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Hentai: The Way It Should Be Done

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Now don’t make me foolish to think that every single one of you dudes doubting my style when it comes to laying every single one of the Japanese girls who enjoy masturbating to this cartoon porn that we know it as in the US, I mean they rub their pussies while seeing manga characters get fucked by just about everything in the world from squids to guys with huge dicks that make the cum burst back out of the slut’s mouths even if they are getting fucked somewhere in their ass. It’s all about this and this is why I am frequently pumping every single one of the chicks who want to push up on the game and make sure it is held up to scrutiny, don’t hit this unless you really want to get into the asian pornography game like a lot of people who are putting pressure on just about anyone wanting to see the material inside of the members area of such a site like the ones produced for hentai


Now you all know the big game is about to kick in so don’t be foolish thinking that I might not be here to lay you guys down, I am going to be out all evening getting a bit crazy while cheering on the Indianapolis Colts and I hope my boy Peyton Manning will be able to do some good work and get in their with some winning material, either way whoever wins it will surely be a lot of fun and I want to see some clean tackling a lot of enjoyment from everyone who is watching and everyone else who is watching, I want you all to have a fun Sunday evening and you will know the kind of material that is about to pop up.

Doctor Adventures

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Sexy doctors is a niche I don’t think I have ever really fully explored and this is most definitely a shame because I think there is so much more to offer them as they always have the material that keeps all of us guys happy for watching them. That’s what it is all about and I think we will be seeing more niche activites such as the ones that I brought to you about a week ago Titjobs, however this is not what I have come to show you guys today – instead we are going full into the grind with dirty bitches that have really good careers and enjoy their lives, but the problem is that their hard lives don’t allow them to get in there with that many men so they have to have sex with the male patients who come in to their office and provide them with unlimited pleasure. That makes their life perfect and of course the guys with the camera do a perfect job so we can all feel like we are right there with them in the action on Doctor Adventures

Doctor Adventures

If you want to see more of this kind of material and you are not knowing where to find it then you should just stop because I am going to have you guys hooked up with the bomb material in these free picture galleries that will surely keep you occupied for a number of hours seeing the high quality of these pornographic picture and video sets. That’s what I am all about and I don’t think any of you would argue with how good these things have turned out, that’s what I am here for and I would think that more support would grow once the galleries have been seen by just about everyone in the game and respected for their originality as well as the pure amount of sexy exclusive girls who lay their pussies down to film these top notch videos, until tommorow I am out, but enjoy this dose.

Ladyboy Crush: Angie

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

I am back today as you would have expected and I think every single one of you guys knows what is on the cards for today’s update, it is some of those banging Transsexualz once again and I don’t want you guys to feel bad as if this isn’t the way that things should be going down. We all know that there is no other way than to feel it like this than to make the roll go down and pump it on like a gangster. Who cares about that, the focus today is on this hot asian chick we found in Bangkok in a titty bar looking like she really wanted to go at it all day. That’s what has just been released as one of the latest videos on a favoured site of mine that I have been updating every single one of you guys on ever since it came out (I think it was about this time last year now, when it was one of the hottest on the block that everyone wanted a membership on, and it surely still is to this day), the one and only Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush

She wants to spark it up so you have an interest in her and want to fuck her hard in that tight little ass of her, I can’t blame anyone who would want to because a lot of people want in on these little brown fuck machines and their asian heritage (just about every guy who has been around the block and on the grind knows that all asian chicks are more petite than their western counterparts and they most definitely have tight pussies, they will give you more pleasure and you won’t find anything better than this until I update once again tommorow, at which time you will be able to fully take in what is on offer and that is why you must enjoy this stuff, there’s nothing that is sexier and you will know it once you have seen the free picture sets.

Brandi Belle: The Sybian

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Now you all know that I am a fan of the B word when it comes to solo girls, and this isn’t the first time I have brought ou a site name similar to this. I think I remember bringing you guys updates from that site known as Brandi Love and hell, you don’t even know the real name of some of these girls until you meet them off of the screen and find out how actually slutty they really are when they aren’t being filmed or told what to do. I think it’s definitely like that, and even girls like Cum On Eileen will act completely different when they are not shooting updates for their individual websites in the game. Now neither of these are what I am going to be bringing you guys today, because they seriously do not compare to anything like the game that exits over on today’s girl and her website which is known outside of the circles as the home for every single video update featuring that hot chick who goes around calling herself a different name, everytime she meets a new guy that she can have sex with. We all know her real name though, and it is Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Now there are some awesome previews for every single one of you guys to check out and there is nothing much better than just chilling out with every single one of the gansters in the game. That’s why you have to try and stay in here and find the updates that I am bringing every day especially when I find sybian material on girls such as miss belle while she is banging hard and keeping it up every day with those pert little breasts of hers that look just so touchable and feelable. I hope that is why you can understand what I mean when I say all this, and I definitely think you will enjoy it when you get hit by the free pornography overload that is about to come in here and make you roll like a true man about town. I’ll see you guys tommorow, so just keep it real and enjoy life.

