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Lexi Bardot

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Now you’ve had the Christmas present I wanted you to enjoy, I arrive back with another huge portfolio of porn for you starring one very special girl who loves getting fucked and looks better while in bed than most girls you will see in the next couple of months. That’s why she got a whole site dedicated to her and the antics she gets up to when in front of the video camera and poses for you guys, not only does it make her look fantastic when that naked body is exposed to all of you porn fans who might have seen her in titles such as Assploitation and Butt Bitches while appearing in all of these movies with other huge name stars like Belladonna to name one, it’s all made up to a glittering career so far and there is no reason why this girl can’t just go all the way. She sure has got the power to be a really good girl in terms of how much popularity and fame she gets from fucking her way over the web and entertaining audiences like me and you for years to come. That’s why you will soon become a fan of girls such as Lexi Bardot

Lexi Bardot

Now you’ve got the picture preview of what’s up to and that is something that will impress you, then get onto the pictures and movies that I’ve come to deliver to your doorstep, especially as we are about to walk into 2009 and start seeing all kinds of new sites pop up on the web and shock you guys with their awesome content. I’m not one to brag about how good these things are but I think all of you will have a smile on your face when you start operating and enjoying the sites that are sitting in front of you just waiting to be accessed and have all of their content downloaded. For now though, I’m going to leave you with this little slut and a few examples of her work from companies such as New Sensations and we will see how you enjoy it, because I think you will really love the look of her attactive body.

Fist Flush: Clara G & Helena

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

After yesterday’s hot new site, I am bringing things back to a female perspective with today’s girls who really enjoy exploring one another and I’m not saying that for any specific reason other than the site itself being obsessed with capturing girls who enjoy taking huge fists inside of themselves, in fact these women aren’t happy unless they get drilled hard and it’s not even by the normal ways of big dicks on hung european studs. Instead this site is all about the chicks who take fingers, hands and now even fists inside themselves from other women and there is a good reason for that. If you haven’t already thought about it, then it’s no surprise to you that you will have noticed I brought this site to you when it first launched a couple of months back and I was saying how excellent it was. Either way it’s not something to worry about if you missed it back then, because you get a second chance with this latest update that will blow your socks off, whether you like it or not. It’s the latest movie to be added to Fist Flush

Helena & Clara G at Fist Flush

They really do have a lot of fun and it’s no surprise to see when you notice how hot these babes are and how much they are lusting after one another, in fact when they pose and then get down to the hardcore stuff, they will actually shock you with how much they do in the sack and enjoy getting fucked the way they should do. It’s no joke to say that these dirty young women are lesbians to the core and you will probably end up seeing it when they continue to go this deep exploring one another and really feeling out the boundaries of what is available. I’m not going to go into detail about it, but if you guys keep scrolling down the page then you will get some hot free galleries and can come back tomorrow for another fresh update on what is going on here.

Fist Flush

Monday, April 28th, 2008

I’m back as usual and bringing you guys another fantastic new site today, but this one is a tad more extreme than anything I have brought to you before, well at least in the last couple of years, that’s for sure. It’s not all about though, instead we need to make sure that the most beautiful women in Europe appear on this website for us and they are more than willing to perform the most extreme of circumstances and when there are fists involved, you know it’s going to be more than slightly good viewing and I have made sure that you will get more than enough of the free material available, it’s just a small amount of the full stuff that is inside the members area, but as long as you guys get your hands on it then you will happy with what is made available. I’m gonna let the massive free picture preview of these hotties speak a lot more than any words I could write here would, so check it out and then view the full thing over at Fist Flush

Fist Flush

Of course there is another three high quality free galleries for you guys to load onto your computers and enjoy, so I’ll set back and let you all view them while making sure that there are no popups or any other deceptive methods to try and get you to spend your money while not delivering the high quality pornography that you think your in for. Anyway now probably isn’t the time to discuss it, I don’t bring you these important meetings and information for no reason and by supplying all of the vital knowledge about the girls that appear on sites like this I can keep all of you up to date with the news and more importantly with the free pictures and movies that appear in their members area every single week.

Huge Squirt

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

It’s not something you should worry about that I’m a bit late with today’s update,I’ve been working hard to get this one out there and if you doubt it’s quality then there is a little extra something hidden in the undergrowth here and that is a talent, something I’ve brought to you before I’m sure (in fact I’m positive because it was featured in updates of sites such as Team Squirt but never before have I done it in such a way that has elicited a response like this and that’s probably one of the main reasons why I try so hard to keep you guys in the loop. Anyway I’m not going to start fronting on you and wonder what happened when you were trying to get away or get into the game because that really doesn’t matter know, it’s just all about getting crazy and having your wicked way with the videos that contain dirty bitches like the ones featured, especially those who can really do an erotic Huge Squirt

Huge Squirt

If that’s not enough I can provide free picture galleries as well but I can’t say that you guys will enjoy them as much as you used to because unlike the others we have a bit of a problem, that being there is only two of them as compared to three today which kind of sucks but I will make up for it in the future, you guys already know that now. Anyway I’ll stop going on about random shit and make way for the guys who don’t really have to worry about satisfying you with their attitude or anything else, instead they only care that the freshest pornography is being delivered at the fastest download speeds and that you are all enjoying it when it ends up on your PC, better than that I won’t really have to try any more and instead I think I’ll just up stakes and move away from the industry for a while, trying some new sites instead that maybe stream video or have new and interesting girls on, whatever happens I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Team Squirt: Mya

