happening in the pornography community right now, it seems as if there is a drought building up because not that many people try and get into the industry while others are making the best movies around. If you ever need a problem solveed then you should definitely come here and we don’t stop as if the legends who get to fuck the Big Titty Bangers were right there behind us trying to get to work as if they had something show. Either way I don’t care because if you are a busy man like me, it’s hard to keep rolling on without people showing you hate and trying to stop you rolling so I think in the future there will be a bit more attention paid to the haters and a bit more love shown to the girls who appreciate what we are up to in the world, keeping all of the girls up on our dicks and not letting them ruin the game, anyway check out today’s update over on Ball Honeys for more!

Ball Honeys: Mikayla

That preview should be more than enough for each and every one of you guys to enjoy the abilities of these dirty females that literally will do anything to try and get into the sack with you, which is why we are some of the hardest people to deal with because we don’t take any prisoners, instead preferring to deal with the hot bodies that just permanently get slammed in the ass and hard every single day of the year, I mean it’s unbelievable that these kind of women try and get into the famous game of women who just happen to have fantastic bodies, no one would mess with them and that is why I’ve gone beyond the call of duty in order to deliver some of the best material that your eyes will ever see, I mean there is no one else in the world out there who will do it like this and that’s why I get shit popping permanently, I mean if you had the option of just rolling on our letting shit slide permanently then you have to think long and hard about what you would prefer to do in the world and I definitely think it would be a frogsporn update above all.

Brandi Belle: While her mom’s away

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

After quite a long time frame between the last time I hit you with this and now, I’m not gonna lie and say it’s been nominal and nothing has changed because when I came back today to check what was happening the first thing I realised was that she had a brand new hair colour and didn’t really look the same as she did a couple of weeks ago. Yes, you guess it, there is a problem when you begin focusing on different content because it’s a lot of trouble in order to keep up with these dirty sluts, like Jug Fuckers, instead you want the nice girls who are only whores in the bedroom and the case is with the girl who you have been brought quite a lot over the past year or so but there is a really good reason for that and you should definitely get more involved in what is going on over here when they continually update every day of the week. Either way it’s no time to get too taken with the idea of that and instead we just have to hit the latest videos that get put up over on Brandi Belle every day

Brandi Belle Mom's Away

Don’t you know that you get full network access if you sign up to this site and that is no lie, it’s only the truth because in my exploration to see what you guys would find good has been revealing some interesting facts about other sites which aren’t really up to standard and this will be reflected in what I bring to you in the future because it’s obviously going to have issues if these sites continually keep hitting the big time and not controlling themselves. Either way let’s not get into that just yet because we are dealing with a good site that doesn’t mess around, I mean it’s all about seeing girls like this who are absolutely fine and would stop you in the tracks in the street and instead they just have no problems. Enough of the talk and time for the booty, so check out these and be back here tommorow at the same time for another hard hit of the purest porn there is available on the net.

Women of Playboy

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Continuing the trend that I started yesterday, you guys will be pleased to know that another brand new episode from the people behind yesterday’s scene is featured on a ton of sites operated by the company which means that tommorow we can see all of the different girls posing as a new network discovery from their professional photographers who have been operating in that niche for a number of years now and built their own fanbase up. It’s the kind of thing people have been enjoying while viewing sites such as Playboys Fresh Faces since they launched but there is a new cat in town and instead of focusing on only the new girls that have been recruited for the magazine in the last twelve months or so. Either way it is definitely going to be an interesting update once you see the high standards of the girls that are up on the internet posing and looking simply stunning when they do so. It’s just another hard day in the life for Hugh Hefner and all of the bunny girls that frequently walk around his mansion showing off their asses and feeling real good when they do it, so don’t feel stupid and you will soon see more (in the rather busty flesh) of all of the Women of Playboy

Women of Playboy

Now don’t be thinking this is a trend you are going to be seeing from every day now, because it is in doubt whether you will see this site again for the next month or so never mind it’s sister onces that feature many of the same girls but in different modelling positions or even different ones looking simply stunning as they stand in front of the camera and strut their stuff. I mean it shouldn’t be difficult for me or you to try and hustle our way into the game when the blondes and the brunettes in front of the lens look this good, but then why does it really matter if you can just sit down and feel good about yourself because you know they all want a piece of you from that seductive look they throw your way in the movie or the picture gallery that you are enjoying. Either way it is definitely a professional experience and one you will probably want to be seeing more of in the future, so you can rely on me to bring it to you and you won’t have to fret about it. Until tommorow, relax and enjoy the porn.

