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Britney Lightspeed

Friday, November 14th, 2008

I’m back in the game after a few days away from what was going on and I think the hotness of the solo girl that you will be able to feast your eyes on today and it’s another one of those stunners who have come from the middle of America, small town girls who have impressed some of the world’s biggest audiences thanks to their abilities when they have got up there on the internet and filmed themselves doing some of the most naughty things you will ever see teen babes like this getting up to. You don’t have to worry about paying to see it all, because as expected you will be getting the very best delivered straight to you thanks to Frogsporn and all of our efforts to make everything free for the people who deserve what we bring to them. Now it’s no problem for us to give you a big preview image that will please you, which is exactly why I am delivering you the content as fast as possible in order to please the ever-growing appetite of the hundreds of people who have memberships to this site, and it’s all coming courtesy of Britney Lightspeed

Britney Lightspeed

That big free image should give you guys a good idea of what is going on, but if you need to know anything else then feel free to ask because I would be more than happy to deliver, that is of course if you’ve already forgotten that I always bring you guys the best free porn of these nubile babes and today is no exception, you’re going to be getting three of the highest quality links that I’ve ever brought to the web and I hand picked all of the content from inside of her password protected members area. You don’t have to go and sign in now, thanks to me delivering you guys all of the hottest pictures and videos from inside and I’m only doing it so that you can get a good preview of the kind of stuff these kinky little teen girls get up to when they stripping out of their tight clothing, especially Britney, this european girl just loves to get naked and act like a whore and that’s what you’re about to see.

Chicks Love Chicks

Monday, August 11th, 2008

It’s a saying you might have heard before, but you probably won’t have seen it in action unless you browse the lesbian genre of porn regularly, which would make you one of the avid fans of our site because we are almost constantly exploring girl on girl action and it’s one of our favourite things to do. Either way I’m not gonna sit here and tell you about these european sluts putting their hands all over one another without showing you the action and it’s just about to arrive here for you, so while you gear up and get ready to see these babes pulling off their clothes and getting dirty with one another, it’s time for me to lay off and go and find one of the biggest pictures they have in order to deliver you with a hot preview of what you will be getting your hands on for free in the next couple of minutes after you make your jump down past our image and start checking out the free previews and movies provided kindly by the film crew who make Chicks love Chicks

Chicks love Chicks

Of course if you’re wondering about the quality of women who might appear on such a site, you need not worry because they have all of the finest women and that means stunners like Susana Spears and all her european hotties who have followed her into the industry trying to become as popular. It doesn’t take long to download the content even though it is all available in high definition, which is why this site has won numerous awards for it’s ease of use and the way that it’s impressed porn fans across the globe with how quickly you can enjoy the hot babes getting lesbian and having fun with one another. Either way I’m not here simply to tell you about it and not actually deliver, so you guys get the treat of enjoying some free pictures from the site in the form of my usual threesome, so come back tomorrow for more.

Fist Flush: Clara G & Helena

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

After yesterday’s hot new site, I am bringing things back to a female perspective with today’s girls who really enjoy exploring one another and I’m not saying that for any specific reason other than the site itself being obsessed with capturing girls who enjoy taking huge fists inside of themselves, in fact these women aren’t happy unless they get drilled hard and it’s not even by the normal ways of big dicks on hung european studs. Instead this site is all about the chicks who take fingers, hands and now even fists inside themselves from other women and there is a good reason for that. If you haven’t already thought about it, then it’s no surprise to you that you will have noticed I brought this site to you when it first launched a couple of months back and I was saying how excellent it was. Either way it’s not something to worry about if you missed it back then, because you get a second chance with this latest update that will blow your socks off, whether you like it or not. It’s the latest movie to be added to Fist Flush

Helena & Clara G at Fist Flush

They really do have a lot of fun and it’s no surprise to see when you notice how hot these babes are and how much they are lusting after one another, in fact when they pose and then get down to the hardcore stuff, they will actually shock you with how much they do in the sack and enjoy getting fucked the way they should do. It’s no joke to say that these dirty young women are lesbians to the core and you will probably end up seeing it when they continue to go this deep exploring one another and really feeling out the boundaries of what is available. I’m not going to go into detail about it, but if you guys keep scrolling down the page then you will get some hot free galleries and can come back tomorrow for another fresh update on what is going on here.