Friday, December 8th, 2006

We aren’t into these softcore bitches today, once again I am pushing it to the limit and taking it way beyond that in order to provide you guys with material that is a lot different to the younger girls who simply model (I think a lot of you guys probably know that I am chatting about chicks like Alyssa Doll when I say that), we are talking some extreme niches today and that is why I have a feeling that this is something new that might just appeal to every single one of you guys, even if you don’t usually go for this kind of stuff. All of these bitches go at it hardcore and can you blame them when they have asses and titties like this that when they work so damn hard in order to get featured on huge traffic sites like that, and who here is going to blame them when they actually manage to do it because it only makes it more awesome when you can check out the kind of things which go on when you view sites such as Team Squirt

Team Squirt

There’s something that just isn’t right about these kind of girls, they get off on being the dirtiest damn bitches around and that is definitely the way it should be done when you are trying to get laid with all of the damn finest girls in the game of pornography. I don’t want all of you kind of people to think about my game being laid down because if you can’t feel yourself going down in the game tonight, I don’t want you to lay up that way and if you can’t feel it all down like some of the chicks who’s getting laid with the damnest babes that always lay it down with their asses rather than putting it up to try and have sex with some of the babes in this kind of layer cake. Let’s go and not protect the babes who make them feel like whores soon in the game.

Liz Vicious: New Features

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

A new feature has just been added to that hot little chick who likes to please you, and it will definitely make you guys happy when you want to get in there, because she has added the likes of stuff such as a diary which keeps all of you informed with the latest and greatest adventures she has been getting up to. If you saw her in the street, you would most definitely know exactly who she is because she stands out like a sore thumb (not like a problem or anything, just a real hottie who wants to fuck you hard and fast and that is what it is all about when it comes down to the game that is sex). Either way, these new tools will keep you interested in what she has been up to in the recent weeks, and that is why if you just keep your game up like I do then maybe one day you will also have the chance of getting to fuck real hot bitches like Liz Vicious

Liz Vicious

Now you may just be sitting there and not thinking that there is much to this, well then I can definitely assure you that you are wrong, because this stuff is totally extreme and you will be wanting to get in on it as fast as you can in case of any problems popping up from some people not really wanting to get laid in the game. Either way, it really doesn’t affect me very much because nothing will put me off from bringing every single one of you guys this fresh porn every single day of the week, and that is a fact. So until then, just relax and I will see you later.

Squirt Hunter: Cytheria

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

The legendary name is back, she has come all the way over from teaching her normal classes at team squirt and the ztod series in order to show a whole new roster of girls her amazing talent and teach them how to become masters themselves at squirting pussy juice out of themselves when they climax. You just know this is going to be awesome when you first heard about it in those lines and I have arrived today in order to make sure that you are definitely in the right place at the right time if you want to see some of the best hardcore material around. This is one of those scenes that you will remember for a long time because it is the legendary supergirl Cytheria appearing on Squirt Hunter

Squirt Hunter

She really does have a body to die for, and when you see her fucking like this you really wish you could just be there and get it on with her because she is that damn sexy. I definitely will be bringing you more of her scenes in the future as she gets around more sites, because this is a girl who is in demand, she really is the queen of this niche right now and I don’t think there is anyone who can beat her right now so she will be around for a number of years before any of the new girls start to beat her at her own game. Until then, I will keep returning day and night to bring you guys updates.

See Her Squirt: Tiffany

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

A blonde bitch with a wet pussy is exactly what you guys have demanded from me today and I have replied my sending my forces onto Wake Island to make sure those fucking bad boys are producing enough pornography to keep you guys happy. Meanwhile I was playing Solitarie against some hot bitch and she got my ace of spades so I stuck it inside of her, and that didn’t really help much so I have to say that it’s probably not the best idea for you crazy dudes to be going around doing shit like that, because you just might end up in the ghetto. Anyway, this dirty girl today is featured on See Her Squirt

See Her Squirt

I think you guys will know when she is squirting cum from her pussy in your face that she is just as hardcore as she was billed as and you just know that she is probably one of the best fucks in the world at the way this guy can barely stand it as he drills away at her and just wants to keep going forever because her pussy is just so damn wet, soft and moist. I’ll be back tommorow with more awesome stuff like this.

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Team Squirt

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

The dudes behind some of the most awesome sites on the entire fucking net, including the world famous Bangbus have now brought out a brand new site for all you guys to see girls who just can’t hold back when they orgasm and they end up squirting all over the place which is undoubtedly hot and it is the main reason why I am bringing you this stuff today, because I know that the last time I brought stuff this good to you guys you found it really exciting, especially from the guys at Team Squirt

Team Squirt

Now don’t even think that there is a possibility that I could be leaving you guys here with nothing to view, of course the best stuff is right here right now and I know it is what you have been waiting for, which is excellent because it is of course the highest quality stuff around. So I’ll see you there and I’ll also be back tommorow with another great load of this stuff.

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See Her Squirt : Sasha Knoxxx

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

We are back with these crazy hose girls that all want to have their pussys massaged, licked, tickled and basically played with until these whores fucking cover the whole place in their nice and warm pussy juice, and that is the hit of the whole fruit for the dudes who love filming all of this stuff and I think that they have some of the best girls around and they are adding a new one every week which is frankly some of the most awesome stuff around and I am sure you guys will enjoy this hottie Sasha Knoxxx featuring on the world famous See Her Squirt

See Her Squirt

There is a specific reason why I couldn’t have just left you guys without the awesome free galleries, and that is because these are just simply so awesome that you will need to check them out, and to be honest that is fucking hot, you know that shit. I look forward to bringing you guys the site tommorow as well and every day after that, so until then just chill out and pump the shit up.

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