Ass Parade: Sassy Ass

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I’m back on the flow once more and I am not here to bring you guys rude material that is fully hardcore and interracial such as some of the other stuff I have available (notably something like Racks and Blacks but who cares when we have more girls getting their pussies slammed in other places). Instead today we are hitting the Miami beaches with the legendary Bangbros, you know why as well because these dudes have been pimping since what? probably damn near the start of the internet and at least 2001 but why would we really want to know how long they have been doing it is probably what you are asking next, instead I am thinking about owning you guys by telling you just how large the archives in every single one of the sites available here is, that’s what is great and when you can feel up girls like this for videos on the web then you know you are doing right, like the guys over at Ass Parade

Ass Parade

It’s all about that and as you can probably see from the pretty huge preview that I have given to you guys, that this is some High Definition porn right there. It’s no argument as to how you want to see girls like this get it, no one can blame fans of chicks getting fucked in movies when they want to see more of their favourite activity because there is an entire industry based around this which surely will enable the companies in the future to find more girls and pay them practically a pittance to have their morality taken on camera. Either way I don’t care, because here’s the free picture galleries of these sluts getting pumped that you have been waiting for, so enjoy them.

Bangbus: Squirting Flower Power

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

If you don’t care about the kind of things that are happening in the porn world at the moment then you deserve to be sentenced as such because these girls will never lay it down the way you want to see it and even if they did then you would be dealing with trouble thanks to everyone else in the area attempting to become a ho on video, maybe like that dirty little chick Brandi Belle or perhaps some of her friends, whatever it is I sure don’t care and if you are beefing with me over that then perhaps you need to get a new perspective because I am just here to get my hustle on and make sure that none of you guys affect the game negatively, as if anyone would want it like that would annoy me and I hope you guys don’t all try to jump in the net and throw things up like that because it would be a crying shame to see all the content uploaded to today’s episode on Bangbus


Don’t give me a show if you aren’t into laying it down the way all of us used to be, I’m not about that and I know you guys aren’t either, so don’t fool each other into thinking that there is no way in hell either me or you would try and get up in the game with these hoes and stomp them down, that would be foolish and I wouldn’t even try to attempt it and get you guys catching heat from the industry, instead I am just going to lay down some awesome previews of hot pornography for you guys to enjoy and then you will not have to deal with these problems, instead you can keep all the hotties up with you and freak them yourselves.

Sweet Adri

Monday, December 25th, 2006

I know you guys are going to be pleased when you see what I have for you all today, because it is some early christmas presents that you are simply sure to love, there is nothing better than waking up on christmas morning and recieving a gift like this – which is why I frequently update for youy guys to have it all saved and get in there with these kind of bitches. Today I am bringing you news of Melissa Midwest and her new adventures, instead of posing she has really been working hard on updating both her site and her new protege’s which has now officially been unveiled to delight worldwide at the fact that there is now yet another Nebraska coed who makes it all work real hard as she shakes that tight little body of hers and teases all of the guys around with it, but can you really blame her when she has all of that junk in the trunk. I don’t want to go on for too long, so I will get straight to it and update for you guys today enjoy today’s site which happens to be Sweet Adri

Sweet Adri

Now some people think that if they never get the password to these kind of sites, they are doing well because they never really have to go in there – but I am telling you guys the truth right now when I say that it simply isn’t the case to say that, you really have to think of it from all angles and one of these happens to be the fact that if you never go at it with these bitches then you will never notice that the free content on the outsides of these sites is barely ever updated when it comes to comparing it against the amount of time when the content inside the site is updated, literally. It’s always in there and can you blame these people for doing so – they wouldn’t ever be able to keep on updating with fresh porn if they had no customers to keep them all iced up and shooting brand new material for you guys to download and keep, so have a happy Christmas and I will see you for my special Xmas day message.

Liz Vicious: In the Park

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

Now I know you like this goth girl and don’t pretend, because if you lie then a sword will appear and you will find yourself on the end. I am only joking about that bit but it rhymes well so I thought I would lay it down for you guys to be scared, but evidently you won’t be because no matter what you try and do while staying in the game you will always be forced back to sites like Porn Star Classics where all of the older girls stay and enjoy their blaze that is the past, instead I want you guys to help me lay it down and keep it in the game which is definitely why I have been trying my hardest to stay up there with you pimps. So if you aren’t into me much, then don’t even listen to what I spit and just tell me what you think of the game when I lay it down and go back into the way that you were before I just came along and presented you with girls like today’s bitch Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

Now as with all goth chicks this one is an obligatory slut, I am not even joking right now and I am just telling you how it is. She likes it deep in that tight pierced pussy of hers and she likes it hard, fast and strong which is why I thought I would bring this to you guys old school style. So don’t just step off the game and bring it down on me, bring it up on me and rehearse the kind of style that you will be feeling in the years to come. Either way, that is just how the game goes and how the cookie crumbles and if you see me shining baby then let me get your number because I am just so damn fly like that, you know.