Fist Flush

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I’m back as usual and bringing you guys another fantastic new site today, but this one is a tad more extreme than anything I have brought to you before, well at least in the last couple of years, that’s for sure. It’s not all about though, instead we need to make sure that the most beautiful women in Europe appear on this website for us and they are more than willing to perform the most extreme of circumstances and when there are fists involved, you know it’s going to be more than slightly good viewing and I have made sure that you will get more than enough of the free material available, it’s just a small amount of the full stuff that is inside the members area, but as long as you guys get your hands on it then you will happy with what is made available. I’m gonna let the massive free picture preview of these hotties speak a lot more than any words I could write here would, so check it out and then view the full thing over at Fist Flush

Fist Flush

Of course there is another three high quality free galleries for you guys to load onto your computers and enjoy, so I’ll set back and let you all view them while making sure that there are no popups or any other deceptive methods to try and get you to spend your money while not delivering the high quality pornography that you think your in for. Anyway now probably isn’t the time to discuss it, I don’t bring you these important meetings and information for no reason and by supplying all of the vital knowledge about the girls that appear on sites like this I can keep all of you up to date with the news and more importantly with the free pictures and movies that appear in their members area every single week.

Black Escort Adventures

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

After quite a while of generic girls who were all white and you have probably seen quite a lot before, I decided to delve into the ghetto for you guys, of course it’s always a surprise as to what I bring for all of you, but sometimes you have to fall in with the groove of things and definitely expect a shock when you come to frogsporn looking for what’s available. Anyway I’m not going to get into what you guys specifically like and don’t like in terms of different niche things, instead it’s all about sluts getting pounded and in today’s episode they certainly do, but instead of acting all innocent and as if this is their first time or something like that, these ghetto bangers know that they have been fucked hundreds of times before and they play on their experience as hookers to get you interested, it’s some exclusive Black Escort Adventures

Black Escort Adventures

They can work the pole and make you drool all day and if you’ve never actually fucked a black chick before, then this will leave you wondering what it would be like if you had the possibility. I’m not going to have to say much more once you head on over to this site and view the kind of videos that they have, these girls get their pussies popped and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the way they act on the floor is pretty insane and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. It will definitely be interesting if you get a password and see how they shoot this kind of site behind the scenes, it’s something special and if you are ever interested in signing up then remember where you saw it first, and where you arrived from. I’ll be back tomorrow with more, so wait for that.

Alyssa Doll: Car Wash

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Now I know I’ve been a bit lax during the december rush when you guys were probably out shopping for presents every day and hoping that when you came back from such a stressful activity there would be an update just sitting there waiting for you, well as not to dissapoint you guys will probably be very happy to know that I am returning to an update cycle just like that which means you all get to enjoy the benefits without really having to look around other sites, I mean it’s probably enough that I’ve been delivering you pictures and movies on the same pages that make you guys not have to go browsing around because it’s all fantastic, I mean you don’t really have to worry when you see both of them in one place whereas back in the day if you only got one you would usually hit a search engine or five to try and find the opposing movie clip or gallery set and I am starting to take out the middleman who is going to advertise at you for fantastic sites like today’s babe, the aptly named Alyssa Doll!

Alyssa Doll: Car Wash

Let’s work hard in the new year to continue making so many pornographic movies our domain, I mean there’s no reason why we should have to give up the ghost when other people are practically taking over our spot with these bullshit ‘tube’ sites that have no real content but just stream all the DVDs at you, of course counterfeit material just kills the industry and when you watch it in flash video format it is usually not as good quality anyway. Let’s not let that kind of thing happen to us eh, I will make a pact to continue bringing you all of the quality material that you’ve come to expect while you still wait for every single one of the videos that you’ve come to known as well as love to hit you hard and not let you get away from what is available. I’m not going to focus on that though, if you can’t keep up with what I am delivering then take a while out and come back tommorow for the next step.

Alyssa Doll Lamborghini

Couples Seduce Teens: Mia

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

An early morning update on this fine winter saturday is what I’ve decided you guys need and it’s what your going to get thanks to me digging up a lot of the latest updates from one of the sites that has rocked the most in the last couple of months. I think I brought it to you way back in 2005 when it first launched but since then they have addred over one hundred episodes of awesome content which you will surely be interested in, so I grabbed my gear and started hunting all over the net for possibilities of what to do and where to find these new girls. It was definitely an activity that would have been approved by anyone in the industry who knows their stuff about good quality content compared to the crappy sites that really rock no benefit to the end user such as me. Anyway it’s all about the last few updates added to Couples Seduce Teens today

Couples Seduce Teens: Mia

Let’s not get things wrong here, it’s all about rolling up on girls and trying to keep them as satisfied as possible without breaking the golden rule of not buying them a drink, but that’s hard with the chicks you find nowdays because they will always try and work you for the contents of your pocket, which is why we are straight up and prevent them from running the game. If the girls aren’t working it on the first night then they have bigger issues that dealing with us, instead they should be up in the game riding our poles for the video connections that we’ve made. Let’s get things right when we are working and hope that all of you guys follow in our footsteps, that’s what should really be happening until now. I’ll return tommorow (or even maybe later today) with another update as you’ve come to expect by now. Until then you all need to stay safe and keep your heads up.

