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Carly Moore: New Galleries

Monday, April 7th, 2008

It’s been a long time since I brought this pretty young thing to your attention and as I was browsing back through the hundreds of posts that I’ve previously written, I realised she is probably one of the most underrated solo girl stars in the porn industry today (well online that is) which is why I instantly decided to start work on bringing you some of her latest and most interesting content, in fact it’s both videos and pictures which means you will really love it. I’m not going to get into the reasons why you should find this such an awesome updated, because as soon as you are reminded how amazing she looks with those great natural blonde locks. I’ll let you guys take a look at the massive free preview image that I’ve brought with me today and then you can hop on over and get a grip of the awesome full site that is Carly Moore

Carly Moore

Of course when I tell you about new galleries, I’m really not joking and that requires me bringing you an awesome link to the material that I was talking about. It’s not something you should have to worry about as to where you next hit of porn is coming from, there’s so many sources out there nowadays that are trying to provide it for you that you should probably not even have to worry about where you are next going to get it. Anyway I won’t stay here preaching about how good this content is, it’s definitely on top of the game and there is no point in wasting anyones time getting straight to the good stuff, so I’ll leave you now in the capable hands of this solo beauty.

Alyssa Doll: Car Wash

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Now I know I’ve been a bit lax during the december rush when you guys were probably out shopping for presents every day and hoping that when you came back from such a stressful activity there would be an update just sitting there waiting for you, well as not to dissapoint you guys will probably be very happy to know that I am returning to an update cycle just like that which means you all get to enjoy the benefits without really having to look around other sites, I mean it’s probably enough that I’ve been delivering you pictures and movies on the same pages that make you guys not have to go browsing around because it’s all fantastic, I mean you don’t really have to worry when you see both of them in one place whereas back in the day if you only got one you would usually hit a search engine or five to try and find the opposing movie clip or gallery set and I am starting to take out the middleman who is going to advertise at you for fantastic sites like today’s babe, the aptly named Alyssa Doll!

Alyssa Doll: Car Wash

Let’s work hard in the new year to continue making so many pornographic movies our domain, I mean there’s no reason why we should have to give up the ghost when other people are practically taking over our spot with these bullshit ‘tube’ sites that have no real content but just stream all the DVDs at you, of course counterfeit material just kills the industry and when you watch it in flash video format it is usually not as good quality anyway. Let’s not let that kind of thing happen to us eh, I will make a pact to continue bringing you all of the quality material that you’ve come to expect while you still wait for every single one of the videos that you’ve come to known as well as love to hit you hard and not let you get away from what is available. I’m not going to focus on that though, if you can’t keep up with what I am delivering then take a while out and come back tommorow for the next step.

Alyssa Doll Lamborghini

Panties and Fannies: Aurora

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

It’s just gone christmas day but don’t think this is all you are getting in the way of presents because I have another update lined up for when everyone is awake and prepared to get what is coming to them, which technically should be every niche that they want because Santa doesn’t discriminate when he is emptying his sack all over the place and I totally mean that in the sexual way. If you have any problems you should probably check out the red suited girl named Alison Angel because she has been doing some pretty fabulous stuff while we have been away from her and trying to go in a more hardcore direction with our reviews. More importantly there is some interesting stuff going on with our latest teen girl over at the site I launched back in October but since then they’ve been having some pretty wacky stuff going on which is why I decided you guys probably need to be hit with what they’ve done next. More importantly than that is the fact that it’s all exclusive, all new and the only place you can see it is on Panties and Fannies

Panties and Fannies: Aurora

Aurora has a strong body and yeah maybe she doesn’t have the best of tits but that ass sure as hell makes up for it. I mean what is better to grab when you are slamming a whore from behind… it’s much easier to give that butt a squeeze, it’s simply hypnotic and no-one would argue with you completely. If you want the real experience then you should check out the internal gallery I have provided for you, which means you don’t really have to deal with any of the bullshit as I’ve explained many times before and with some high resolution video you will be enjoying yourself to completion in no-time. I’ll post a few of the previous collections that you’ve seen thanks to the frog just to make up what you need to see and bring you the legendary Xmas present you deserve later in the day, so save stuffing the turkey for now and pay some attention.

Bangbus: Clueless Abby

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I’m not gonna lie to you guys today, it’s only ever the truth nowdays and if I was being completely honest then I would say that I had another site in mind for today but I didn’t manage to do enough electronic pimping to get it available, which is a shame because it had a lot of movie previews on there that you guys would have fucking loved (not unlike previous sites I have investigated, one that comes to mind instantly could be Tit Anime because of the sheer amount of movies available on there, I don’t think any other free promo site on the web could match that level of detail). Anyway let’s not get hung up on what we are missing out on because I’m sure you will enjoy what I do have for you and that’s a little clip from the legendary tour vehicle which might just be in your state soon, they have a new dumb whore recruited in this weeks update on Bangbus

I can’t believe they are still getting away with this, I mean 2001 was a damn long time ago nowdays, rocking in there at 6 years going on 7 and these girls on each coast are still thinking that a bunch of guys in a van with a video camera are legitimately just going to give them a lift somewhere. Instead every single time it has just been a matter of how much money is involved to get them to first strip off and then start sucking and fucking in the back of a moving vehicle, which doesn’t even have tinted windows so just about anyone who was looking at cars moving by would know exactly what was going on. Anyway I’m not going to stress about how these guys obtained their greatness, the fame and fortune that came with it, instead I am just going to give them respect and post the latest update from their legendary site. I’ll be back tommorow with another brand new hit for you guys.

