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Selena Spice goes all new

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

After bringing you guys one of her friends recently, I decided probably the best thing to come back on would be an update for one of the most famous latin girls on the net, a beautiful babe who has made her name in the last couple of years by only posing for softcore photoshoots but still looking absolutely amazing throughout. There is no other reason for you guys to enjoy this starlet other than enjoying the look of her fantastic face as she looks so beautiful while posing for each of the galleries that we’ve put up for free for you. If you’ve not noticed yet, you will probably soon see a trend in the fact that not only am I bringing you guys brand new sites and girls nowdays, but I am also revisiting some of the hotties from the past, and where I used to bring you sub-standard galleries that really didn’t show their hot side as much as it should do, instead I am just going to get all of the best content featuring them and deliver it to your doorstep when you see the new pictures of Selena Spice

Selena Spice

If you had forgotten what she looked like for a while there, then no doubt the preview image will have brought it all back to you pretty quickly, which will no doubt refresh your interest in a babe like this. So I’m going to step out of the picture for you guys and instead leave you alone with this babe, because no doubt you will want to see what she’s getting up to for yourselves and I can complete understand that, so I will now head on to finding you all another hot site for tomorrow, one that really might blow your socks off with how good it is and that’s not a joke, but you will quickly find out when you get some good views of her fine tanned ass that will really treat her well, so come back tomorrow and see what else I have available for you, and it won’t take long to get right up there into the game with these stunners. I’ll catch you tomorrow, so until then just wait for more.

Gigi Spice

Monday, October 20th, 2008

I’m back today and I think I’m going to shock you more than I ever have done before as I bring you one of the cutest latina girls I have laid eyes on in years and she wants to pose especially for you guys, not messing around or trying to be sweet and posing without getting naked, I am talking about a girl that loves to get fucked and she especially likes it when it’s on camera and everyone can see what’s happening to her, that’s something which is quite exciting and there’s no reason to not check it out and get involved. There aren’t many girls out there in the world who would get fucked on camera, especially girls who have their own modelling websites and have fans around the world waiting to see the updates that feature. It’s all in a normal day for this tight bodied teen and when she puts the other sluts to shame, you guys will be impressed with how hot she is and that’s one of the best things about dealing with girls who come from south of the border like Gigi Spice

Gigi Spice

Now that you’ve seen that preview picture of her, I’m sure you will be more than interested in seeing more, and if I told you that in the free galleries she appears in, you get to see this babe getting naked and showing off her body for the entire world as well as getting fucked by random guys that absolutely love feeling up her tight abs and giving this girl a fucking like she never imagined she would be getting. It makes amazing viewing and that’s why I think you guys should keep on viewing this material as I am bringing it to you and until tomorrow when I deliver more, you should just sit back and enjoy what I have to show you, it’s all hardcore and totally enjoyable when you get to view this content, so come back tomorrow and I’ll have some more for you and after that you can log onto this site itself and view all of the free pages that try and show you just how much of a babe she is. Take it easy guys and enjoy the work of Gigi and her friends.

Bangbus: AssRider

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

It’s not like the first update of December 2007 would be a Nicholas cage sequel or something although I could totally understand it if you thought that from the title because it is pretty damn humorous and I’m the first to admit that I didn’t think it up, it was the invention of someone from the crew who filmed it so if you are looking to give some props over the hilarity that has been given out right there, then hunt down the right person… someone who is probably right up there with Smutbus on terms of dirty material that people have an interest in without really thinking of the concepts behind it or anything that goes along with that kind of material. Anyway rather than focusing on the depressing things behind porn and how some of the models don’t like what they are doing (or whatever it is that they claim, because we all know it’s bullshit when they go out of demand and no-one really wants to see them get naked anymore). More importantly I’m here to report on today’s episode over at Bangbus

Bangbus: AssRider

She can show you things you’ve never seen before and once you’ve seen them once I don’t think you will be able to go a day without checking them once more and trying to cop a hard view of them, I mean it’s the way everyone should be getting done and going through their lives, some people just don’t appreciate it and you better keep your eye on this window in the future if you don’t want to be stuck in the cold world without the full flavour of nasty girls who try and grab your cock and get your roll on. I mean if you can’t appreciate what is happening in that kind of area then maybe you have more problems than originally when we tried to work the game and get those things. I’m gonna slide out now but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you guys, of course I’ll return tommorow to be the burning match that hopefully brings you readers another hot load of pornography, so until then just relax and wait for my skills.