Wife Switch

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

A bit of a kinky update is on the cards today after you guys missed out yesterday because I was busy scrambling away trying to prepare this hot site for the market and not get caught out by any last minute bugs or stuff like that, you probably know what I mean but if you don’t just play along and give yourself some technical knowledge about how websites work and the like. If you still don’t understand then just let it go and keep rolling on forward down the page because in a few lines there will be a big nice preview image for you to save to your desktop or just look at and it’s all courtesy of today’s site which features married couples and those who have been together for a long time endulging in some pretty wild behaviour that certainly can’t be classed as monogamy. It basically involves the guys holding the video cameras to get these four people in a room together and then get them to change partners and have sex, all while the camera is rolling and it has become known as the Wife Switch

Wife Switch

There is no reason for you to shy away if you think you might like this kind of material, there’s nothing wrong with it and a lot of the time the people who are watching it are the people who either most relate to that kind of scenario or would want to get involved in it, and I think if the girls were this hot across the board then the ones who would be wanting to get in it on would definitely be in the majority, however that’s not too important because I now need to just be quiet and help you guys by supplying a great dose of free picture galleries for you to consume and then slowly backing away into the distance while still holding my ground. I mean it’s not as if anyone has tried this before but frogsporn always does it big and when if comes to fucking other guy’s significant others I am completely down for that. Until next time (which will be tommorow), I will catch you dudes later, peace.

Ball Honeys: Fuck my Roommate

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I am back in the game and it is surely going to be rocked by my swagger that means each and every one of you will have to roll forward to the traffic lights and put on your best swagger in order to try and impress the ladies who love looking at bodies. Yeah I’m not talking about any of that fruity shit today like I have done sometimes in the past, referencing posts about different styles of sites such as Evan Rivers but instead looking inside of the game and trying to find the real beauties who are coming up in good ways and different methods in the adult industry which means that us consumers of the material do not have to worry about whether what we are getting is quality or not, instead we know almost all the time that it is simply the best around and the girls in it have been recruited from the best sources around. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of the game, but there is certain something nice about seeing the game rise up with all of the booty hoes over on Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

This booty ho doesn’t mind getting straight to the action as soon as the cameras are rolling, and even though it is a complete suprise to her roommate that the cameras burst in on while she was just relaxing on a random weekend this lesbian couple don’t mind doing it hard infront of the camera just for the hell of it, why not let everyone just see their amazing bodies that they show off to men all the time because not only do they fuck other girls they go for guys too but only if they have huge cocks in order to make them cum hard and fast as they ride those big dicks which slam their g-spots pretty damn hard. If you don’t believe me, which would be a complete shame by now because I think it is obvious that I have been bringing you the quality material for such a long time now that you don’t have to worry about the kind of girls that you might think you have seen in the preview pictures and not really wanted, because they are all just as great as one another and that is for sure. Now I have to go and prepare some more for tommorow, mix it up and all that, so I will see you then and in the mean time get your hustle on with this awesome material.

Cum for Cover

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

You don’t get another site to check out in unison with this one today because it is so high quality that not even I can protect you from the kinda stuff you will be seeing on it, the guys behind it have made some pretty world famous adventures in the different niches of porn and you will have no doubt seen some of the videos they have produced if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of years. I mean one of their best examples when they shoot is using a ton of lighting on the hot girl and a lot of makeup as well, this is combined with shooting the actual videos in real classy locations instead of motels or random studios like a lot of porn producers nowdays seem to settle for. We just don’t think that cuts it and when you get into the game that much trying to produce for the masses you really have to turn it up a notch and appeal to just about everyone and anyone that might log on to your site and be a potential consumer of your specific product. Either way it is pretty definite that you guys will enjoy today’s site before you even see it because I know what it contains and I am already a huge fan of all of the material that has been added for the official launch of Cum for Cover

Cum for Cover

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like this will offend anyone but I am so overconfident in just how well produced it is I can actually make those assertions and not have to worry about what other people might say. The basic premise of this site is that you get some of the hottest euro girls in the game of shooting porn at any one time and pay them an absolute ton of money to come to your studio and suck off or fuck a ton of guys and just before the dudes climax you have to get the sluts in a prime position to have their faces absolutely splattered and covered in hot sperm which is then filmed in closeup and looks really erotic despite it not sounding so. You guys will have to check it out for yourselves and this won’t be too hard because I have enclosed three sample galleries of just how good it is in order for you to get an idea, so now it’s time for me to relax and watch the big fight as you guys should be doing as well, see you tommorow.