Ladyboy Crush: Tai Chi

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Now I know a lot of you guys prefer the hot chicks that I will usually be bringing to you every single day of the year, but to quote some of the biggest gangsters out there in these big cat woods, everyone has to do something different once in a while, and while I have done it before with the chicks over on Transsexualz, I don’t think this little asian hottie has reared her petite head before (and that can only be a good thing when you are talking about me). She goes by the name of Tai Chi, and that’s another lie that I am telling you guys but I know you will swallow it in good faith because you are all of a strong dissposition and you can understand that when I make a mistake I don’t like to cover it up like a lot of the other cats do, I just roll on with it and don’t worry about it too much. So if you want to represent like me, then just try yourself and keep it in the game in the future, because not much else will be going on, that’s for sure Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush

Now you have seen that preview, I am betting pretty damn hard that you will want to know what is underneath there, and get ready to be shown becauseit is coming right up just after this boring paragraph of me trying to fill your time with interesting information and all the other stuff like that which I do. Now I don’t mean to sound dreary but I have to do a heavy amount of work tommorow and I think it is going to suck pretty badly, so just wait for another fresh batch of porn to arrive to your PC’s and know exactly who it came from.

Ladyboy Crush: Nadear

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

I’ve never seen women before I had logged onto this site for the first time, and they are completely different to chicks like Melissa Midwest, they really are true authentic Transsexualz and they want to feel you up before you get down with them and start pumping the bass out as if I was a gangster in the hood and I was really feeling the vibe that is given off from girls who just love the cock, especiallys ones like this who have some extra packages to suprise you with, now that is something that you guys should definitely look into because if you haven’t done before then trannies can actually be quite interesting and you never know you might find yourself having quite the fetish for them. Either way I will leave you with some Ladyboy Crush.

Ladyboy Crush

Love that is in these women’s hearts will never be extinguised and they love what they do, I’m not even joking right here, I came here to tell you that if you really want to get in there then this is what you should be doing and you shouldn’t. Either way, once you have seen this then you will definitely feel more hardcore and you will be happier with the life choices that you have made, and I will return tommorow to bring you guys some more of this shizzle. So until then just sit back and enjoy the ride that is frogsporn.

Ladyboy Crush: Lek

Thursday, July 20th, 2006

After repeated visits to you guys from sites that feature the freaky stuff that you all email me so much about, saying how some of you think it is so strange whereas others find it awesome and could watch it all day. One of these sites goes sometimes too far and I know a lot of you were pretty mad when I brought you what seemed to be a hot leggy blonde babe but it turned out to be a hot cock swinging girl who was packing more than twelve inches, but then that was Transsexualz and this site is pretty much completely different to that and it focuses on that art that these shemales are. It is a site I brought to you not so long ago, so you will surely remember it and this week’s beautiful update is especially good, it’s Lek on Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush

You know you want to fuck this little brown fuck machine and I wouldn’t deny it if I were you because she surely is one of the hottest babes around right now, I think most people would give their left nut before she whipped out hers on them in some downtown bangkok bar, but who cares about that because we are all here to have fun and get laid, and that is exactly what this babe wants to do to you once she pins you down and has her way with you. Anyways, until tommorow when I will bring you some real girls again, just relax and wait for my call.

Squirt Hunter: Cytheria

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

The legendary name is back, she has come all the way over from teaching her normal classes at team squirt and the ztod series in order to show a whole new roster of girls her amazing talent and teach them how to become masters themselves at squirting pussy juice out of themselves when they climax. You just know this is going to be awesome when you first heard about it in those lines and I have arrived today in order to make sure that you are definitely in the right place at the right time if you want to see some of the best hardcore material around. This is one of those scenes that you will remember for a long time because it is the legendary supergirl Cytheria appearing on Squirt Hunter

Squirt Hunter

She really does have a body to die for, and when you see her fucking like this you really wish you could just be there and get it on with her because she is that damn sexy. I definitely will be bringing you more of her scenes in the future as she gets around more sites, because this is a girl who is in demand, she really is the queen of this niche right now and I don’t think there is anyone who can beat her right now so she will be around for a number of years before any of the new girls start to beat her at her own game. Until then, I will keep returning day and night to bring you guys updates.

Ladyboy Crush : Pat

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

I am back right now for you guys and I know you are going to love today’s site because so many were fans of it the last time that I brought it to you. I know you all love it tons because these girls are all just such hoes that they cannot keep it back and they all want to fuck so bad, you have to say that these girls are by far the fittest in the world and they are packing massive suprises when you find out a little more about their Ladyboy Crush

Ladyboy Crush

This one girl is particularly special because you can actually fly out to Thailand and see her for yourself because she works in one of the many bars in bangkok and loves to please all of her customers if you go and see her. Of course you can see the free pictures and movies from this site just below because I always bring you the best stuff.


Friday, December 2nd, 2005

I know you guys all love this crazy shit, the most wacked out stuff you can find on the entire internet and you usually show all your friends for a joke, this crazy shit is usually tranny porn but there are a whole bunch of people out there who absolutely love it and think trannys are damn hot, and the entire niche was busted open for me when I visited one of the biggest sites out there for tranny content the other week – Transsexualz


These whores have bigger dicks that most men around and we all know that they love to use them on both girls and boys because they are just that fucking crazy, those hoes are always trying to fuck anything that moves and you can check it out in these free picture galleries.

Free Galleries