Panties and Fannies: Rachel Milan

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Are you all prepared for the new site that is going to be kicking your faces in tommorow night? It certainly will be something to see because I can guarantee that I haven’t brought anything as full as what’s on the plate like that in quite a while so it will be interesting to see the response from you readers as to what is being uploaded on the site. It’s quite popular since it’s launch and one of the most innovative things they’ve done (I know that sounds stupid thanks to the industry progressing so far in such a short period of time recently) but it’s that they’ve continually added other content from their network that matches the niche and the kind of thing fans would want to see if they are into these types of videos, this means that rather than just getting the one weekly update and expecting to put up with that, you actually have a huge range of slightly varied material that should keep you interested for much longer than you’d actually expect from a quality site like this but one that is maybe too into the niche it’s involved in and not general enough with the content that they produce Panties and Fannies

Panties and Fannies: Rachel Milan

She’s latin as you can obviously say and I think I’ve always made the assertion that if you find the hottest south american girls they will always be more fiesty and up for anything compared to their american counterparts thanks to the way they were raised or something like that, it’s ridiculous but you can see it whenever you watch a video featuring them. I’m not going to debate why it is because I obviously have favourites within the normal american niches but let’s just take it as a fact and then view this video to try and work out if there is any definitive proof as to which side of the argument is correct and I think it’s pretty plain to see. If you don’t want to get involved in that then you can just view the porn because it’s fantastic either way, whether you are being critical and trying to get up in the game or you’re just laying back and letting things happen. I’m off now onto new pastures and trying to hit new things, but I’ll report in tommorow with the new site I mentioned to please you all.

Blowjob Ninjas: Mariah

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

It’s another update for a site that you were brought in early august but as usual now it’s a pretty strange update because you are getting all of the best preview material for this particular scene pumped straight onto one page rather than having to wade through a ton of sites (and as you would expect, popups and all the bullshit ads that people put over them for penis pills and dating and shit like that) instead it’s all clean here and that is why we are trying to usher in a whole new generation where crappy porn sites are forced out of the market by clean ones that do it the right way and focus on the user experience rather than trying to squeeze every penny out of their actual fans and the guys behind today’s site, the BangBros, can totally subscribe to that notion as well. That’s why we have to explore all of their new girls and it’s a fine ass one they just added to Blowjob Ninjas

Blowjob Ninjas Mariah

As we begin another week I can bring you the insider update news that is you will be seeing some more exclusive sites in this coming week with some extreme gallery layouts and even better than that will be the content that inside these new hard hitting template pages. It’s not like I’m fronting and trying to seduce you into staying around for the whole of the next seven days just continually refreshing this page and hoping for some new update to come in and make you all feel great about yourselves, instead it’s about promising some great things that will make you real happy when you come along and click on those specific links in order to check out what I’m talking about and you are literally blown away by the quality of the photos and how long the videos are for ones that you’re not actually paying for. That day will be a revelation for us all.

Tugjobs: Ruby

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Here we are starting another cycle of updates for the next 7 days and I am deep within the porn game once more, not caring about who might be around me trying to get in on all the action that is occuring with these solo girls who don’t even do hardcore. You know the ones I mean, like Diddylicious and her crew of sluts who have just turned 18 and love to pose and make us all lust for them but then don’t really show as much as they should which is kinda dissapointing, but hey you can’t hate too much, instead just sit back and appreciate all of the action which is going on here and hope that one day you will also be involved in all of it whether you like it or not, that is the way of pornography and it keeps everyone happy around the world, so let’s not try and spoil it by getting a bit fruity and instead just enjoy all the nubile young girls that keep appearing on all of these websites week by week and I keep delivering to you guys in turn, Today however, it’s all about the Tugjobs


There is free galleries as usual as the bottom of this post, so don’t be afraid to just head on down there and enjoy the fruits that the sites have to offer. Let’s not regret any moves made in the past because this August you will be seeing some pretty wild and new changes made to the content that appears on frogsporn as well as just about everything else to do with it as we completely upgrade how the server runs and bring in a heap of new features such as embedded videos to watch, galleries that are internal and have no bullshit like popups or anything and an exclusive new site that we are sure you will love once you get to grips with it. So until then I’ll just pop out to find another good update and I’ll leave you in the extremely capable hands of ruby here, because she just loves to jerk guys off.

Tranny Seducers

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

This might be a bit of a shock to your system so brace yourself now before you see the preview picture, which I have specially selected so that it’s not too brutal if you aren’t reading this and are instead just going to jump to the free picture post that usually crops up. It’s all about the shemales today and you can’t say you haven’t see or not enjoyed these before because there have been some hugely positive responses to previous updates that have featured some pretty fruity material courtesy of sites such as Ladyboy Crush and the like. Today’s a bit different because a lot of the sites feature asians but the updates today are predominantly south american girls because they are all really well tanned as well as being busty and curvacious which is a huge difference to what you have probably seen on other sites over time. It’s probably time for me to stop nattering on about what is happening inside of the members area when you guys have no idea what the site even looks like, so just relax and start downloading your first preview videos and images courtesy of the guys who have produced Tranny Seducers

Tranny Seducers

It’s all about that cock loving action today and for those of you who are used to the bubblegum or vanilla style porn that most sites will give you, this might be a pretty new experience and you won’t know what to do when you see how hardcore the galleries actually are, but let’s not worry about that for now and just enjoy these wonders of nature that were somehow were born with the beauty of a woman yet the reproduction gear of a male. It just doesn’t make sense, but then what does in this pretty crazy world that we are living in nowdays. It’s all about that and if you can’t understand then in the future you will need to pay more attention to the picture galleries I am delivering, such as the three posted below. Check back tommorow for another fresh update, but until then just chill out and enjoy all that has been brought to you so far.