Security Cam Chronicles

Monday, October 1st, 2007

I promised you guys a brand new site today and you definitely are getting it, even if it’s a little unorthdox and making you wonder about what actually happen insides. I can’t blame you if you are thinking that because I was too when I first went there to check out the premise after a friend in the industry told me that this was a growing market and a lot of people actually want to see it. Basically what happens is that the guys who work in the CCTV departments of office complex areas and shopping centers have teamed up to record any naughty goings on and then put them all on one central website which enables voyeurs like me and you to log on at any time and see what’s actually happening in the world. I mean some of these people probably don’t even know they are famous until their wives or significant others catch them in a porn movie fucking someone at work or in all kinds of fruity locations (I think the best is the couple who are caught on video having sex in a coffin, now that takes being adventurous to a whole new level). Either way it’s very strange but interesting at the same time and you can see it all at Security Cam Chronicles

Security Cam Chronicles

The best thing about this site is that they have cut image preview images to show you, so it’s not just be telling you about what happens inside the member’s area, you can actually go in and get it without paying at first (of course if you want the full thing you going to have a few issues and maybe have to signup, but let’s not worry about that unless you really want to because sometimes the members area for sites like this aren’t as great as they claim, although I have no doubt about the company behind this one being top notch because I’ve brought you guys tons of their sites in the past and no-one has had any trouble with them). Move up to the next level when you are hunting around for your porn and you will have no trouble coming along to deal with sluts like this in the future, because it’s definitely something that guys across the world are trying to achieve but many of them fail because they are being brought back to earth and that really sucks. I’ll return once again tommorow to deliver another fresh load of this into your PC’s and you’ll love it as usual, I never dissapoint.

I Pose for Daddy

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

No, I don’t personally, but that’s the name of the site you are being delivered today and I can see why it would get you excited as soon as you see the first couple of girls who are featured, they just don’t mess around with their bodies when being caught on camera. Let’s say this was your home and you bust in on some random girl being photographed by her father while he is a bit of a lecher and ensuring that they get saved onto his hard drive and distributed onto websites like this. It sounds a little kinky and I was unsure of whether I should have brought to you but then I noticed that it was developed by one of the leading porn production companies in America (on the net at least) and I realised that it’s all just role play so maybe it’s just an illusion, one that is overtly sexual and one that I enjoy to the limits of my pounding boner thanks to all of the girls over at I pose for Daddy

I pose for Daddy

Now you can see that giant preview image looking good thanks to the exclusive content in which they make sure they have multiple sources (not something new, but still interesting), I mean what kind of site encourages their members, who might be of that age group, to do the same thing of thing as they are posting, but remember everything here is strictly 18s and over because they are the hottest around. I won’t front and tell you that it’s the best site only but it is definitely interesting for those of you who enjoy a mix of well known models as well as amateur girls who are brand new as well as content taken in all kinds of situations and places. It’s time to stop waffling on about how good it is and leave you with the goods, so check these out and return tommorow for an update to a site I know you loved a few weeks ago.

Tugjobs: Sunshine at the Door

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

I will be the first one out there to come back to you guys after you have been left pretty eagerly waiting for what will come next from frogsporn and all of the updates that I just continually add to the back archives here, so you never really have to worry about other sites, but today it’s a bit different and now that a few issues have been dealt with we can talk once more about hot sites that you should definitely be checking out when you log onto the internet everyday to get your hustle on. I mean there is so many of these teen girls nowdays trying to cash in on the webcam phase and just gaining attention for themselves, but it takes the most beautiful to get recruited by the talent agencies and hired to appear on the proper sites that provide worldwide attention as well as DVD release benefits when they get high enough on that cock and make a name for themselves. It’s not like all of them are Ashley Fine but some of these girls really could go far in mainstream modelling or even being on the front of racing grids as the Japanese style queens are, but instead they choose to get their hot shaven pussies fucked into oblivion just for our enjoyment and I personally love to see that Tugjobs


It doesn’t stop there either and I think you will be expecting some of the best free preview pages that are stacked with actual video screenshots as well as the higher resolution images that go with them because these guys use SLR cameras as well at their shoots in order to ensure that you are inundated with quality, not even caring about those which might try and beg to differ when they see the kind of action that is going on inside of the members area. As usual they are right here waiting for you and there is a selection as well so it’s not like there will be anything lacking in the high definition video department, which I think in a few weeks you will appreciate a lot more because there certainly will be more features coming that should interest you, If you can’t feel that then don’t worry about it because you will soon know all the problems that exist in the game as well as anything else that might happen in the future. I’m out for now but you won’t have to wait too long to see me again, so check back for more tommorow.