Big Mouthfuls: Anything and Everything

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Today is a pretty big day, a lot of news is coming in about a dreadful event and this is really causing distress to people. This is why I have chosen to bring you guys something to take your mind off it, which I am sure will work because there is nothing quite like seeing girls such as Velicity Von getting hardcore and especially using their mouth when they are having so much fun and giving out the Titjobs at seemingly random intervals. Either way this is definitely something you guys want to be checking out when you are doing your browsing today and if you can’t feel that then there are definitely some issues as we will soon be seeing dirty girls taking their time to do things right on video and not even caring about the many other problems that exist when trying to film porn for such a huge market (this market being the internet fans of the niche, who all want to see it blow up more and everyone becoming more popular every time they see it go). Now don’t fret, but I’ll be seeing you guys in the future when I update you some more – so until then enjoy this and read my full review after the break of Big Mouthfuls

Big Mouthfuls

When you have a girl this hot sucking your cock you know you are onto a winner, especially the way she works her tongue and tantalises it all in order to get the cum and swallow it with the biggest smile on her face available. In fact this girl enjoyed what she was doing so much that as soon as she had finished once, she had to go again and the Bang Bros guys were there are usual to catch it on video and it will be most probably uploaded to one of their many sites in the near future for all of their fans to download and then enjoy on your home PC or laptop, hell even the games consoles nowdays can enjoy this x-rated material. It’s available on all formats once you get inside and that should come as no suprise to you guys seeing as these producers have been filming this stuff for over five years now. Sorry for the delay in updates for a while, there was some serious business going on but now that is out of the way I am free to deliver you guys some more of this hot naked action 7 days a week 365 days a year and I can guarantee that you will love every minute of it, until tommorow, stay safe.

Tugjobs: Victoria

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Now it’s approaching the end of the week which means most people will be getting off work and a pretty usual activity for those who have to work on the weekend or even have to work late on a friday night because the boss is a hard ass is instead of doing work to just chill out and check out brand new websites that they might like such as those two little vixens I think are called the Taylor Twins, yeah everyone would hit it but the question is whether they are really worth the membership price when you aren’t seeing inside of the hardcore world that just about everyone else enjoys when it is going down. Today’s site is a little more extreme and I remember in the past telling you guys about the fact that they have switched all of their cameras to being high definition lately which means that you get crystal clear pictures when you are watching it as a fan and you do not have to deal with any of this pixelation shit that makes so many people unhappy when they are trying to relax and just watch some hot porn. Either way it is all included in the latest episode which you can go and check out on Tugjobs


You can see that today’s episode was filmed on the top of a building, now that is something I can represent because it obviously takes a lot of guts to trespass all the way to the top of a skyscraper like this and when you are there instead of just taking in the view you strip off with an amazing hot chick like this and have her handling your cock as if there is nothing else in the world. This is all caught on video once again for you guys to watch (well after you have downloaded the awesome video in any format that you choose to). It’s over thirty minutes long and from previous memory a lot of the videos that these guys film are around an hour long to make sure that you can truly enjoy the fine girls that they have recruited to not only appear on one site but to build up their name across the network as well as trying to find fame in the widespread video and DVD market for pornography. Time for me to go and find all of you guys some more of this tommorow, so just sit back and enjoy it.

Tugjobs: Eva Angelina

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Yet another update for today and we are venturing into the latin quarter, a bit like the bacardi adverts, simply because I think that you and me both know when chicks are featured this heavily in tons of different ways that they are something special that should not be ignored by the general public, in fact I definitely think this girl is going to be a big hit in the future if she keeps up the way she is going in the rise in fame she has got going on right now, I mean there’s no problem with staying low key and not looking for some fun but if you can’t feel the way that other people are doing it then there are issues, none of which are present for a girl as hot and spicy as Eva Angelina, who just happened by pure coincidence (in all honesty) to be in the update list for today, and not to be one to ruin the fun we decided straight away that this was perfect and there would be nothing better than seeing this hottie perform in all her glory, little did we know that it wasn’t going to be a normal perfomance but any stretch of the imagination – instead of doing it indoors she will be messing around in public and not care anyone else who might catch a glimpse of what she is up to in the way of sex. Either way it’s all brand new and it has been added to the great site that we know as Tugjobs


Now i think it is pretty obvious to even you guys that when a girl strips off the street and does her thing with no regard as to who oculd be watching her that it is definitely a good thing, there is no problems with this and I think it will become more popular in the future as girls flow into the game and try to make themselves a personality within the video market, both on and off the internet – I mean there is still a huge market for videos of this type, just maybe not as much as there once was back in the day and that is pretty frankly dissapointing because it means there are less real world points of sale for us guys to go and visit when were are looking for chicks to hookup with and have a good time after finding them in an adult shop or another place where you know that they then might be interested in doing some kinky and naughty things once you have wined and dined them and got them back to your place. Either way I can guarantee that today’s update is one of the highest quality you have ever seen and if you aren’t feeling this then surely there are issues to fix.