Brandi Belle: Jackass

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

It’s back to the solo girl days and I am sure you won’t have any questions as to why I have decided to employ this method of getting you guys interested, these bitches are simply fantastic and that is the truth as you see just how amazing the bodies of these amateur girls that have decided to join the porn game but not go exactly into the DVD or straight hardcore market and instead just set up their own websites in order to directly promote themselves to their audience and hope to gain more recognition than they usually would. It’s these teeny boppers that have just turned eighteen and want to dip their feet in and see how it would be after a couple of shoots which really turn me on, girls like Andi Pink who initially tried it out and looked great but then stepped it up a notch and have now become fully grown stars of their own accord universally across the net. It’s not her I have come to focus on with you guys today though, she is not in the specific group that you will enjoy most because I know now that it is all about the dirty bitches that do hardcore on the net while still coming across as innocent and needing protection from these big cocks as well as the men that want to fuck them so damn hard when they see these girls shake it like they are pretending to be Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

You can see she doesn’t even care about being recognised in the streets nowdays, the fame is right up there with the biggest pornstars of today and when you see girls like this getting fucked hard in the tight pussies that they show off to the camera every day. Don’t be caught tripping and wrong-footed as you try to find all of the material featuring this stunner across the net, there will be a lot of sites trying to copy what is going on and of course this means you will never be able to find the true high definition content that is available inside of the members-area. I brought you all these free picture galleries today and I will continue doing it in the future as you don’t have to worry about anything while the huge jpeg’s of these dirty images that everyone on the internet is scanning to see. There’s all kinds of freaky shit going down inside of the members area of sites like this, so don’t roll deep in the game and instead just enjoy the booty you will be swinging in a moments time as you beast this slut. I’ll see you tommorow for another fresh load, so prepare for that.

Tugjobs: Pure Fire

Friday, May 25th, 2007

It’s back to the high definiton content once again and if you guys are wondering about the sporadic updates it is due to the sheer amount of content I am trying to process in order to deliver it to your inbox every single day of the week, I mean if there wasn’t any problem with this I would do it every single day of the week and I don’t think anyone would mind because there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who want to see amazingly beautiful women getting slammed like this, but then there are others out there who don’t like being treated bad and instead just give titjobs instead of going all the way that is kind of required if you want to hit the big time nowdays, I mean the only people who have got truly famous in the industry while doing the softcore route of modelling is most of the solo girls that started out a couple of years ago when the internet was pretty new and people were dying for any remnants of fresh content because the big providers hadn’t even hit the scene yet and people were throwing up girls that were barely even showing full parts of their body and making huge amounts of cash. Nowdays that simply doesn’t work and even legends like the Lightspeed Girls have gone hardcore recently, which is kinda shocking but just increases the value of sites that have been hardcore since the start like Tugjobs


Now if it’s not enough that I delivered on my promise of bringing all of you guys the promotional pictures from the outside of this site, I felt the need to bring this content as soon as I got my hands on it, it’s all of the highest quality and I can’t believe that any of you people would underestimate the sheer hotness of the models that they have recruited to go on their awesome members area. It’s one of the most complete sites out there on the market and when you finally grasp just how many hours and girls are in there doing their thing I don’t think you will have any problems at all wanting to see more and getting your roll on, that’s for sure. Now don’t be silly and grab yourself a membership password before checking out these free picture galleries first. I’ll see you all tommorow, so enjoy this.

Ball Honeys: Mexican Vanity

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

I am back in the game in order to supply each and every one of you guys with another huge episode that will take you over an hour to fully enjoy and watch what happens as the plot unfolds and the girls involved show off their amazing bodies. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all into the more amateur and mature stuff such as Couples Seduce Teens, but when you are rolling around the entire world and trying to find exotic girls who stroll the beaches looking for hot dudes that might just want to show them a good time in the bedroom. It’s all in a days work for the guys who happen to be filming brand new material for every week’s update that gets uploaded into the already jam-packed members area of one of my personally favourite sites. The reason for this is varied, maybe it’s because of the huge members area or the network of sites that you get cheap/free access to when you sign up. It’s all going on and there is one of the best girls in the world today being featured on Ball Honeys

Ball Honeys

There’s something that is definitely different about the women when you head south of the border, they just don’t feel the same as they get slammed around on video because they aren’t acting like normal and it kind of makes you wonder what kind of things they are used to in their private life when they are taking on the biggest cocks we can throw at them and they don’t even fret and fit it perfectly into their really tight pussies. It’s almost magic and that is why they have become such a source for awesome videos over the last couple of years because the money in modelling for these South American and Cuban girls has really rocketed thanks to the demand of the latin market in America and as this has happened the quality of the girls who are acting in porn has increase exponentially, that’s for sure. Now if you are wondering why I was away yesterday it was problems that were beyond my control and that is why I have to help you guys get back into the game with today’s site, which is certainly going to be something to remember me by, so enjoy this trio of free picture galleries until I arrive again tommorow with another update which I am pretty sure you will also love. Laters